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Accounting Internships in Canberra

Accounting Internships in Canberra

This field is extremely diverse and touches every industry around the world. All businesses need these professionals, whether they employ their own team or hire firms to work on their behalf. That’s why there is so much opportunity out there for young professionals graduating with these qualifications.

One thing even better than graduating is graduating with some meaningful work experience under your belt. The best way to achieve this is with an accounting internship in Canberra. If you’re in the nation’s capital and want a taste of how accountancy works in the real world, then an accounting internship in Canberra is perfect for you.

The career benefits of accounting internships in Canberra

As we mentioned, there are so many opportunities for qualified accountants. From joining a corporation’s in-house accounting department to working with specialist firms, the options are almost limitless. Here’s how an accounting internship in Canberra for students can benefit your career.

Real-world experience: Getting real, hands-on experience is invaluable and can give you a great deal of confidence when it’s time to join the workforce after studying.

The best mentors: You’ll work alongside experienced professionals who can show you the ropes and motivate you along the way.

Networking opportunities: Accounting internships in Canberra offer you a chance to meet and impress potential employers. Remember, starting your career is also about who you know, not just what you know.

Graduate positions: Some companies fill their graduate positions with people who perform well during internships. Work hard, and you might have a position to go into straight out of university.

Enhance your resume: If you’re not offered a graduate position after your accounting internship in Canberra, you don’t need to worry. Completing the program looks great on your resume for future job applications.

Choose an area of expertise: Undecided on an area of specialisation? Accounting internships in Canberra are a great way to explore this field of business and find out what you enjoy most.

Kickstart your career with an accounting internship in Canberra

If you’re already living in this city, you’ll know that there’s a lot of potential to build a career in accounting. There are plenty of big business firms operating in the city, as well as numerous other large businesses that require skilled financial staff. But the biggest drawcard may be the opportunity to secure a government position.

The capital is essentially the home of the Australian Public Service, and there’s no doubt that a lot of money flows in and out of government bank accounts. That means a career in this field with government departments is a very achievable goal. Beyond accounting, there are a lot of other government opportunities that look favourably on people with commerce and similar degrees.

Different types of accounting internships in Canberra for students

There are several different areas of this field that you’ll explore throughout your studies. Taxation, auditing and financial practice are all popular lines of work for graduates who want to specialise in a particular field. Here are just a few of the programs for students.

Taxation placements

If the only certain things are death and taxes, then you’ll have a long and rewarding career full of opportunities by working in taxation. Tax accountants perform a wide range of roles, including preparing company tax returns, solving tax issues, providing taxation advice and much more. If you’re good at interpreting legislation and understanding business, a taxation internship is for you.

Financial accounting programs

General accountancy can be explored through a placement. While the term is very broad, the financial practice encompasses a variety of roles, from budgeting, accounts, bookkeeping, providing tax advice to individuals and companies plus much more. It’s a diverse role and one that’s best explored with an internship.

Auditing programs

Auditors need a keen eye for detail and great analysis skills. You could be preparing financial reports, assessing a company’s viability and ensuring financial compliance and responsibility. It’s a great way to experience the world of finance across a range of industries.

Why choose Premium Graduate Placements?

Our service is truly personalised. Choosing an accounting internship in Canberra should be all about you and your career goals. That’s why Premium Graduate Placement works closely with you to develop meaningful accounting internships in Canberra programs. We offer rewarding experiences that students can use to push their future careers in the right direction.

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