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Logistics & Supply Chain Internships

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Logistics Supply Chain

Businesses, organisations, systems of governance and private citizens do not exist in isolation in Australia. Instead, they are connected to their partners, their clients, their suppliers, their retailers, and to any other individual or body they need to reach out to. It is logistics and supply chain professionals who keep this process turning and who keep our society running smoothly.

This will be your role. No matter what area of speciality you select in the logistics and supply chain industry, you will be helping to support our society as it develops and grows in the future. To achieve this, you need academic qualifications, combined with the on the job skills you can only receive from a logistics internship.

We will put you in touch with the supply chain internship you need in Australia. Our internships are a little different to some of the others you may have encounters; we focus on work integrated learning and personal development, across a variety of fields within the logistics and supply chain business.

These include;

  • Supply chain management
  • Service testing and assessment
  • Innovating supply chain processes and protocols
  • Client liaison and interfacing
  • Health and safety supervision
  • Accountability assessment at all level of the supply chain

Many other potential career paths in a diverse and exciting industry.

Premium Graduate Placements occupy a unique a position in the jobs market. We deliver opportunities – real platforms for growth and development; we do not simply offer you a time-filling period of work in a semi-relevant industry. You will receive close mentoring and will gain insight into the latest best practices and concepts in the industry, as well as legal compliance issues pertaining to supply chain management and logistics. This is why our supply chain management internships represent such a huge benefit to our graduates. Get in touch and find out how our placements can help you to grow.

Why Is Premium Graduate Placements the Right Choice for Your Career?

We have an unparalleled level of efficacy in securing the perfect internship for our clients, with almost all of the students and graduates that we work with (98%) being successful in finding the right work placement. We’ve worked hard to diversify the work placement offerings we provide, and these are results that we offer to our clients. Within three months of completing one of the internships that Premium Graduate Placements offer, almost three quarters (74%) of the clients are offered some form of paid employment with their host company. The work integrated learning programs we connect you with give you a major advantage, accelerating your progress into a field that you are passionate about. Within six months of completing their internship, 84% of our clients will have achieved this paid position in their chosen area of speciality. Almost all of our graduates (98%) report that their employability, their confidence, and their on the job skills were dramatically enhanced by one of our placements, and was instrumental in their development in the field. This is the advantage we can provide, and we look forward to offering this same advantage to you. Get in contact with the Premium Graduate Placements team, and begin your journey to where you want to be.
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