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How to Apply for Online Internships During Lockdown

For the past year and a half, life in lockdown has been all too familiar for many young professionals in Australia. The effects of lockdown have been felt throughout all industry sectors in the country, and it’s also been a time to reflect upon the next step in our careers and how we can make the most of our situation. With lock down seeing the rise of remote work giving employees and interns more flexibility, internship programs across a wide array of industries have opened their doors due to increase in interest in getting professional development. Online internships give you the ability to master work-life balance while completing industry programs that are tailored to you individually. If you’re currently studying, rethinking your career, or you just want the chance to gain work experience with mentors who can guide you through progressing further to the next step in your career, then an internship placement in an online setting might be the right choice for you while many Australian cities come out of lockdown.

Online Internship opportunities in Australia

Here’s the best tips we can give on how to apply for internships specific to your industry during lockdown.

Get your CV and portfolio together

If you’ve been putting off updating your CV, then there’s never been a better time to make the effort to do so. It’s important to tailor your CV for the internships you want. Note any relevant experience you have in your chosen industry, including real-world professional experience, education, or volunteer experience that could come in handy. Consider using online programs like Canva to create your CV – it’s free and easy to use, and you’re sure to find the template that puts your best self forward. After you’ve got yourself a shiny new CV ready to submit online, this could be an opportunity for you to collate a portfolio together of relevant examples of your work or projects you’ve been part of. Portfolios are excellent to keep on hand for potential internship interviews, as well as tracking your professional development for your own reference.

Think about your skills and qualities

Searching for new online internship opportunities and putting yourself out there can be daunting if you don’t know where to even begin looking. Before you start your search, it is important to recognise what you can bring in terms of your strengths and personality. Do you like working in a team and bouncing ideas off your peers, or are you more suited to individualised work that’s more detail oriented? Whatever you come up with doesn’t need to be a formal list, but rather something for you to ponder while you’re in the process of applying for online internships. Certain buzzwords that pertain to your strengths and personality can help you come up with meaningful responses to selection criteria, interviews, as well as writing dazzling cover letters. Self-awareness is a skill that employers value, and the ability to recognise constructive feedback as learning opportunities is a really advantageous attribute for candidates. Above all, focus on the positives, and take the ‘weaknesses’ as things to improve on!

Search for Online Internship Opportunities

If you’re actively searching for internships either in a remote work role or in your area, then look no further as there are many companies who await someone like you to contribute to their team, even during times of lockdown. Registered Training Organisations like Premium Graduate Placements offer internship programs across a range of industries, including Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Public Health, Information Technology, and many more. With Premium Graduate Placements’ Australia-wide reach, it doesn’t matter where you are located in the country – as long as you have the means to connect online. The best part about doing online internships is that working from the comfort of your own home can give you that extra boost in confidence.Lockdown has been a difficult period for many people, especially students and graduates who are looking for their next career opportunity. The good news is that with lockdown restrictions easing around the country, it doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out your chance to complete an internship. Remote work can empower people to undertake professional development while in lockdown.

online internship

If you are interested in being part of an online or in-person internship program, the difference that Premium Graduate Placements provides is in the amount of care and support given from highly skilled mentors. In every step of the way, you will liaise with your consultant and gain expert advice along the way. Internships are meaningful steps in your career – give yourself the gift of putting yourself in a position where you can grow. You’ll never know just how impactful the connections you might make during an online internship could be for your professional life.Click here to check out the list of opportunities in your city with Premium Graduate Placements!