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For host companies, education institutions & government partners.

Host Companies

Premium Graduate Placements is an accredited Vocational Placement Training provider and offers host companies an opportunity to host graduates and current students of Australian universities for a 12 week period. Internship placements are designed to help graduates gain practical workplace experience within an Australian business environment.

Over the past decade Premium Graduate Placements has developed over 6,000 company partnerships with some of Australia’s most dynamic companies. Our portfolio of host companies comprises of SMEs, growth startups, ASX listed organisations and international conglomerates operating out of Australia.

  • Gain access to a young talent pool
  • Year round programs tailored for you & the students
  • Develop the next generation of employees

Education Institutions

Premium Graduate Placements have forged long term strategic partnerships with some of Australia’s and the world’s largest education institutions ranging from universities to leading private colleges. Our services cater for institutions that are at the forefront of graduate employability and would like to give their students and graduates an edge in their career.
Our plug and play model enables our partners to offer graduate employability programs at scale without the need to build our internal placement and industry mentoring capabilities.

  • Offer graduate employability programs at scale
  • Transparent modle that integrates easily with your systems
  • Give your students and graduates an edge in their career

Government Partners

Premium Graduate Placements have been selected and awarded various industry training contracts with the Victorian Department of Education to deliver workplace training. Our experience in managing large scale government engagements includes the 2023 Industry Connect Program and numerous industry mentoring programs that span across multiple disciplines.

We often are the go to partner for government agencies that are looking for an expert in the education to employment space.  We welcome government departments to reach out if they are looking for a trusted partner that is able to deliver employability programs at scale.

  • Work with experienced government partner
  • Programs tailored to each department
  • Gain access to a young talent pool