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Accounting Internships

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Accounting Internships


Businesses need a strong foundation upon which to build. They need a reliable financial platform from which to launch products and services, they need to be fully compliant with all legal requirements and regulations in Australia and in any area in which they do business, and they need to operate with the utmost efficiency.
All of this is supported by their accounting division.

Without a hardworking, expertly trained and diligent accounting division, success in business is impossible. This is where you, the graduate or student, come in; Australian businesses need your academic prowess and talent if they are to gain what it takes to thrive in the market.

But these academic skills cannot be applied alone. They are raw materials, which need to be developed and nurtured into real, genuine vocational attributes which can be applied in the field.

Accounting internships are your route towards achieving this. At Premium Graduate Placements, we connect young talent like you with the placements you need to make a real difference in the industry. Our work integrated training and education programs are unrivalled in the marketplace, and will give you the boost you need to begin your journey up the career ladder. Don’t delay; today is the day you make your move.

Where Does Premium Graduate Placements Serve?

Wherever there are Australian businesses desperate for the accounting skills and talent that young graduates provide, and wherever there are graduates and students looking to fill these roles; these are the areas that Premium Graduate Placements serve. This means, if you are looking for an accounting internship in Sydney or in Perth, we can connect you with the right opportunity. We also provide accounting internships from Melbourne to Darwin, via Adelaide and everywhere in between.

Why is Premium Graduate Placements the Right Choice for My Australian Accounting Internship?

We believe in learning in all its forms. Each member of the Premium Graduates team shares this positive ethos; the ethos which tells us that the time to stop learning and developing does not exist. Academic knowledge and theory is valuable in the field of accounting. After all, this is what the discipline is based on. However, modern employers want to see more from their candidates; they want to see candidates who have hands-on practical experience to back up the theory. The team at Premium Graduates offer specialised services which are unparallelled in the field, giving you the best chance of finding the ideal internship for your development path. Take a look at some of the other factors that make us your ideal choice for career fulfillment; We enjoy an almost 100% success rate, meaning that almost all of our clients connect with the accounting internship positions they need. Bridging the gap between academic education and professional achievement is our speciality. For 72% of our graduate and student, the wait between completing a Premium Graduate Placement internship and being offer paid employment in their host company is less than three months. For 84% of our graduates and students, this wait is less than six months. We are able to achieve and sustain these levels of efficacy because of our focus on genuine workplace education. You embark on your internship to learn and to develop, and we ensure that this is the case. An incredible 98% of our clients report that the internship opportunities that we connect them with have significantly boosted their employability. We set out to give you, the client, a direct benefit; and this is what we achieve.

What Should I Expect from a Premium Graduate Placement?

All of the placements which we provide are unique. This is because the nuance and character of no two companies, and also of no two professional mentors, will be alike. However, all our placements provide the same level of direct benefit to students and graduates as they progress along the career path. You can expect to receive real on the job training and tuition which helps you to put what you have learned into practice. You can expect to build important relationships with senior figures in the world of accounting; relationships that can assist you as you raise your profile in the industry. You can expect to gain confidence and proficiency; attributes which you can carry forwards into job interviews and way beyond.
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Our Accounting Sector Coverage

  • Public accounting firms
  • Business advisory bodies
  • In house corporate accounting services
  • Superannuation funds
  • Financial planning
  • Wealth management
  • Financial institutions
  • FX and stock trading house
  • Not for profit organisations

These are just some of the areas in which an accounting internship could enhance your pre-existing skills and burgeoning talent.

To find out more about the diverse array of work integrated development options we can provide, or to begin your journey towards your perfect career, get in touch today.