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Architecture is a prestigious career path and rightly so. Without the exceptional work of Australian architects, we would have none of the structures and buildings upon which we rely; the hospitals, schools, homes, universities, workplaces, transport networks – none of this would exist.

Like many highly technical careers, the work of an architect exists at the point of connection between in-depth academic knowledge and prowess, and the sort of practical skill and capability which can only be gained from working directly within the industry.

To bridge this gap – to connect the knowledge gained from university and academia with real life experience in architecture – graduates need high quality architecture internships, just like those that we provide.

Specialist Architecture Internships for Students and Graduates

Whichever field you are interested in – whichever area of architecture you feel most suited to your background and skillset – we have the specialised, work integrated learning program of development for you. Architect specialities include – but are not limited to – the following;F
  • Commercial property design
  • Residential property design
  • Accessibility solutions
  • Technical drawing and writing
  • Sustainability assessment and design
  • Building envelope (comfort and safety)
Do not feel pressured to dive into a speciality at this early stage in your development. Most architecture graduates will have several areas of the discipline that interest them and will work to develop all of these areas after they graduate from university. This leaves you with a broad set of skills and the industry knowledge required to hone and sharpen those skills in the future.

Where Are Premium Graduate Placements’ Architecture Internships Available?

Across Australia, the need for highly qualified architectural professionals is strong. It is these professionals that deliver the infrastructure we need in order to survive and to develop as a culture and as a society. Of course, this need is stronger in some places. Architecture internships in Sydney and Melbourne tend to be more competitive than elsewhere, while work in more rural areas may be less regular and more project-based. That said, our team has the contacts and the aptitude required to find you the placement you need in the field of architecture, wherever you are in Australia. Get in touch with our team directly to find out more about the opportunities in your area.

What Makes Premium Graduate Placements the Best Choice for You?

We are committed to giving young graduates the opportunities they need, while also making sure that architectural firms in Australia have the influx of innovative and knowledgeable talent they require to be successful in the industry. No one comes close to matching our services across any of the cities and regions of Australia that we operate in. Let’s have a closer look at why this is;
  • Almost all of our graduates (98%) are successful in finding the right internship for them. This is unrivalled in the field of specialist architecture internship provision, and demonstrates how widespread our contacts are
  • Almost three quarters (74%) of the graduates and students that we work with go on to gain paid employment in architecture within three months of completing their placement; a testament to the power of the skills our work programs provide
  • 84% of the graduates and students that we work with go on to achieve paid employment within six months
  • Almost everyone that we work with (98%) describes the placements we offer as being instrumental to their learning, their development and their eventual employment, showing just how important the services that we provide are to our nation’s young professionals and students
For more information on any of the above, or to get the ball rolling on your architecture internship in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere else across Australia, get in touch with the team today.
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