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HR Internships

Human Resources Internships


Human resources and personnel departments exist at the cutting edge of corporate philosophy and business best practice hence the breadth of HR internships out there. It is these departments which must look after and promote the psychological and physical well-being of all staff members within an organisation, as well as implementing smooth crisis resolution protocols which allow businesses to operate with efficiency and effectiveness.

To do this, human resources teams must stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of employee psychology, as well as any changes to the legal requirements and provisions which relate to Australian personnel departments. HR Internships can help you get your foot in the door and begin the real learning!

This requires the human resources team to be at the very top of its game; consistently doing its utmost to secure smooth sailing and safe, positive working environments on an organisation-wide basis. Academic learning and direct industry experience as shown through HR internships come together, and are applied in tandem as human resources and personnel create a robust business which is ready to face anything.

You have the academic know-how, but perhaps your practical experience is lacking. This is where Premium Graduate Placements can provide students and graduates with the internships they need. Our HR internships will add another dimension to your skillset, and help you to grow and develop, under the guidance of experienced mentors in the field.

Read on to find out more about how you can benefit from our HR internships.

Which Areas do Premium Graduate Placements Serve?

Across Australia there is a keen need for dedicated and highly skilled human resources teams hence our endless list of HR internships at hand. Similarly, there are a wealth of student and graduates with the knowledge and enthusiasm required to go far in the industry. Wherever these graduates and students need a stepping stone, or a connection to the perfect work integrated learning program, Premium Graduate can provide it. So, if you need HR internships in Sydney or you are looking for HR internships in Melbourne, we can put you in touch with this. The service and the quality of the HR internships offered by Premium Graduates are unrivalled in any of the major population centres of Australia. Let us find you what you need, hassle-free, so that you can focus on developing your skills and boosting your career.

Why is a Premium Graduate Placement the Right Choice?

We work in partnership with our student and graduate clients, connecting them only with the HR internships which we know will be a good fit for the candidate's character and also for the skills they need to nurture. It is this client-driven focus which puts us head and shoulders in front of the competition. We work to get to know our graduates and to understand their expectations and requirements; then use our expertise to find a suitable position. Our HR internships are on the job learning programs, helping you to meld your academic knowledge to the sort of practical skillsets that you will need to thrive in the human resources field. Time is not wasted here, and neither are your professional attributes. Our placement success rates are unmatched across all of Australia's major cities. We connect almost 100% of our HR internship candidates to the work integrated learning placement they need. Almost three quarters (72%) of our graduates and students are offered paid employment from their host company within three months. This underscores the quality of our candidate matching service and the HR internship providers we work with. Around 84% of our graduates and students find employment in their chosen field within only six months of the completion of their Premium Graduate placement. Almost all (98%) of our HR internship graduates report that the placements we sourced for them were instrumental in helping them progress into the world of employment.
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Our Human Resources Sector Coverage

Human resources departments must fulfil a range of different requirements for the company at large. This is why Premium Graduate Placements are designed to provide our HR internship candidates with the skills they need in specific areas of specialisation, giving them the chance to get to grips with all aspects of the profession.

These areas include;

  • Training and development
  • Maintaining positive industrial relations
  • Recruitment practices and law
  • Human resource consultation services
  • Outplacement services
  • Remuneration and payroll duties
  • Occupational health and safety management
  • Learning and development
  • Workforce planning

By working with skilled mentors and industry figures with real life expertise and understanding, you will be in the best position to build the platform you need for success in the industry. This is a major step – and a step which carries you from academic life into the field of employment – but our HR internships is just the beginning.

With a new professionally-oriented structure within which to frame your existing knowledge, the sky truly is the limit for you and your career. Get in touch with the team today to start your journey with our HR internships.