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Accounting Internships in Perth

Accounting Internships in Perth


Accounting internships in Perth are an incredible opportunity to get your foot into the door with some of the city’s best companies. This field isn’t limited to working with finance firms either. Many large businesses have their own dedicated departments, so you could find yourself working in almost every industry.

For a rewarding and successful career in accounting, the best way to start is with an accounting internship in Perth.

The career benefits of accounting internships in Perth

There are a huge number of benefits to completing an accounting internship in Perth. Not only will you get real-world experience and the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice, but you can also significantly enhance your future employment opportunities. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider an accounting internship in Perth with Premium Graduate Placements.
Real-world experience: You’ll get the opportunity to see how it works in a practical business setting. From business firms to other big corporations, this experience is invaluable.

Learn directly from professionals: During an accounting internship in Perth, you’ll be learning from some of the best in the business. See how they work day to day, and learn new skills along the way.

Networking opportunities: Being surrounded by inspiring professionals can open up your eyes to a range of opportunities. Plus, you’ll get to network with potential future employers.

Possibility of graduate positions: Many companies hire their graduates based on who performs well during an accounting internship in Perth. Work hard, and you may even be offered a position as soon as you finish your studies.
Enhance your resume: Even if you don’t get a graduate position following your placement, completing the program looks great on your resume for future applications.

Find your specialty: If you haven’t decided on a particular area of this field you want to specialise in, an internship is a great way to see what they’re all about.

Kickstart your career with an accounting internship in Perth

Perth is home to a lot of big businesses, which means there are plenty of opportunities for accountants to excel. Western Australia is known for the ongoing mining boom, and while this puts a lot of multinational corporations right on your doorstep, there are plenty of large business firms with offices in this region.

If you’re a West Australian native, the opportunity to complete a high-quality accounting internship in Perth so close to home makes life so much easier.

Different types of programs

At Premium Graduate Placements, we offer a range of accounting internships in Perth that you can choose from depending on your desired area of work. Placements are available with some of the biggest companies throughout Australia and around the world. Here are a few of the accounting disciplines you can explore.

Taxation placements

Tax isn’t just about completing end of financial year tax returns. A tax program can expose you to a range of different skills such as data analysis, providing taxation advice, assisting companies with tax returns, business planning and strategy and much, much more. There are also plenty of job opportunities in this area because all businesses need the services of a taxation professional at one time or another.

Financial accounting programs

General financial accounting internships are a great way to experience a range of different roles in bookkeeping, sales, purchasing, receivables and payables. These internships give you an opportunity to see general accountancy at work in the real world.

Auditing Programs

Auditing is a key part of the modern business landscape. It’s also extremely varied. You might be analysing business accounts to assist with business planning, strategy, creating reports for shareholders and more. There is also a strong emphasis on compliance. Auditors are called in for a wide range of reasons, and an internship gives you a glimpse of this complex work.
Why choose Premium Graduate Placements?

Premium Graduate Placements puts a strong emphasis on delivering meaningful, valuable placement opportunities. That means we don’t just send you to the first available company for a placement. We listen to your career goals, areas of interest and your unique needs. We’ll find an accounting internship in Perth that best suits your individual circumstances.

Our programs are designed to give you the best advantage when advancing your career. Whether you’re looking for graduate positions straight out of university or you just want some valuable hands-on experience in this field, Premium Graduate Placements gives your education and career a big boost.

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