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Accounting Internships

Accounting Internships

Often considered a rewarding and stable career, accounting internships offer plenty of opportunities for those who are interested in an evergreen and ever-growing industry. The structural elements of the Australian economy and migration considerations means opportunities at the graduate level can be very competitive. Both domestic and international students are competing for a fixed number of market positions which makes work experience more important than ever.

Accounting internships are a great way to learn and develop practical skills that are often not possible to acquire in a university or college environment. Premium Graduate Accounting Internships are structured practical learning opportunities that are designed to provide graduates and students an edge in the fierce graduate employment market.

All Accounting internship programs (Vocational Placements) are offered along a nationally accredited training course which provides reflection and in-depth learning and development that enhances the overall experience.

Popular Accounting Internship Specialisations

Auditing and Assurance

Auditors examine key areas of business performance and report findings to both management and external parties as required. The nature of work is varied and requires great attention to detail. Accounting internships with an audit focus tend to be very tailored.

Insolvency Accounting Internships

Insolvency work tends to be more sensitive and needs to be handled with great care to ensure creditors and supplier benefits are looked after during liquidation or an administration scenario. Insolvency-based accounting internships are suitable for graduates and students who have a strong interest in this particular field.

Tax Accounting Internships

Tax is a popular and intrinsic facet of accounting internships, particularly with business advisors and bookkeeping departments regularly advising clients in the vital areas of tax planning and overall strategic business planning. As an auditor with a focus in the tax arena you will see yourself working with both SMEs and corporates. Taxation careers can be very rewarding with great career prospects as all businesses will require taxation advice at some stage of their business cycle. This is one of the most popular areas offered in the market and the demand for tax specialists is always high

Management Accounting Internships

Management has a strong focus in the supply of information and reports that will assist with decision making process in an organisation. The nature of the work tends to be more strategic and insights driven, it requires someone who is interested working with teams on a variety of issues such as planning and budgeting.

Forensic Accounting Internships

Forensic accountants work across different industries and generally have a focus around fraud, disputes and suspected misconduct. The work will be investigative in nature and generally suited to someone who has an inquisitive mind and strong communication skills to explain complex problems to management in a clear and concise manner. This area of internship is generally rarer to come by but there are specialist firms who specialize in this area.

Financial Accounting Internships

Financial-specific experts analyse financial transactions such as financial statements such as cash low statements, balance sheets and income statements which in turn helps organisations develop vital data on business performance. The key difference between financial and management bookkeeping and is that financial-centric options tend to be more externally focused with reporting to investors and regulatory bodies.

Career benefits

  • Interesting Work.The profession has evolved dramatically over time and has now expanded into all industries and sectors and cross all functional teams. The skills acquired from accounting internships and careers is relevant to businesses, governments, and non-for-profit organisations. It is not uncommon to see those with competency in the field taking up CEO positions and senior management positions.
  • Great work environment.You’ll find colleagues in an accounting internship are motivated and passionate about their profession. You will work with people who have strong work ethics and an attention to detail.
  • Strong career prospects.Starting a career with accounting internships often means you will have the world at your feet. The skills acquired are transferable to multiple settings and enables you to break into other sectors such as banking, education, government, entrepreneurship etc.
  • Creativity and innovation.The world needs auditors, and their skillsets are almost always in demand. With automation and machine learning coming into action, some of the more repetitive tasks may be automated through software and systems but complex tasks and projects will require clever and innovative minds.
  • Travel Opportunities.Australian graduates of accounting internships are widely recognised by their level of training and expertise. Financial centres around the world including London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai recruit a large amount of Australian trained experts. Australian based/trained professionals are also highly sought after by employers around the world.

Vocational Placement Benefits

  • Professional Networking – Participating in an accounting Internship will enable you to meet and network with peers in your industry. This provides you with an opportunity to learn from senior managers which can provide you with practical career advice and layout a great foundation for the years to come.
  • Acquire skills and Gain Australian Experience – Accounting Internships are a great way to develop a real appreciation and understanding of your profession. The theoretical knowledge you have acquired during your university studies can finally be put in practice. Having relevant work experience puts you ahead of the pack
  • Ongoing Employment – One of the key benefits of participating in an accounting internship is the possible long-term career prospects with your host company. A significant number of candidates are offered permanent employment post-experience with their host organisation
  • Gain Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency  - One benefit of an accounting internship is that you will be receiving a nationally recognised unit of competency to add to your resume and showcase your continuous learning and achievement.
  • Professional Branding –Australian companies put a high emphasis on experience and prioritise graduates who have demonstrated initiative through activities that are beyond university education. A professional accounting internship provides a discussion point and further highlights your ability to navigate through a professional environment.
  • Explore Your Career Path – Throughout the 12-week accounting internship you will be able to develop insights into the areas you enjoy the most and further your interest by aligning with a skills gap through either self-learning or continuous education or both. Playing by your interest is a great way to improve your emotional wellbeing and increases your career success greatly
  • Develop Communication Skills  – An overwhelmingly number of students and graduates lack the necessary communication skills that are essential to excel in a professional work environment. Internships allow you to practice, develop and expand your communication skills that are often hard to come by through a formal educational environment.

How To Maximise Your Learning Experience

  • Show Interest – Showing enthusiasm throughout an accounting internship is an excellent way to maximise your upside. Displaying your willingness to learn will create a greater sense of engagement between you and your managers and make you a memorable candidate for future opportunities.
  • Participate In Team Projects  – Throughout your accounting internship it is recommended to put teamwork as a priority for your personal development. Observing team dynamics and how senior and more experienced professionals engage with one another is one of the best ways to develop emotional intelligence. Senior leaders thrive on teamwork as they understand the importance of group efforts and how great things can only be achieved through collective efforts.
  • Build A Good Relationship with Your Managers  – Maintaining a healthy and constructive relationship with your peers and managers are essential skills that you will need to develop throughout your accounting internship. Relationships and networks often determine your careers success and that should not be underestimated. Building technical capabilities alongside with emotional intelligence are key ingredients of long-term career success.
  • Find a Mentor  – Finding a mentor within your host organisation is a great way to foster fruitful and constructive relationships. Having a mentor has great advantages with experienced professionals sharing their knowledge and wisdom. This translates to benefits that often not seen in the short term but long term.
  • Participate In Meetings and Client Gatherings If Possible – Meetings are a great way to build confidence and strategic reasoning. Meeting skills are essential throughout a career and having an accounting internship as part of graduate employability training, it is a great way to test how you perform in different situations.
  • Seek For Feedback – Throughout your 12-week accounting internship, you will develop insights into the areas you enjoy the most and further your interests by aligning with a skills gap through either self-learning, continuous education, or both. Playing your strengths is a great way to improve your emotional wellbeing and increases your career success greatly.
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Our Accounting Sector Coverage

  • Public accounting firms
  • Business advisory bodies
  • In house corporate accounting services
  • Superannuation funds
  • Financial planning
  • Wealth management
  • Financial institutions
  • FX and stock trading house
  • Not for profit organisations

These are just some of the areas in which an accounting internship could enhance your pre-existing skills and burgeoning talent.

To find out more about the diverse array of work integrated development options we can provide, or to begin your journey towards your perfect career, get in touch today.