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Accounting Internships in Melbourne

Accounting Internships in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city that is taking the world by storm with its countless opportunities in the job market. An ultimate destination for work opportunities, coffee connoisseurs, and art lovers, Melbourne is an excellent all-inclusive work provider – whether you are a current student or recent graduate looking to make it in the Australian Corporate Business environment. A rewarding and stable career option, the accounting industry is an excellent field for those looking to enjoy a dependable profession with a clear career path.

Known as Australia’s education state, Melbourne’s excellent bookkeeping education programs have seen an increase in popularity for both local Australian and International students. The rise in popularity has seen tougher competition, and a rise in employer expectation when hiring. Staying ahead of this competition is now more important than ever and can be done so through the attainment of practical training in the field – ideally during your studies or right after graduation.
From its illustrious Central Business District to its homey surroundings, Melbourne is far from short of accounting internships to choose from. Ranging from SMEs to large corporations, there is always a place to find a fulfilling role to give you a great start to the industry. With the help of our friendly team of accounting consultants, we can assist you in finding the best accounting opportunity for you.

Getting a traineeship is the best option to give graduates the experience and boost needed to start within the finance field of work. A supplement to the written theory you’ve been taught in the classroom, completing practical hands-on training can help you grow and develop in the field to become the best professional you can be. At Premium Graduate, our program is aimed at getting you ahead of your competitors to give you the job you well and truly deserve.

Though there are various roles available within the accounting industry, the duties, technical and interpersonal skills needed are easily transferrable. Our diverse opportunities include:

  • Financial Accounting Internship
  • Auditing Internship
  • Tax Internship

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Financial Accounting Internship

Accounting internships are booming, with more and more students and graduates gaining multiple chances for positions in the field. If you are looking to have valuable training, look no further than the incredible traineeships we have on offer. Our financial accounting internship trainees have found themselves building expertise in bookkeeping in sales, purchasing, receivables and payables. With our various practical opportunities on offer, you will get some real-world training in the field. You will get to expand your horizons and further enrich all the learning you have received from your degree.

Auditing Internship

An auditor's main role is to analyse the main business performance sections and make reports from the results to send over to management and external partners. This work is diverse and requires impeccable attention to detail. As a trainee, you may find yourself looking over various client accounts to ensure your business' finances are in check by giving the best solutions for their overall budget. Our auditing accounting internship positions has seen candidates being placed in a range of Australian local and international companies through the Premium Graduate Internship program.

Tax Internship

Taxation plays an essential position for accountants who provide expert monetary advice when it comes to business strategy and planning. This may see candidates working with accountants, CPA's and general taxation professionals in analysing data, software, and participating in client service provision. You will find an abundance of work experience roles ranging from small or medium enterprises to large corporations. It is a highly prospective and fulfilling career path as all companies will need taxation support at some point in their journey. This is one of the higher in demand subfields, with an abundance of tax internship positions available. By taking on this traineeship, you will find that you will be ready for the insightful world taxation offers.

Why Choose Us?

At Premium Graduate, we offer rewarding accounting internships to get you started in the field. We have a variety of positions across different areas within the field ranging from financial accounting internship, auditing internship to tax internship roles. There are countless benefits when it comes to taking on our on-the-job training. You can beat the competition with your resume standing out from your peers. Our various work experiences on offer allows you to get practical and real-world training before you graduate. With our various roles at hand, you can move towards the next stages in your career journey. With our countless training opportunities available, you can apply it all you have learned at university to make sure you are prepared post-graduation. This way, you will also get better insight into what you do and don’t like in the field to help you aim for roles that are suited to your specific interests. Our world-class apprenticeships will allow you to develop your networking skills, making sure you are well on your way to triumphing in the accountancy industry.

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