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Electronics Engineering Internships

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Engineering Internships in Adelaide

Electronic Engineering

There is a world of complexity beneath the everyday functionality that we take for granted, and, as an electronic engineer, you could be at the heart of this. You could be designing the systems that make the modern connected world keep turning, you could be innovating designs and pushing the envelope on what is possible.

You have the academic credentials already. You are qualified – or about to qualify – from university. What you need is real hands on experience to cut your teeth in the field; what you need is an electronic engineering internship from Premium Graduate Placements.

What Is So Valuable About an Internship for Electronic Engineering?

Academic performance can only take you half of the way in electronics. What comes next requires practical skill and the ability to mould your learning into a tool and a resource to be used in the field. For this, you don’t simply need work experience; you need a specialist internship. Our programs are work integrated learning opportunties, which means you will receive mentoring and coaching from professionals in the industry, gaining genuine skills which you can keep with you and develop as you progress into your chosen career. In addition, on an electronics internship from Premium Graduate Placements you will receive; A variety of valuable contacts in the industry; contacts who will help you to build up a vital network to assist you as you develop. Enhanced confidence in your abilities and the knowledge that you do have what it takes to be successful in this constantly developing industry. A strong knowledge of the latest concepts and best practices in the world of electronics. Such concepts can be taught in university but it is in the workplace that you will apply them and understand them more profoundly To find out more about the advantages an internship can provide to electronics majors, speak to a member of our team today.

The Premium Graduate Placements Advantage

We are cannot be beaten on efficacy. 98% of the students and graduates who come to us will be matched with a suitable placement in the field of electronics. These placements will be tailored to your specific needs and your area of understanding. Almost three quarters (74%) of the students and graduates we offer placements to will go on to achieve a paid position in the field of electronics with their host company. No one can match this rate of success across such a short time period. We are working to improve this still further. 84% of the electronics graduates who use our services will gain a paid position in their chosen field within only six months of their internship. 98% of our clients state that their internship was instrumental in them finding the position they needed. This is because of the high quality of the electronics placements that we connect our graduates with, and the quality of the coaching they receive during their internship. Don’t delay, you journey starts here. Our expert team is waiting for your call, and we are looking forward to connecting you with the opportunities you need to succeed in electronics. This could be the best career decision you have ever made.
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