3 Reasons Why Marketing Internships are Your Best Introduction to The Industry

Have you always wanted to work in a field where you can flex your creative skills? Do you take pride in assisting people to communicate more effectively? Are you passionate about digital or print media? Then it looks like you’re on your way to a career in the marketing industry. With the prevalence of marketing in our everyday lives across print and digital mediums and social platforms, it is an exciting field to pursue for up and coming professionals.
Current students studying a marketing degree might not realise how much the industry itself places emphasis on the practical skills involved in delivering a high standard for clients, but one way you can work on your craft is by pursuing a marketing internship during your degree. Internships in marketing make you job-ready and in the know about cutting edge ideas in the field. To add to this, marketing interns learn how to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve learned during your degree in the real world, with the guidance of a supervisor to give you insider tips that will benefit your marketing career in the long run.
Want to know more about how to get into the field of marketing and be the type of candidate who can make a difference? Let’s go over three reasons why marketing internships are your best introduction to an industry that’s cutting edge and creative.

Marketing Internship

1. You can build a portfolio of sample pieces you’ve worked on
Marketing can come in many different forms, to suit a variety of purposes. Copywriters focus on creating written material that can effectively position the consumer to feel included, whereas visual marketing often takes shape in the graphic design and media space. When your internship is finished and you’re ready to apply for jobs, you will already have a portfolio of your creative work ready to present yourself as a star candidate. A portfolio is a highly advantageous addition to your professional skillset and should be updated on a continual basis, even after your internship.

2. You can work with a variety of exciting clientele
Think of all of the high quality advertising campaigns you’ve seen across digital and social media platforms. So many content creators and businesses can benefit from having an effective marketing campaign behind their products. Your day to day responsibilities and tasks during your marketing internship can be as diverse and exciting as the clients you’ll come across. What could be better than finishing your marketing internship with a portfolio of example projects and all the industry contacts from your role.

Marketing Internship in Australia

3. You can build up your skills in business strategy and communication
In marketing, it’s important to balance a detail-oriented outlook with big picture thinking in order to make the most impact. It’s a highly collaborative field, with the services that marketers like you can provide to clients is essentially, doing business with them to ensure their growth through certain platforms and media. A marketing internship will not only get you flexing your creative juices, it will increase your business brain. Analytics is a major part of the marketing field, and the ability to not only interpret but build upon the data will make the difference between a successful and memorable marketing strategy and one that doesn’t cover all aspects of a campaign.

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Marketing is a rewarding career for all the creatives and big picture thinkers, who want to explore their curiosity and be in a role that suits their collaborative outlook.

The world of advertising and effective messaging requires people who can communicate with brands to create exciting and targeted content. This in demand industry is evolving every single day, and your professional life as a marketing professional will always keep you in the know regarding the most current products, businesses, events, and other exciting ventures. You can help businesses communicate their message to the best of your ability to do so, and empower people to reach their intended audience. If your passion is in communication and creativity, then this is the field for you, and internships in marketing can help you build your skills along the way. A career in marketing can offer you many benefits, including work/life balance, the ability to be both creative and strategic across digital and print mediums, and a working culture that is collaborative and exciting.

Marketing can open so many doors for you, but every superstar marketing professional needs to start somewhere. If you are interested in perusing the current availabilities for marketing internships so that you can get your best introduction to the industry, check out the vacancies page to see what Premium Graduate Placements has for you.

5 Tips To Boost Your Confidence During Your Internship

Just got accepted into an internship program and already feeling the nervous energy hit you, big time? For many people, being part of an internship is the first of many steps taken in the journey to pursue the career of your dreams. There are so many possibilities that can arise from internship opportunities and it’s an advantageous choice to make at the beginning of your working life. It’s important to remember that maximising your professional skillset shouldn’t come at the expense of your confidence.

It’s normal to have pre-internship nerves, but if you find that you’re anxious about your performance then these feelings can kick into overdrive. The good news is that an internship is scaffolded to consolidate your professional abilities – a framework that’s essentially designed to increase your confidence.

Boost confidence

1. Keep a notebook to document your thoughts and memories

At the end of your internship placement, you’ll want to look back on the good times you had, both professionally and personally. It’s important to keep note of the positives, but also to not be afraid to be aware of your limitations and skills that can be improved. You can keep track of your daily tasks as an intern, as well as potential ideas for projects to work on in future. Keeping notes in a journal is a great way to brainstorm in group settings and meetings. Whatever purpose it serves to you, a notebook journal can be proof that your knowledge in the area is expanding as you consolidate your professional skills.

2. Ask questions about what’s new in the industry

Curiosity is infectious, and many people underestimate the power of asking questions. During your internship, you’ll be supervised by a mentor who will monitor your progress and give you tips and tricks to take forth into your career. Asking questions boosts your confidence because it makes you a standout candidate in the eyes of potential employers. A high level of soft skills in communication are sought after by managers who wish to cultivate a sense of harmony within the team. On the other side of the coin, being an effective communicator makes for a great listener.

3. Take the time to build your network

If your idea of networking consists of intimidating displays of extraverted conversation between the high-powered people in the industry, then you’d be surprised to find that professional networking can be as low-key as you want it to be. Informal catch ups with your supervisor or peers can be a great way to craft the network you’d like to have as you enter your career. A gesture as small as a coffee catch up with your peer or supervisor, or a message on LinkedIn can be meaningful and intentional ways to build a robust network.

4. Remember that everyone has to start somewhere

It’s easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond as an intern, but an internship places emphasis on learning and improving so that you can be as prepared as possible. All of the people who are in senior positions had to start as an entry level employee in the industry, and many didn’t have the insider knowledge given to them through internship opportunities. Internships put you above the rest in terms of being in the know and knowing what to expect on a day-to-day basis, which is something quite jarring that people who have no internship experience can feel!

5. Be kind to yourself on your journey

It’s always important to remember that self-confidence comes from within, and this can be a difficult thing for many people to realise. For many people who start out in their industry without prior experience, it can be daunting to suddenly be thrust into the real working world without any practise. This is why internships are so in-demand and a good way to invest in developing your skillset. Keep having the mindset that you are an intern for a purpose, and that’s to increase your employability.

5. Be kind to yourself on your journey


An internship experience is one to remember fondly as a time of gaining meaningful professional experience before entering the working world. There are many ways to boost your confidence during the course of your internship, and these include keeping track of your thoughts and progress, practising your communication skills like asking questions and active listening, and building a network. Ultimately, the common thread between all of these tips is to see yourself as the star candidate that you are worthy of being.

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5 Signs That An Internship Is A Perfect Fit For You

Finding the perfect internship for your career is a bit like shopping for the perfect item that you’ve been dreaming of having. It needs to serve a purpose, whether that’s like a pair of shoes that provides the ultimate experience in comfort and practicality, or a technological device that makes your life more convenient. If you’re a student who is about to graduate or you’re in the midst of your degree, then you might be considering pursuing internship opportunities that can give you a purposeful entry point into your professional life.

Here are 5 signs that you can use to see if an internship is a perfect fit for you.
Want to learn more about the future of work and take the steps to present yourself as job-ready? Here’s the top three reasons why internships are on the rise in 2022.

1. The internship aligns with your career

An internship should provide you with a gateway into your dream career. If it’s in a role that you might not think about pursuing, then that’s ok – but as long as it is within the scope of what you can see yourself doing professionally in future, that’s the key point. If you’re still unsure of what you want to do for a job, then that’s completely ok! You can pursue an internship that follows a combination of your strengths and interests. Strengths are skills that you feel confident in your ability to do to a certain standard. Your interests are the areas that you gravitate toward – this could be a hobby, or an area you’d like to know more about.

2. It suits your work-life balance

Our world is increasingly leaning toward putting employees first, and this can be said for internships as well. This focus on connection and collaboration within the workplace and within professional training can provide you with a balanced approach to your internship. For certain roles that can be completed via remote work, there are internships that follow suit. If you’ve always dreamed about working interstate, there are internship vacancies around Australia. Gone are the days where entering the workforce means sacrificing your sense of work-life balance. Your internship should provide you with a realistic overview of the workload to expect within a real-life setting.

3. You find that your goals are clearer

Goal setting is something that everyone should do to challenge themselves, no matter what stage of their career they’re in. The art of making goals is much more profound than many realise! Goals should increase in complexity over time as you gain more confidence and self-efficacy, as well as being measurable so that you can look upon your progress to continuously improve. They should be an accurate reflection of your trajectory, and focus on building you up, not founded upon negativity or self-consciousness. If you find an internship where your goal-setting is easier and more measurable, then that’s a sign of success!

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4. It allows for networking opportunities

A large portion of your future working life will entail making and keeping connections with people within a professional community. This could include people who are your peers, mentors, and people you’d like to collaborate with and share knowledge about the industry. Internship opportunities should provide you with these chances to start building a robust network that you can take into your real working life. The people within your network can potentially be referees that can endorse your skills and character when applying for jobs throughout your career.

5. You can develop a portfolio

Internships are practical experiences. Many degrees only focus on acquiring knowledge, but what about the everyday skills needed for the role? This is where the learn-by-doing method of an internship can greatly benefit your career. At the end of your internship, you’ll want to have accumulated proof of your ability to put these skills into practice. For many industries, such as technology, design, media, and advertising, this can look like a portfolio of tasks you’ve completed. If your internship doesn’t include projects, then your CV can demonstrate the transferrable skills you’ve acquired. The most important thing is to keep a record of all of the wonderful things you’ve learnt during the course of your internship placement, as this will come in need during an interview process when you will be asked to specifically talk about what you’ve achieved in your working life.


Internships are a wonderful opportunity for you to increase your skills and consolidate your knowledge in a professional area of your choice. For many, finding the perfect internship should meet certain criteria that is according to what you are personally looking to get out the experience. The perfect fit for you should make you feel like you are able to see your growth and progression by building upon your strengths and weaknesses and integrating into the workplace community.

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How to Master the Skills of Networking for Interns in Australia

When it comes to establishing a career that checks all of your boxes, who you know in your industry of choice can be just as important as what you know. If you are a prospective intern looking to make a mark in your career, it’s important to not skimp on the networking side of things while undertaking your learning journey as intern. “Networking” is one of the most popular terms that professionals use, but what does it look like in practice? And more importantly, how do people even network during an internship?! A network is the community you build to enhance your career. Who you choose to connect with can serve different purposes: maybe there’s a peer you’d like to collaborate with, or you’re looking for a leader with more experience who can mentor you. You could network with people in similar roles in different cities to keep up with interstate opportunities, or you’re just looking to simply increase your awareness in industry-related news – all of that and more. Let’s go over some ways that you can master the skills of networking during your internship, customised for both in-person and online so that you can get the most out of this necessary part of the working world.

Online Networking for Interns

1. Create a LinkedIn account
Having a LinkedIn profile is a great and easy way to maximise your chances to network in your chosen field. Unlike most social media platforms that have a more personal angle, LinkedIn is purely for your professional life. It’s well-documented that recruiters often peruse through accounts to find potential employees. The direct messaging makes it quick to connect with others. Your connections can also endorse your skills and give testimonials. It’s like an interactive, online CV!
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2. Attend virtual webinars for networking
In the age of remote work, a lot of the in-person events we were all too familiar with turned toward taking place within the online sphere. There are so many career-specific and professional development webinars that are free to the public, and you can browse through sites like Eventbrite to secure your RSVP. Even YouTube has livestreams of virtual events in a wide range of sectors. All you need to do is search for online events for your particular industry.

In-person Networking for Interns

3. Be curious
Asking questions in a professional setting can be really enlightening and helpful for your career. In an internship placement, this could be as simple as asking open-ended questions to your supervisor about the industry, rather than questions that don’t prompt more than answering with a “yes or no”. Questions that can give you a clear outline of the answerers career trajectory are great as well as talking about interesting projects they’ve completed. Asking open ended questions can really allow people to demonstrate what they find to be the most important thing in their industry. Listening to different perspectives can give you the insight (and motivation) to set realistic yet achievable goals.

4. Do research and reach out to potential mentors
Meeting people in real life can be really intimidating, especially for the purposes of creating a robust professional network. It’s important to have a clear goal in mind of who you are trying to connect with and why. Are they in a similar position to you, like another intern at a different company? Or are they someone you’d like to work for? Are you looking to get a job from them or are you looking to collaborate? Make your communications warm, friendly, and interesting, but to the point. Establish the mutual benefit that can come from the connection.

Watch this if you want to know more about how to choose a good mentor:

Networking for interns is a crucial part of professional success regardless of the industry, and people who successfully build upon their community can have access to insider information that is advantageous for your career. Networking can take place in different contexts and situations, and it’s a skill that requires a high level of soft skills whether it be through an online platform or in a real-life meeting to discuss a project over coffee. With these tips in mind to increase your networking capabilities, it’s important to let the rapport build naturally and approach with confidence when introducing yourself, even online. Sometimes just a small meeting can put you in a good position and name recognition is the game! If the nerves take over, think of yourself as being worthy of being part of the network you’re looking to create. Mastering the skills of networking during your internship is not just for people who are in the entry level phase of their career – even CEO’s still could learn a thing or two about networking in our rapidly advancing world!

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Why Internships Are On The Rise in 2022

If you’re a current student or a job seeker looking for opportunities, you’re more than likely acquainted with what internships can offer you to boost your career skills. But for those of you who are new to the game of the working world, internships are professional placements designed to give a candidate a robust skillset and working knowledge in a chosen career. Internships are most common with students, but in reality they are designed for anyone who is looking for extra experience in between jobs, or for people who have made a career change. It’s no surprise that internships are booming in popularity in the recent years, and in 2022 they are expected to be a major part of the entry-level working world.


Want to learn more about the future of work and take the steps to present yourself as job-ready? Here’s the top three reasons why internships are on the rise in 2022.

1. Internship placements are often necessary to graduate from university

For many degrees, an emphasis on professional practice has seen an increase to ensure that students are “work ready”. This means that alongside learning the knowledge and skills you’ve studied in the classroom, current students will get a chance to apply their skills in real-life situations. Oftentimes, this might look like undergoing a week-long placement or an even longer one that could last a few months. Focusing on the experience of learning how to make a difference in your chosen field can give you the self-confidence you need to push yourself to the next step. If your degree doesn’t have a professional practicum component to it, then considering an internship can benefit you in numerous ways, including learning about the ins and outs of your chosen industry in a supportive, scaffolded environment.


2. Internships provide a flexible work environment

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the last few years, it’s that employers and employees must adapt to suit the needs of individuals. Flexible working environments are here to stay for the benefit of everyone, and this is no different to internship opportunities. Many internships are on a part-time basis, meaning that you can fit in your studies with time to successfully complete your internship. The rise of remote work has given people the chance to work smarter, not just harder. Choosing remote internship options mean that you can essentially ‘work’ anywhere around Australia without having to leave your home. For example, if you live in Adelaide but want to intern for a company in your field based in Sydney, you can also get to experience networking with fellow peers who are where you will be in a professional sense in the future! Think of all of the practical advice you can get before you start. You’ll know all of the industry secrets and top tips to make your entrance into your chosen field a seamless process.

3. Internships prepare you for the real world of your career

It’s no secret that entering into the workforce can be a really stressful and overwhelming time of our lives, especially if the only experience you’ve had is limited to what you’ve learnt in the lecture theatre while studying. While it might be easy to recall concepts and knowledge that you’ve learnt during a degree, for many people the idea of “learning by doing” rings true and more practical ways of learning can broaden the horizon for you to acquire the nuance in applying skills across different situations. Feeling lost is a common emotion that entry-level workers increasingly report, but it doesn’t have to be a rollercoaster of difficulty if you’ve already acquainted yourself with the expectations of the job position during an internship. For example, you might be well aware of the tasks you might complete upon a day-to-day basis on the job, but actually having a realistic timeframe of your day is different. Each day comes with new challenges, and internship opportunities do not simulate them for you – they are real life experiences!



The working world has shifted overtime to meet the demand that change brings. Over the recent years, many factors, including a pandemic have brought out an environment where employees’ needs are the focus. As a result, internship programs have skyrocketed in popularity. Internships place an emphasis on creating a supportive work environment where candidates can effectively learn without placing an enormous amount of pressure to immediately be successful, and people can “try it before they buy” into a career. We all go through learning curves, and entering work is one of them that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Are you interested in being part of a professional culture that values giving staff meaningful experiences and effectively preparing them for a successful and fulfilling career? These are all aspects of internships that can benefit you directly. Have a look at the current internship vacancies or mentorship programs with Premium Graduate Placements.

Why Accounting Internships are a Great Experience for Your Resume

If you’re approaching the end of your degree in accounting, how are you going to bridge the gap between the world of academia to the world of commerce? Consider applying for an accounting internship program to get your start in the in-demand accounting industry. Accounting is a rewarding, skilled, and valued profession. As various sectors diversify, accounting roles are increasing in popularity and require a robust understanding of all things finance. Here’s the 4 best reasons why internships in accounting are a great addition for your resume.

Accounting Internship in Australia

1. Accounting Internships Give You Access to Industry Mentors

Have you ever started a new job and could have used some advice about the ins and outs of the industry before your first day at work? An internship experience in accounting gives you this valuable insight as you learn about the daily operations at your company and your role in the accounting team. In your internship, you’ll be surrounded by the many perspectives of older and more seasoned accountants who will take you under their wing. If you’re looking to gain just that little bit of extra help toward the steps in how to get a job in accounting in the future, consider the K22 Mentorship Program with Premium Graduate Placements, where you can get access to additional guidance from industry professionals.

2. Accounting Internships Are a Chance to Get Professional Experience

An internship program truly puts into practice the concept of learning by doing. There are many different and exciting roles in the accounting sector and you can try them out to see which ones suit you the best – maybe you like working with taxation matters, or assistance with personal finance is your jam. Internships are not simulated experiences, rather they are professional opportunities for the purpose of gaining workplace skills and technical knowledge. Qualifications in accounting often focus on the knowledge aspect of the field, but the classroom can only give you so much before it’s time to move into the life of a professional. Accounting is multi-faceted field and each client presents a unique perspective every day. Internships in accounting give you the insight of real-world applications of accounting knowledge that the classroom in your Finance 101 class won’t touch upon. With Premium Graduate Placements, the accounting internship programs are structured in a way that you can gradually build upon your skills to specialise in different roles in accounting.

3. Networking

Oftentimes, who you know is just as important as what you know, and this is no different for people who are up-and-coming in the accounting industry. Building up your connections is an important skill to learn that could make your professional life full of exciting new projects. Companies are more likely to hire previous interns as they have proven themselves to be a reliable candidate. You never know, that person you were introduced to during your accounting internship who helped you navigate payroll software like MYOB and XERO might be the person who hires you one day. Through the structure of internship programs for accounting, you’ll come across professionals at various stages in their career who can give you all the advice they wished they had when they were starting out.

4. Accounting Internship opportunities build confidence

A healthy sense of confidence and self-awareness go a long way in the professional world. If you’ve never had real-world accounting experience before, then building up soft skills is equally important as skills that are solely related to the field. Soft skills, such as communication. Building your confidence enables you to develop a sense of self-efficacy, which is the ability to complete tasks through believing in your ability to do so. Studies have shown that employees with a low sense of self-efficacy are not able to successfully complete tasks to the extent that those with a healthy sense of self-efficacy do. One way to increase self-efficacy is through gradually increasing the difficulty of tasks. This is exactly what internships in accounting do – internships scaffold your way through the day-to-day life of what a professional accountant is like, through an environment full of positive reinforcement. Many of those higher up in the firm had to start from somewhere, and an accounting internship is the head start that more seasoned professionals could have dreamed of!

Doing Accounting Internship in Australia

An internship is like gaining practise, and a chance to up your workplace skills at a pace that’s comfortable for you on the learning curve. Accounting internships are a great experience for your resume because they give you the opportunity to network with access to all the support resources you need and more, develop your and knowledge required for the day-to-day job before you start. If you are interested in being part of Premium Graduate Placements’ accounting internship program, then check out what’s in store for you in our current vacancies.

3 Qualities You Need to be the Best Candidate for IT Internships

Who’s the person everyone calls as soon as there’s a network outage? The indispensable IT department Help Desk. Everyone in the office wants the problem fixed, immediately if not sooner, with little interruption to their daily work routine. We can guess that based on this scenario, the IT Industry seeks out internship candidates who have certain attributes, amongst technical skills and knowledge. IT internship is a diverse and rewarding field, and this is evident in the extent to which technology is utilised in our personal and professional lives.

IT Internship in Australia

If you’re new to all things related to the IT Department or about to graduate from an IT internship related qualification, then starting out in the field can be difficult if you don’t know how to market yourself to stand out amongst prospective employees. An internship placement is a way to get around this feeling. Interested in finding out more about if you’re suited to the booming IT industry? Let’s go over the top 3 qualities you need in order to make yourself stand out as a star candidate in the process of applying for IT internship programs.

1. Attention to Detail

Do you like making sure that things are done with precision? Are you someone who enjoys making and following to-do-lists, and the thought of checking for systemic errors in software makes you feel accomplished? Then you have a keen sense of attention to detail. Conscientiousness goes a long way in a candidate’s professional life, especially in the IT sector where many projects are often of a high level of importance and require diligent and specialised input from workers who started out as interns, just like you. Tasks like programming code, maintaining and updating software, implementing security measures, and program development require a level of dedicated time and effort.

2. Patience

They say that patience is a virtue, and in the IT internships, candidates who exhibit patience come with great value to the company culture. If you’re in a customer service role in the IT Department, like undertaking diagnostics from a Help Desk, or if you’re tasked with performing maintenance upkeep, then communication and people skills are a must. You will likely be interacting with clients who might not know how to express the reasons behind the difficulty that they’re having with their computer or device, so it is important for an IT intern to be able to patiently assist and explain aspects of technology in layman’s terms to clients. Customer service skills do not go unnoticed in IT internships, as technological problems can be a massive interruption in someone’s work schedule, or even company-wide operations– chances are, you are their hero of the day for coming to the tech rescue!

3. Curiosity

Do you ask a lot of questions, and have a keen sense of wonder? Want to figure out the ins and outs of how things like machines work? While IT interns aren’t expected to know every single technological detail about computers or software, being an inquisitive and curious person will come hand in hand with developing a deeper understanding of how the technology works and get the cogs moving in your mind. Curiosity is for diagnosing technical problems in an office space or an IT Help Desk. People who are curious show the ability to flexible in their approaches to thinking about problem solving. In the IT sector, logical and creative thinking are two sides of the same coin. Essentially, the best candidates for IT Internships are those who can think outside of the box, and come up with both creative and logical solutions to problems. At the centre of this is a sense of curiosity. It’s been said that the greatest problems that have been solved through technology, all beginning with a simple question of asking why.

How to Be the Best Talent in IT industry

There are many personal qualities in IT Interns that companies look for when screening for who might make the best fit in their team. In order to increase your chances of becoming a successful stand-out candidate, there are some attributes that you can embody. Having a sense of attention to detail is important, alongside patience in customer service situations, and a sense of curiosity. Being a patient person will make your time as an IT intern go smoothly in a technical support capacity dealing with the public, and curiosity about the way things work will help you come up with creative solutions to problems. All of these three qualities require logical and creative thinking – if you’re into thinking outside the box, then you’re well on your way to being a stand out in an IT internship program! If you are interested in pursuing IT Internships in your city or in a work from home capacity, then click here to get all the information you need about the Premium Graduate Placements in the IT industry on offer for you today.

How to Apply for Online Internships During Lockdown

For the past year and a half, life in lockdown has been all too familiar for many young professionals in Australia. The effects of lockdown have been felt throughout all industry sectors in the country, and it’s also been a time to reflect upon the next step in our careers and how we can make the most of our situation. With lockdown seeing the rise of remote work giving employees and interns more flexibility, internship programs across a wide array of industries have opened their doors due to increase in interest in getting professional development. Online internships give you the ability to master work-life balance while completing industry programs that are tailored to you individually. If you’re currently studying, rethinking your career, or you just want the chance to gain work experience with mentors who can guide you through progressing further to the next step in your career, then an internship placement in an online setting might be the right choice for you while many Australian cities come out of lockdown.

Online Internship opportunities in Australia

Here’s the best tips we can give on how to apply for internships specific to your industry during lockdown.

Get your CV and portfolio together

If you’ve been putting off updating your CV, then there’s never been a better time to make the effort to do so. It’s important to tailor your CV for the internships you want. Note any relevant experience you have in your chosen industry, including real-world professional experience, education, or volunteer experience that could come in handy. Consider using online programs like Canva to create your CV – it’s free and easy to use, and you’re sure to find the template that puts your best self forward. After you’ve got yourself a shiny new CV ready to submit online, this could be an opportunity for you to collate a portfolio together of relevant examples of your work or projects you’ve been part of. Portfolios are excellent to keep on hand for potential internship interviews, as well as tracking your professional development for your own reference.

Think about your skills and qualities

Searching for new online internship opportunities and putting yourself out there can be daunting if you don’t know where to even begin looking. Before you start your search, it is important to recognise what you can bring in terms of your strengths and personality. Do you like working in a team and bouncing ideas off your peers, or are you more suited to individualised work that’s more detail oriented? Whatever you come up with doesn’t need to be a formal list, but rather something for you to ponder while you’re in the process of applying for online internships. Certain buzzwords that pertain to your strengths and personality can help you come up with meaningful responses to selection criteria, interviews, as well as writing dazzling cover letters. Self-awareness is a skill that employers value, and the ability to recognise constructive feedback as learning opportunities is a really advantageous attribute for candidates. Above all, focus on the positives, and take the ‘weaknesses’ as things to improve on!

Search for Online Internship Opportunities

If you’re actively searching for internships either in a remote work role or in your area, then look no further as there are many companies who await someone like you to contribute to their team, even during times of lockdown. Registered Training Organisations like Premium Graduate Placements offer internship programs across a range of industries, including Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Public Health, Information Technology, and many more. With Premium Graduate Placements’ Australia-wide reach, it doesn’t matter where you are located in the country – as long as you have the means to connect online. The best part about doing online internships is that working from the comfort of your own home can give you that extra boost in confidence.

Lockdown has been a difficult period for many people, especially students and graduates who are looking for their next career opportunity. The good news is that with lockdown restrictions easing around the country, it doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out your chance to complete an internship. Remote work can empower people to undertake professional development while in lockdown.

online internship

If you are interested in being part of an online or in-person internship program, the difference that Premium Graduate Placements provides is in the amount of care and support given from highly skilled mentors. In every step of the way, you will liaise with your consultant and gain expert advice along the way. Internships are meaningful steps in your career – give yourself the gift of putting yourself in a position where you can grow. You’ll never know just how impactful the connections you might make during an online internship could be for your professional life.

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Business Analyst Internship in Melbourne – MKTM002

Business Analyst Internship in Melbourne: Internship Overview

Role: Business Analyst

Industry: Marketing

Location: Melbourne

Internship Type: In-Office (3-5 days a week)

Duration: 3 Months

Internship Code: MKTM002

Host Company:

Our host company is a marketing/advertising agency based right in the creative hub of Australia – Melbourne. With a diverse portfolio of clients in the business, non-profit, entertainment and finance sectors, this company strives to provide the best digital solutions for growing brands with specialisations in marketing strategy, branding, advertising, social media and app/web development.



  • Support in workshops and creative sessions with stakeholders
  • Identify, facilitate, analyse, document, and validate business processes (as-is, to-be) and requirements (functional & non-functional) on IT projects
  • Review end-to-end functional test objectives, coverage, and results against client criteria
  • Assist with planning and management of technical deliverables, providing status updates to the aligned development and project teams
  • Communicate between different teams to meet project requirements

About You:

  • Strong attention to detail with the ability to get work done on time
  • Excellent problem-solving ability
  • Outstanding interpersonal, communication, writing, documentation and presentation skills
  • Able to work under pressure whilst being organised, detail-oriented, accurate and thorough
  • Results and outcome focused
  • Ability to work in a flexible environment within a diverse team

Marketing Internship Melbourne

How to Apply:

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Finance Internship in Melbourne – FINM001

Finance Internship in Melbourne: Internship Overview

Role: Finance

Industry: Accounting

Location: Melbourne

Internship Type: In-Office (3-5 days a week)

Duration: 3 Months

Internship Code: FINM001

Host Company:

This Host Company is a multinational financial and investment company based in Melbourne. Their services focus on the implementation of tech in strategic plans, and management of portfolio and investments.



  • Assist the Finance Officer with the running of efficient operational tasks on a daily basis
  • Support in the preparation of the review and reconciliation of journals
  • Complete and collate supporting documentation for submission
  • Work with various accounting software set up and training (MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks, Reckon)
  • Process Single Touch Payroll setups and submissions

About You:

  • Strong mathematical and data analytical thinking skills
  • Excellent eye for detail
  • Good organisational time management
  • Strong interest in learning about the accounting and taxation industry
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Resourceful, reliable and responsible
  • Basic understanding of accounting principles and accounting standards are a must
  • Basic experience or knowledge of accounting softwares – MYOB, Xero are a bonus

Finance Internship in Melbourne

How to Apply:

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