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Marketing Internships in Perth

Marketing Internships in Perth

The world of promotion and messaging is a dynamic and ever-changing one that requires forward-thinkers who can adapt quickly to change – this is where our digital marketing internships make themselves known. It’s a dynamic and evergreen career if you’re a creative type with a wealth of ideas, or you have skills in data analysis and research. The industry takes many forms, each one fostering careers that will always provide you with unique opportunities.

Saying the industry is diverse is putting it mildly. A typical day in an agency could be focused on helping small businesses grow their audience, or involve you working on campaigns for multinational corporations, the art of messaging and promotions can really take you anywhere. One way to get your foot in the door of this wide-reaching industry is with a marketing internship in Perth. You will get exposure to real-world marketing projects and get to contribute to them in a meaningful way.

Premium Graduate Placements offers a range of different marketing internships in Perth, chances are there is always a placement that suits your career goals and areas of interest.


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The Career Benefits of Digital Marketing Internships

Whether you’re interested in a general marketing internship in Perth, a more focused social media marketing internship, or something in between – there are always significant benefits associated. To put yourself in the right position to gain a great job when you finish studying, here are some reasons why you should consider pursuing the initiative.

Real-World Experience: It’s more than just work experience. You’ll get to work alongside industry experts on a variety of different projects. You’ll also be given hands-on tasks and be able to get involved in a meaningful way.

Networking Opportunities: Since the industry is so diverse, making meaningful connections is crucial for success. As you progress through your marketing internship in Perth, you’ll likely meet many people who can inspire you and help shape the early stages of your career.

Graduate Positions: Some agencies will offer graduate positions to people who successfully complete a program with them. So, if you perform well, you may even land a job straight out of university – this is no small feat in a highly competitive field.

Enhance Your Resume: Even if you need to apply for graduate positions, or other jobs when you complete university, successful completion of an advertising internship looks great on your resume. It shows a continued dedication to betterment and a renewed commitment to gaining new skills.

Honing Your Specialty: Promotions and messaging is a varied domain, so there are likely particular areas that interest you more and over time this can crystalise a little more. There is something for everyone, which is why getting some experience will ultimately help you in determining what interests you, and what doesn’t.

Popular Types of Marketing Internships in Perth

This industry can take you anywhere in the world, after all, all businesses need their presence known to clients and customers in order to succeed. From traditional facets of direct approaches to more nuanced and targeted SM and digitised techniques, there are many ways that your developing skillsets can help a business achieve its goals. Here are just some of the popular focuses of advertising internships offered through Premium Graduate Placements.

Market Research

It’s not all about optimising websites and booking Google adverts. There’s actually a lot of research and analysis that goes into any successful campaign. One of the ways that companies plan their foundational strategy is to gather and utilise important data about their target audience.

Market research involves collecting, analysing, and interpreting various forms of data on everything from customer demographics, to buying patterns and customer behaviour. It’s a broad field that requires you to ask the right questions and gather the data necessary for informed decisions on future approaches and projects.

Direct Traditions

Direct promotions involve reaching customers in a more traditional way. This includes fundamentals of print media, television, radio or even producing multi-layered promotional material. A marketing internship in Perth centred around traditional approaches helps you develop the skills necessary to connect businesses to the public.

Digital Platforms & SM Campaigns

Social media marketing internships are fast becoming one of the more dominant placements we have on offer. The field itself is instrumental in discovering new ways to reach a target audience. During a social media marketing internship, you’ll learn more about specific platforms, how they can be used for marketing and how to carry out successful campaigns and attract more customers for your clients.

Why Choose Premium Graduate Placements?

Here at Premium Graduate Placements, we endeavour to make every placement meaningful. If you’re interested in a marketing internship in Perth, we’ll work closely to understand your areas of interest and career goals. That way, we can place you where you’ll get the most benefit. It’s all about giving you additional skills and knowledge you can take into your first job, therefore kickstarting your career with confidence.

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