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Gain a solid grounding in a career you love with finance internships from Premium Graduates

Graduates from finance degrees in Australia are preparing to step into one of the most lucrative and fascinating fields open to modern professionals. Professionals in the finance industry must deploy a wide and varied range of techniques and show a great depth of understanding and acumen as they work to achieve the desired results for clients and employers.

Success in this field requires two primary attributes which must work in sync with one another. On the one hand, young professionals need to have a high level of academic knowledge under their belt, supported with the relevant industry qualifications. On the other, they must have real industry experience to draw upon and be able to demonstrate their prowess and aptitude in the field to future employers.

How to bridge this skill gap? By enrolling on a work integrated learning finance internship from Premium Graduate Placements.

We connect promising young finance graduates and students like yourself with the sort placements they need to gain what they need. Your next step into a promising career is right in front of you; taking it could be the best decision you ever made.

Diverse Opportunities for Finance Majors

Entering into a finance career requires a degree of foresight and specialisation. While successful candidates will be able to draw upon a range of different skillsets and will feel confident in operating over a multitude of different aspects within the finance industry, graduates will still need to choose their path wisely. This is why we offer very specific internships, matched to the developmental needs of a particular client. There are many areas of specialisation in finance. These may include;
  • Strategic financial planning for personal or for business clients
  • Estate and asset management
  • Taxation planning and investment management services
  • Market speculation and analysis
  • Financial product production and assessment
  • Implementation of financial services structures
  • Or one of the numerous other career paths open to graduates in the field
The sky is the limit in both personal and in corporate finance. All it takes is a single step to get started on your journey in a highly rewarding field. Give our team a call and find out just how far you can go.

Which Areas Do Premium Graduate Placements Cover?

Wherever there are businesses in Australia or wherever there are personal clients seeking investment advice and financial services, there will be a need for finance professionals. Recent increases in, and divergences into, the digital aspect of finance – fintech, for example – have only boosted the need for inductees into finance positions on a country-wide basis. This means, if you are looking for a finance internship in Sydney or if you want a placement as a finance graduate in Melbourne, or anywhere in between, Premium Graduates will be able to put you in touch with what you need. For information on finding the ideal placement in your local area, speak to a member of our team today.

What to Expect on a Premium Graduate Finance Internship

Here at Premium Graduate Placements, we understand how important it is to receive the right type of internship. We don’t want you to waste any time on your way to achieve the right career – nor do we want you to get disheartened or lost en route – with this in mind, we make sure that our internships are designed to give you the real, demonstrable, practical skills that you need. This involves;
  • Receiving one-to-one coaching and mentoring from an expert in your industry
  • Understanding the latest concepts and best practices in the world of finance, and then putting those into action in the field
  • Pushing the boundaries of what you thought you could do and gaining a wide variety of vital skills in the process
  • Developing your confidence and building a knowledge of the finance industry; something which you can apply to future job interviews and positions going forward
  • Specialised training and assistance in your chosen area of finance

Why Premium Graduate Placements Are the Best Choice

Over 98% of our graduates are matched with the finance internship they need to go on developing. This level of success is unrivalled in the industry we operate in. Over 74% of our graduates go straight into paid employment in the world of finance within three months of completing their internship with one of the companies we work with. Over 85% of our graduates have achieved this within six months of the completion of their internship Almost 100% of our graduates tell us that the training, coaching, understanding, confidence, and practical skills proved absolutely vital in their job-seeking endeavours. This is the advantage of using truly specialised finance internship providers; this is the benefit of Premium Graduate Placements. Get in touch with our team today and get started.
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