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Teaching Internships For College Students

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Teaching Internships For College Students


We all want to pursue a profession in which we feel rewarded, in which we feel that we are making a positive difference and effecting real change. Education is precisely this kind of profession. Whether you are educating very young children on the basics of language and arithmetic, illuminating difficult concepts in high school or university classrooms, or delivering industrial training to adults in the workplace, education retains the element of positivity that all of us desire in a career.

Of course, the mechanics of teaching need to be supported. Teachers need infrastructure, quality curriculum and materials with which to do their jobs. Students need to be kept safe, comfortable and well looked after during their education. A rewarding career in education is not limited to the classroom – it covers a wide range of different disciplines.

So, how can a major in education augment the academic progress they have already made? How can they transfer these skills into career success in the field of education? Through an internship in education, provided by the team here at Premium Graduate Placements.

Read on to discover how our internship program can help you achieve the development and growth you need to succeed in education, or get in touch with a member of the Premium Graduate Placements team to start the enrolment process.

Specialist Areas in Education

Before you can select the perfect internship in education, you first must select an area of speciality. Education is a broad field, with a variety of different career paths open to young graduates. These include the following; Teaching or classroom assistant positions: These positions represent the frontline of teaching, in which educational theory and exemplary management skills combine. On this sort of internship, you will gain first hand teaching experience which you can carry forward as you develop your career. Education logistics and administration: Supporting teachers, overseeing the organisation of the curriculum and other educational structures, ensuring teaching staff are up to speed with the latest industry concepts; these are some of the duties you will encounter on this kind of education internship. Implementation of corporate training: Education doesn’t stop upon graduation from high school or university. The implementation of corporate and workplace training, as well as other levels of adult education, is a growing field and one which requires highly trained, highly effective graduates. Legal compliance officer: Working with educational institutions to ensure legal compliance, workplace safety and student well-being is one of the duties that a graduate will be handling on a legal compliance education placement. Research and curriculum development: Education needs structure and consistency, which is precisely what you will be providing if you decide to pursue this speciality area.

What to Expect from an Internship in Education

We work to make sure that all of the placements we offer to our graduates meet their needs in the sense that they help them to achieve personal growth and career development. However, we are also committed to connecting Australia’s education institutions and centres with the best, most innovative young graduates the field has to offer. This is why our internships provide the following;
  • One-to-one mentoring with an industry expert, giving you real understanding of education and its implementation and giving you a point of contact.
  • The chance to meet and network with figures in education. This forms the beginning of an ever expanding list of contacts which you will develop as you progress into your career.
  • Knowledge of education standards and processes, and insight into the latest developments in a consistently evolving field.
The confidence which comes from knowing that, yes, you do have what it takes to succeed in your chosen career. This is the key element you need as you pass through the gateway from academic life and into employment.

The Premium Graduate Placements Advantage

We will match you with the education internship you need. Almost all of our graduates (98%) successfully receive a placement specifically matched to their educational background and their area of expertise. This has pushed us to the top of the national leader board in terms of connecting students and graduates with the right placement. You will carry your skills forward into work, quickly and effectively. Demonstrating how effective our work integrated learning placements are in delivering real, actionable skills to education majors, almost three quarters of our students and graduates report that they have achieved a paid position in the field of education within three months of completing their placement. Six months after education internships are completed, this figures rises to 84%, underlining how much of a benefit we can provide to our clients. You will gain invaluable, irreplaceable, vital skills, which will take you to the place you want to go. Again, almost all of the graduates we provide placements too (98%) report that the internship in education they received through Premium Graduate Placements was of immense importance when they progressed into job interviews and beyond into work. This is the sort of advantage which you could be enjoying. Now is the time to make the step; get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff and take your steps into employment in education. You won’t regret it; in fact, it could be the best decision you ever made.
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