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Business & Commerce Internships

Enter a world of endless career possibilities.

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  • High employability outcomes

    Over 72% of our placements turn into permanent positions upon completion.

  • Network of over 6,200 host companies

    Extraordinary network of host companies across Australia.

  • Access hidden and off-market opportunities

    Gain access to unique and less competitive opportunities that are not advertised in the public domain.

  • Customised pre-placement preparation

    Tailored resume editing to bring your resume up to Australian industry standards and one-on-one mock interview training.

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Extraordinary network of host companies

Career benefits of a business & commerce internship

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Enhance your resume

Business internships are a great way to gain experience in the business world and start building your professional network. A commerce internship can give you the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of businesses and gain valuable hands-on experience. By interning with a commerce-focused organisation, you'll be able to develop your skills in areas like marketing, sales, and customer service. You'll also learn how to use various tools and software programs that are essential for success in the business world.

Permanent position

Our business and commerce internships help students and graduates access the hidden job market in Australia amongst our wide network. By working directly with host companies in their hand-ons projects, interns will gain insightful work experience in the Business field and its operations. As such, candidates will be well-prepared and confident for your starting corporate role post-graduation.

Hone your speciality

A business internship can help you hone in on your specialty within the field. Business internships are a great way to get exposure to the industry and learn about the different aspects of running a business. By interning with a company, you'll gain first-hand experience in areas such as marketing, accounting, human resources, and customer service. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to network with professionals and learn about different career paths within the field of business.

Gain practical skills

Business and commerce internships are an excellent way to gain real-world experience and build your skillset. By working with experienced professionals, you'll learn how to navigate the business world and hone your commercial awareness. You'll also develop key transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Perhaps most importantly, you'll gain a better understanding of the industry you're interested in and what it takes to succeed. So if you're looking for an opportunity to boost your employability and stand out from the crowd, a business or commerce internship could be the perfect fit.

Types of business & commerce internships

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Contact us to learn about all the internships that we offer within the business & commerce industry.
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Business Analyst

Evaluate business processes, identify improvements, and ensure new systems meet needs.

Business Management

Gain firsthand experience in daily operations and work closely with a mentor.


Promote and sell products or services to a target audience through various strategies and channels.

Business Administration

Support day-to-day company operations and learn about various business aspects.

Human Resources

Manage and support the employees of an organisation in areas such as recruitment, training, compensation, and benefits.

Business Consulting

Provide advice, recommendations, and creative solutions to improve clients' businesses


Manage financial transactions, prepare financial statements, and ensure compliance with regulations and tax laws.

Social Entrepreneurship

Implement initiatives, conduct research, and collaborate with stakeholders.

Business Sales

Learn about the sales process, customer acquisition, and account management.

PGP provides business & commerce internships in all major cities of Australia

What to expect from a business & commerce internship

Business & Commerce internship company office

Hands-On Experience

Business internships in offer international experience, exposure to Australian business culture, and networking opportunities with industry professionals. Interns learn about various aspects of running a business, gaining essential insights to jump-start their careers in the industry.

Professional Networking

Business and commerce internships offer a great opportunity to network. By working closely with professionals in your field, you can make valuable connections that may help you later in your career and can be a great way to get your foot in the door at a company you're interested in working for.

Why Choose a Business & Commence Internship

Internships give you the platform and the start you need to get ahead in the field. It is on one of these placements – provided by Premium Graduate Placements – that you will learn how to transform the knowledge you have learned in university into a practical business tool, ready for use in the jobs market.

The Premium Graduate Placements Way

During your internship, you will be able to pursue your chosen speciality, finding your feet in the industry and taking your first steps into a long, rewarding, and financially lucrative career. Get in touch with Premium Graduate Placements today to find out more about these specialities and to get started in business.
Gain hands-on experience with the most in-demand softwares across the industry
Success stories & testimonials from our students
We are proud of the impact our training has had on the lives of over 10,000 students. From career advancement to personal growth, our students have achieved a wide range of successes thanks to the knowledge and skills they have gained through our programs.
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Priyanka Adhikari, a marketing Internship
Anna Ivanova
"Within three months I had three interviews, and the last one was exactly for the work experience I needed. I later learnt that the host company didn’t advertise that position anywhere, in fact they were not sure if they were ready for the graduate program yet, so my Consultant went the extra mile to help me find what I wanted."
Anup Bhomi, a marketing intern
Bineet Singh
Civil Engineer
"After applying for the program and submitting my documents to PGP, I got an interview within 2 days. PGP helped me in finding me the type of environment I wanted to work in and helped in developing my interview skills through practicing mock interviews."
Kirandeep, a marketing intern
Danny Cheng
Human Resources
"When I signed on with PGP I was assigned to a Consultant, who was friendly and attentive to my needs. With the submission of my resume with PGP, within 5 days I had an interview with a company of my interested field and began working the next day."
Kirandeep, a marketing intern
Patrick Zhang
"After enrolling the program, I was guided to the right path towards a ideal internship. With the help of my consultant, I was well prepared for the interview. Overall, it was a great experience to me. Thank you, PGP."