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澳大利亚的健康行业的成就是值得自豪,但这并不是偶然的。 这是因为高素质的健康专业人士努力工作成果,他们提供了我们作为一个国家必需的建设。

在公共卫生领域的职业需要高水平的学术理解,同时也需要在工作中的经验。 这就是为什么我们的公共卫生实习对学生和毕业生,以及对澳大利亚的医疗服务如此重要。 这些实习活动有助于将学术学习转化为可在工作中可运用的有效技能。

我们为澳大利亚各大地区的毕业生和学生提供健康实习和医学实习机会,同时也为新西兰提供实习机会。 我们的目标是通过公共卫生实习活动向年轻毕业生提供他们所需要的经验,同时确保我们的公共和私营卫生机构继续获得大量可供选择的强有力候选人。

无论你在澳大利亚的哪个地方,无论是医学领域、卫生服务条款还是其他健康学科,我们的工作综合学习实习计划都可以为你提供了真正的优势。 你将从你所在领域的专业人士那里接受专家指导和指导,建立有价值的社交人脉,在你向前迈进的过程中能够帮助你。同时你也会学到所有关于医疗保健服务领域的最新法律要求和概念,你会对自己能力提高信心。

今天与我们联系, 我们正在等待你。

The Advantage We Can Provide for You and Your Career

In terms of effectiveness, we are unmatched. Almost all of the students and graduates who use our service (98%) will successfully connect with the medical internship they need to develop their skills. These placements are designed to give young graduates what they need to truly excel in an important field. 74% of the students and graduates that receive internships through Premium Graduate Placements will be working in a paid position within three months. This level of success cannot be offered by our competitors and only continues to improve. Within six months of completing their Premium Graduate Placements internship in the health industry, that figure has risen to 84%. Almost all of our clients have described the internship that we provided to them as instrumental in finding paid employment in health, and in furthering their career. This is a direct result of our focus on quality and of our commitment to providing the next generation of health professionals with the advantages that they need. This is the start of your journey. We are waiting to put you in touch with the opportunities you need to succeed, even far beyond the completion of your placement in the health industry. Enrolling in a work integrated learning placement is the right move.
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