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Internships in Perth

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Through our Perth internships, we cover a large scope of industries, including:

Discover the Right Career Path in Perth for You

Perth is a growing hub for aspiring professionals, brimming with internship jobs that pave the way for the leaders of tomorrow.

A place where innovation meets tradition, this thriving city offers a diverse array of internship opportunities tailored to forge the future's brightest minds.

At Premium Graduate Placements, we provide a practical experience beyond the classroom through our range of internships offered across 27 varied industries.

Here, you're not just finding your place in a professional setting - you're also connecting with experienced mentors who are eager to share their knowledge and insights.

As you'll be teaming up with a wide industry network, this ensures you'll never navigate the path alone, supported by those who've carved their own successful careers in your field of interest.

Through hands-on projects, real-world challenges, and targeted training sessions, we'll prepare you to become 'career-ready', ensuring you possess the practical prowess to excel in your chosen profession.

Let us be your gateway to a fulfilling career in Perth, where dreams are nurtured and futures are built.

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About Our Internship Program

Premium Graduate Placements is the leading provider of internships in Perth. We offer exciting opportunities for individuals who are seeking to develop professionally. Our internships provide the perfect opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills in a supportive and fun environment.

From data analytics, information technology, engineering, and finance, to construction management, we offer internship opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries, catering to a diverse range of professional interests and career goals.

The 6,000+ host companies that we work with are committed to providing our interns with the best possible experience through a wide range of benefits, including professional development workshops, training, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

Our Process

Your professional consultant with expertise in your sector will first update your resume to suit industry standards. They will get you ready for and position you for success in your interviews with our host companies. By assisting you at every stage of the internship process, your consultant will help you gain more confidence in the workplace.

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Why Choose Us?

Accelerate Your Career Path

At Premium Graduate Placements, we don’t just offer internships - we fast-track your career. Our bespoke 12-week programme is designed to equip Perth candidates with the crucial skills and experience needed to not only secure future employment but to get hired at a pace three times faster than the norm. With an impressive 70% of our participants receiving offers for permanent positions post-placement, we're setting new benchmarks for success.

Real-World Experience, Unrivalled Advantage

Dive into the heart of your chosen industry with our targeted internships. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all - instead, we personalise your search, matching you with opportunities that resonate with your skills and ambitions. Our commitment is to ensure you gain not just an internship but a real-world, hands on experience that positions you ahead in the competitive job market. professional growth

Unlock the Hidden Job Market

Perth's job landscape is filled with untapped opportunities, and we're your key to unlocking them. By partnering with over 6,000 host companies, we expose you to the hidden job market that most companies don't share with the public. These exclusive placements open the door to potential permanent positions and a chance to start your career on the right foot. find employment

Tailored Guidance and Support

At Premium Graduate Placements, your journey is personal to us. From refining your CV to honing your interview skills, our experienced consultants work with you every step of the way. We’re committed to not just finding you an internship but ensuring you feel confident and prepared for every opportunity that comes your way.

Build a Network That Builds Your Future

Stepping into the professional world of Perth with us means more than gaining experience but building strong relationships. We facilitate connections with industry leaders and peers alike, offering you a network that supports your career aspirations long after your internship concludes.

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We Don't Stop Until You Are Placed into Your Internship

We offer unlimited internship interview opportunities to our candidates until you are placed. We work with you to search for an internship that is appropriate for you based on your skills and interests. Our goal is to help you find the right internship for you, and to provide you with the real industry experience you need to succeed.

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Forge Your Career Path with an Internship in Perth Today

Step into a world brimming with opportunities in Perth, WA, ready to shape your professional destiny.

At Premium Graduate Placements, we'll help transform your career aspirations into achievable milestones.

We are committed to guiding you through a unique pathway enriched with personalised mentorship, exclusive access to hidden job markets, and tailored internship experiences.

Within Perth's growing professional environment, we're prepared to match your talents with the perfect opportunities.

Start your career with us today, and let Perth be the backdrop for your professional success story.

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