3 Reasons To Choose IT Internships in Australia Before Graduation

Graduating from your degree is always a special time to celebrate the dedication it takes to complete your hard work. For many, it might be a time where the celebration is met with confusion and anxiety about how to begin the next step outward into the workforce. A way to overcome this feeling of unease or uncertainty about locking down future employment is to choose an IT internship before graduation. When you graduate from your degree and your CV shows that you’ve completed a reputable IT internship while balancing your IT degree, it instantly puts your foot in the door ahead of your peers.
So what are you waiting for? Here are 3 advantageous reasons to choose IT internships in Australia before your graduation:

1. You can get ahead in your career

When current IT professionals graduated from their programs, they were in the same spot as you: starting out as a small fish in a big pond, so to speak. Everyone who graduates will have to find their way through the professional world, and some might not even know where to begin taking their first step. An internship in IT can give you this opportunity to support your journey. The IT industry is such a specialised sector that professionals often sharpen their expertise within skills that are necessary for a particular role. For example, IT has front-facing roles like technicians, who assist people with technological problems. UX Developer roles require heightened communication skills and the ability to engage with key stakeholders. Software Developer roles are more independent and need logical thinking skills as well as precision and patience. Systems Operator roles are undertaken by people who are highly conscientious and detail-oriented. So much variation of job descriptions exist within the realm of IT, and it’s all waiting for you to explore before you finish your degree. Give yourself the best graduation present by already having experienced the real world of IT through an internship.

IT Internships in Australia


2. Internships can boost your university grades

Internships are highly beneficial for your career in the long run, but many people forget that they’re also beneficial for your current studies. A wide range of degrees and certifications require an external practicum or placement in order to fulfil the requirements of the course before you can graduate, and IT internships can potentially give you extra credit. Imagine if a project you worked on during your internship program required one of the skills needed for a future assignment! You would already be in practise and when it comes to learning in the classroom, extending and refining your skills and knowledge will make you a stand out candidate in future. Too often people who are about to graduate forget about the practical side of their degree and only focus on soaking up the information related to acquiring knowledge. Adopting a learning by doing mentality can open your world up to so many opportunities that await you during an IT internship in Australia.

3. Internships are flexible to suit your needs

The workplace culture in Australia has become more and more in tune with the needs of employees, and flexible working arrangements are more and more common as we integrate into the post-covid sphere. As internships are a valid way for you to get work experience in IT, many placements have the option to be flexible depending on what you’re looking to get out of an internship. In terms of the timing and scheduling, internships can either be full-time or part-time. This can give IT students the opportunity to balance their studies with an internship program, or like a full-time job to get you started after graduation. Internships pride themselves on being flexible, which also includes the potential option to pursue remote opportunities. Most IT jobs like Web Development and Software Engineering can be completed from anywhere around the country, provided you have access to the internet and the technical equipment. Just interested in doing an internship during your uni holidays to freshen up your skills and gain some new ones while you’re at it? Many opportunities for summer placements in the IT industry are on the horizon for you.

IT Internships in Australia


Three reasons to choose an IT internship before graduation include putting yourself in a better position for job prospects, the opportunity to potentially incorporate your internship with your studies, and the flexibility of an internship delivery. All of these points mean that you can only benefit from doing an internship, and the future is only bound by your imagination. You can feel secure in knowing that you have already taken the necessary steps to put the gears of your IT career in motion before your studies are completed.

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3 Qualities You Need to be the Best Candidate for IT Internships

Who’s the person everyone calls as soon as there’s a network outage? The indispensable IT department Help Desk. Everyone in the office wants the problem fixed, immediately if not sooner, with little interruption to their daily work routine. We can guess that based on this scenario, the IT Industry seeks out internship candidates who have certain attributes, amongst technical skills and knowledge. IT internship is a diverse and rewarding field, and this is evident in the extent to which technology is utilised in our personal and professional lives.

IT Internship in Australia

If you’re new to all things related to the IT Department or about to graduate from an IT internship related qualification, then starting out in the field can be difficult if you don’t know how to market yourself to stand out amongst prospective employees. An internship placement is a way to get around this feeling. Interested in finding out more about if you’re suited to the booming IT industry? Let’s go over the top 3 qualities you need in order to make yourself stand out as a star candidate in the process of applying for IT internship programs.

1. Attention to Detail

Do you like making sure that things are done with precision? Are you someone who enjoys making and following to-do-lists, and the thought of checking for systemic errors in software makes you feel accomplished? Then you have a keen sense of attention to detail. Conscientiousness goes a long way in a candidate’s professional life, especially in the IT sector where many projects are often of a high level of importance and require diligent and specialised input from workers who started out as interns, just like you. Tasks like programming code, maintaining and updating software, implementing security measures, and program development require a level of dedicated time and effort.

2. Patience

They say that patience is a virtue, and in the IT internships, candidates who exhibit patience come with great value to the company culture. If you’re in a customer service role in the IT Department, like undertaking diagnostics from a Help Desk, or if you’re tasked with performing maintenance upkeep, then communication and people skills are a must. You will likely be interacting with clients who might not know how to express the reasons behind the difficulty that they’re having with their computer or device, so it is important for an IT intern to be able to patiently assist and explain aspects of technology in layman’s terms to clients. Customer service skills do not go unnoticed in IT internships, as technological problems can be a massive interruption in someone’s work schedule, or even company-wide operations– chances are, you are their hero of the day for coming to the tech rescue!

3. Curiosity

Do you ask a lot of questions, and have a keen sense of wonder? Want to figure out the ins and outs of how things like machines work? While IT interns aren’t expected to know every single technological detail about computers or software, being an inquisitive and curious person will come hand in hand with developing a deeper understanding of how the technology works and get the cogs moving in your mind. Curiosity is for diagnosing technical problems in an office space or an IT Help Desk. People who are curious show the ability to flexible in their approaches to thinking about problem solving. In the IT sector, logical and creative thinking are two sides of the same coin. Essentially, the best candidates for IT Internships are those who can think outside of the box, and come up with both creative and logical solutions to problems. At the centre of this is a sense of curiosity. It’s been said that the greatest problems that have been solved through technology, all beginning with a simple question of asking why.

How to Be the Best Talent in IT industry

There are many personal qualities in IT Interns that companies look for when screening for who might make the best fit in their team. In order to increase your chances of becoming a successful stand-out candidate, there are some attributes that you can embody. Having a sense of attention to detail is important, alongside patience in customer service situations, and a sense of curiosity. Being a patient person will make your time as an IT intern go smoothly in a technical support capacity dealing with the public, and curiosity about the way things work will help you come up with creative solutions to problems. All of these three qualities require logical and creative thinking – if you’re into thinking outside the box, then you’re well on your way to being a stand out in an IT internship program! If you are interested in pursuing IT Internships in your city or in a work from home capacity, then click here to get all the information you need about the Premium Graduate Placements in the IT industry on offer for you today.

IT Helpdesk Internship in Melbourne – ITM003

IT Helpdesk Internship in Melbourne:

Internship Overview

Role: IT Helpdesk

Industry: Informational Technology

Location: Melbourne

Internship Type: In-Office (3-5 days a week)

Duration: 3 Months

Internship Code: ITM003

Host Company:

Based in Collingwood, this host company is a 360 IT Management Solutions Company that specialises in the provision of security, cloud solutions and management services for businesses of any size. Specialisations include Management Services, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity and Business Continuity.


  • Monitor and provide IT assistance through a Ticketing system
  • Utilise good customer service skills in resolving enquiries in a timely manner
  • Provide support for telephonic IT enquiries
  • Manage user, reference, documentation and miscellaneous tasks as required

About You:

  • Good Verbal and Written English communication skills
  • Great Customer Service skills
  • Ability to multi-task and adapt to change
  • Willingness to learn support tools, techniques, and technology required for the role
  • Effective time management skills

 IT Helpdesk Internship in Melbourne


How to Apply:

Click “Apply Now” and send us an enquiry along with your Resume.

IT Service Management Support Intern in Sydney – ITS008

IT Service Management Support Internship in Sydney:

Internship Overview

Role: ITSM Support Intern

Industry: Information Technology

Location: Sydney

Internship Type: Part Time Role Internship

Duration: 12 weeks

Internship Code: ITS008

Host Company:

This host company specialises in providing automated accounting software solutions for accountants, administrators and financial advisors to help stay on top of tasks, reporting and management of portfolios.



  • Work alongside ITSM team in providing fundamental tasks of IT Support
  • Assist in the onboarding of new team members
  • Resolve issues related to hardware, software and systems access company-wide
  • Research, analyse, test tool sets according to current processes and ITIL methodologies

About You:

  • Final year student or graduate of Computer Science/IT related field
  • Good understanding of software development
  • Basic knowledge of ITIL Processes
  • Strong interest in coding and willingness to learn
  • Good team-player

IT Service Management Support Internship Available


How to Apply IT Service Management Support Internship:

Click “Apply Now” and send us an enquiry along with your Resume.

Software Developer Internship in Sydney – ITS006

Software Developer Internship in Sydney:

Internship Overview

Role: Software Developer

Industry: Information Technology

Location: Sydney

Internship Type: Part Time Role Internship

Duration: 12 weeks

Internship Code: ITS006

Host Company:

This host company specialises in providing automated accounting software solutions for accountants, administrators and financial advisors to help stay on top of tasks, reporting and management of portfolios.



  • Collaborate with the Datafeeds and Agile Scrum Teams to strengthen Feed Systems
  • Provide support to Developers in writing code
  • Testing of latest tech in AI, AWS, Microservices, etc.
  • Assist testers in building automation test scripts

About You:

  • Final year student or graduate of Computer Science/ IT related field
  • Strong interest in coding
  • Exhibit willingness and eagerness to learn about the industry
  • Proficient in writing basic SQL Script
  • Knowledge of C# and .NET Core


Internship Available in Sydney Software Developer

How to Apply Software Developer  Internship:

Click “Apply Now” and send us an enquiry along with your Resume.

IT Support and Network Internship in Sydney – ITS004

 IT Support and Network Internship in Sydney:

Internship Overview

Role:IT Support and Network Intern

Industry:Information Technology

Location: Sydney

Internship Type: Full-Time Internship

Duration: 12 weeks

Internship Code: ITS004

Host Company:

The company is a cloud-based hedge fund management. They also provide services such as API integration, and white labeling relating to the fintech industry.



  • Providing company-wide technical support
  • Installation and configuration of computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers, and scanners
  • Monitoring, maintenance, and testing of company-wide systems and networks
  • Troubleshooting of network issues
  • Assisting in technical onboarding of new employees and users
  • Asset Management
  • Ordering of new equipment

About You:

  • Excellent communication, people management and problem-solving skills
  • Good navigation of Windows, Printers, and Networks
  • Relevant technological certifications in Microsoft and Cisco
  • Ability to work as part of a team

An IT Support and Network Internship in Sydney is working in the office

How to Apply IT Support and Network Internship:

Click “Apply Now” and send us an enquiry along with your Resume.

How IT Internships Can Help You Find Your Role in the Industry

So where do I start?

Consider looking for internship opportunities in the IT industry, as they are highly regarded ways to gain professional experience. Through the guidance of a workplace program, you can receive hands-on training from skilled mentors who have been in your shoes. IT Internships are learning experiences – experiences that give you the freedom to explore the industry and update transferable skills in a safe learning environment – one without the pressures or

IT Internship Sydney

expectations an employer would have of you as an employee in a corporate job. Internships are also an excellent entry point towards understanding your interests within the industry, and can help provide clarity on how you can go about developing your portfolio towards a level of expertise.

Match your skills and personality to job positions in IT

For many interns, entering a career where they can use their strengths to the best of their abilities is a recipe for professional fulfilment. The constant evolving nature of the information technology industry has seen a steep demand in professionals and creation of new and innovative roles. This demand has seen employers in the IT industry sighting candidates with a mixture of analytical and creative abilities; technical ability and effective problem-solving skills. As the world becomes more digital in every aspect of our daily and working lives, diverse job positions in IT can be appropriately matched depending on your skills and personality.

So what are the growing roles in IT? Here are our top picks:

1. IT Technician/Help Desk Support Internship

If you’re a tech-whiz at troubleshooting and enjoy working with your hands, then an IT Technician/Help Desk Support role might be for you. IT Technicians/Help Desk Supports pride themselves on providing technical support on a company-wide and or client-wide level.
As technicians require astute diagnostic knowledge, it is best suited to patient and clear communicators who have talent and passion in assisting others. An internship in an IT technician/help desk support role will see candidates providing day-to-day support required for various hardware and software programs, technological devices, and navigating consumer queries. To thrive in this role, potential IT Technicians/Help Desk Supports need good problem-solving skills, and a knack and talent for excellent customer-service. Completion of tasks with a friendly and helpful attitude is a must!

IT Internship Sydney

2. User-Experience (UX) Design Internship

If you’re easy-going and are passionate about the seamless integration of design and technology usability, then perhaps an internship in User-Experience (UX) designer is for you. UX Designers take customer service to the next level and refine the usability of software and devices. Improving technological accessibility is vital for every consumer, particularly for clients such as children and people with disabilities. If you envision a world where everyone is empowered by limitless nature of technology, then consider a role in UX as the IT pathway for you.

3. Web/Software Engineer Internship

Are you a creative thinker who thrives in completing project-oriented tasks? Web or software engineering roles would be perfect for you. Engineers apply the frameworks of engineer design to prioritise meeting client satisfaction in a collaborative setting. Engineers are team players, meaning that a high-level of communication skills is required for this role. IT Internship opportunities in web and software engineering can provide you with the chance to build your portfolio and demonstrate your hard work. Contributing your ideas and creativity to a team of like-minded professionals is a rewarding experience for interns.

4. Web/Software Developer Internship

While Web/Software Engineer and Developer roles may sound the same, the function and operational tools used are different. Web or software developers are the creators of software and work solo, compared to the more collaborative Engineer job position. As a developer, you’ll need fluency (or the willingness to learn) in a variety of coding languages. Popular ones include Java, Python, C++, and Scala. Coding is a detail-oriented task, and is best-suited for those who are diligent and conscientious in their work. Knowledge of public key and private key data encryption is essential to build the blocks of secure software. Developer internships can give you the room to gain your confidence in working independently and scaffold your way to mastering the knowledge required for Developer roles.

5. System Analyst

For those who are detailed-oriented and enjoy following procedures down to a tee, a System Analyst role may be suitable for you. The role of a System Analyst is based around the testing and maintenance of computer systems and software in a company-wide level to ensure that the software your company uses, including but not limited to anti-virus software, Learning Management Systems, or the company portal that employees log in to on a daily basis is up to date and working with no interruptions. During an internship, working with companies on the cutting edge of the IT world can give you an insight into transferring systems analyst skills to benefit stakeholders. A systems analyst is a vital role for any company, and the expertise you can develop in an internship program is proof of experience – which future employers will regard positively.

UX Designer working on his programming during IT Internship

The roles and opportunities within the Information Technology sector are vast. Whether you see yourself assisting others as an IT technician/help desk support or UX designer; in more creative roles as an engineer or developer; or in detail-oriented roles like that of an analyst, the opportunities available within IT allows students and graduates to try their hand at exploring roles that cater to your skills and interest.

If you’re a student/graduate looking to kick-start your career in the professional industry, and are overwhelmed by the options, an excellent place to start is an internship; where the benefit lies in the practical demonstration of work experience, understanding of the different roles available in the industry, and increased understanding of marketable IT skills to Australian employers.