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Advantages of a Remote Internship for Students

Internships are the best opportunity you can seek to learn basic functions of businesses within an industry of which you want to guide your career path. Remote internships come with the added bonus of immersing yourself into the workspace but from the comfort of your own home. It’s a great avenue for when you’re already juggling extra-curriculars or day jobs on top of a school timetable.

This rewarding virtual program will grant privacy, control and convenience whilst enriching you with relevant industry skills and knowledge.

Flexible Work Schedule

The best part about remote internships is that it can be moulded to fit around your schedule, and not the other way around! Their innate flexibility with time means that working on projects at 5am or on a Saturday night is just as valid and standard as working during the 9-5 work crunch. This scheduling convenience works in your favour as it reduces overlaps with your other daytime commitments while promoting initiative-taking so that you stay focused and productive to get work done.

online internship

The time flexibility of working from your own bed or home office also omits commute or travel time and gives you the extra couples hours every week to be productive. With a virtual internship, you won’t be disadvantaged by your erratic sleep pattern or break time because you are in complete control of when and where you get work done, as long as it is submitted before set deadlines.

You are not going to be working with a clock in, clock out system, so metrics of productivity may be conducted by how timely you manage and submit your projects. Also, do not forget that live communication with your employer is still essential to upskilling yourself. Just because you are granted the time flexibility of organising your assignments, does not mean you should neglect scheduled group or conference calls. Time is in your hands!

Remote Work- Specific Skills

The medium for communication and self-learning required to complete a successful remote internship will demand strong initiative, timeliness and adaptability from the candidate. One reason a business might recruit remote interns is to avoid the overhead costs of introducing the student into their physical start-up workspace. This strategy also reduces the need for logistics planning for in-person internships as it may disrupt their usual workflow.

Therefore, there may be greater reliance on the interns to equip themselves with the adequate skills and knowledge to integrate into the work culture. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing- as you will be urged to research how to optimise your aptitude for content creation, business planning or creative support. The entrepreneurship which is shown through this knowledge will also allow you to more effectively familiarise yourself with the industry.

intern from anywhere

Develop Technical Skills

As said before, pretty much all you need for virtual programs is an internet connection- and of course, the appropriate computer software. Remote internships require students to be comfortable with using mediated communication platforms online to create and deliver their projects or messages. You can easily master how to use task assignment software like Microsoft Teams or online platforms like Trello or Facebook Workspace, and add these to your list of technical skills (it looks great on your CV!).

As you’ll be using these services on a day-to-day basis, you’ll quickly become accustomed to integrating your technical skills across all areas of your work. With practice, you’ll effortlessly navigate these platforms, learn their countless functions, as well as how to troubleshoot technical issues without assistance. Taking on board these transferable skills is vital to succeeding in your workplace and quickly adapt to new job positions.

Strengthening your Concentration

Working at home may feel like a battle against all the distractions around you. As much as your phone, TV or friends may be tempting, use this time to strengthen focus and get your work done efficiently. You’ll have plenty of tie for leisure afterwards, without the stress of incomplete work looming over you.

Remote internships will put you to the ultimate test of concentration, as you have a revolving door of work or assignments to complete. Some tips to stay focused are to pack away your distractions, create a checklist of daily tasks and remind yourself constantly of your goals to motivate yourself. To really shine in your remote internship, practice strengthening your focus to complete tasks ahead of time.

Saving Money

One perk of working from home is the cost-benefit of no longer needing transportation to get to the office. Not having to pay for any commute means you are saving both time and money which you otherwise might’ve spent on fuel, bus or train fares or taxi fees. You can worry about one less thing, now that the cumulative cost of travel is no longer relevant.Some people prefer to live closer to their workplace and seek housing in the local area. Fortunately, a remote internship is available to people interstate, intercity or international.

Transferring the internship to a virtual platform resolves concern of living costs, so you won’t have to worry about these expenses. Altogether with travel costs, starting an in-person internship will cause lots of financial strain which typically cannot be afforded by the wage of an intern. If you’re already living on a budget, it is highly recommended to consider a remote internship to ease financial concerns whilst still receiving quality experience and training for industry work.

internship from home

Final Note…

If you’re not a fan of someone breathing down your neck and reading your work over your shoulder, you should undoubtedly consider the benefits of taking on remote internships. You’ll have many opportunities to work on rewarding projects whilst exploring different work styles to find the one that suits you best to perfect your work ethic. Additionally, there are cost-saving and upskilling opportunities which add value to the experience. The flexibility, privacy and control that complements a remote internship will prove to have a breadth of benefits for your career goals.