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Engineering Internships in Hobart

Engineering Internships in Hobart


If you’ve ever heard that a professional in this field’s work is never done, it’s absolutely true. That’s because these workers are in demand all over the world in a range of different industries. From petroleum to bridge building and pollution control to robotics, engineers can specialise in numerous areas. For an exciting, rewarding career that could take you anywhere in the world, look no further than this field.

However, you need to get started somewhere, and an engineering internship in Hobart is the perfect place to start

The Career Benefits of Engineering Internships in Hobart

As you approach the end of your studies, you need to start thinking about your career. With so many other graduates looking for a job at the same time, it’s essential that you start early and gain any advantage you can. Engineering internships in Hobart give you that advantage and could be the perfect way to kickstart a long and rewarding career. Here are just some of the benefits.

Hands-on experience: You’ve learned a lot of theory during your studies, but an internship gives you a chance to apply your knowledge in a practical setting. Work on real projects with experienced professionals.

Expert mentors: Having a mentor to help during the early stages of your career is such an advantage. During engineering internships in Hobart, you may just meet one or several people who can guide you through the early stages of your career and help you succeed.

Networking: Knowing people in your field is a great way to find opportunities, and networking is a big part of that. Internships give you the chance to network and make connections.

Graduate job opportunities: A lot of companies fill their annual graduate positions with students who have performed well during engineering summer internships. So, if you want to put your best foot forward and score a job straight out of university, sign up for engineering internships in Hobart today.

Enhance your resume: Even if you’re not successful in picking up a graduate job, engineering summer internships still give you an advantage in the competitive job market. Internships look great on a resume, because it shows dedication and forward-thinking.

Choose your specialty: If you’re not sure exactly what type of professional you want to be, engineering internships in Hobart lets you explore different areas and see what they’re like.

Different Types of Engineering Internships in Hobart

This field is a very diverse and far-reaching area that offers professionals a huge number of different opportunities. From building roads to automating factory processes, engineers can work in almost any industry anywhere in the world. Here are just some of the speciality areas you might consider.


Civil workers are always in demand because they’re responsible for major infrastructure projects like roads, tunnels, bridges and more. You could also work on major construction projects like sports stadiums, pools, high-rise buildings and other public spaces.


As a chemical expert, you’ll need good skills in chemistry, science, maths and biology. If that sounds like you, then you might end up working in food production, cosmetics, chemical and medicine production and any number of other interesting roles.


We all need electricity, and that’s why electrical workers are always in demand. From energy infrastructure to small-scale robotics, electrical workers are always working on exciting projects.


If you like problem solving and finding practical solutions, the mechanical field is for you. Work in exciting industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, transport and many more.


Working as an environmental engineer gives you a chance to impact the world in great ways. As the world focuses heavily on renewable energy and other environmental issues, job opportunities will only increase further in years to come.

Mechatronics, automation and process control

If you love technology, mechatronics, process control and automation are fields you should consider. With AI, robotics and virtual reality all growing, there are some exciting times ahead for engineers in these fields.

Why Choose Premium Graduate Placements?

Premium Graduate Placements finds the best internships for engineering students. We work with motivated businesses that love having interns, and we ensure all programs are tailored to your needs. Our engineering internships in Hobart are designed to help you gain practical experience and achieve your goals. Kickstart your career the right way with one of our internships.
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