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Logistics and Supply Chain Management Internships



Logistics and supply chain management is crucial to ensuring materials and resource processes are streamlined from the point of procurement, to production, and to commercial distribution. With this in mind, the industry has seen an ever-growing shift towards integration with technology: information systems, cloud computing and data analytics. The aim for seamless collaboration between these systems has seen an increase in business demand for global market share.  In keeping up with these 21st century trends, a logistics and supply chain management internship will expose candidates to new-age disruptive technology used in the sourcing, conversion and logistics of products; offering a unique insight into industry operations.

Through Premium Graduates’ internship program, as logistics and supply chain management intern, you can expect to observe and oversee end-to-end operation areas, those including but not limited to: transport management, warehousing, order fulfillment, demand planning and risk analysis. With the internship offering a practice-oriented approach, candidates will be able gain holistic understanding of general logistics activities and its contributions to other business functions. By the end of the internship, you will find yourself prepared for a career in a range of areas in procurement, sourcing, customer service and demand analysis.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Internships

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Specialisations

Planning and Product Design

The supply chain management system begins with a proposal and synthesised production plan that satisfies consumer demand. Interns will observe how the most efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process is derived and how the branding of a product comes to life. Professionals in this stage of supply chain must reflect on performance feedback to create actionable strategies that affect the other components of supply chain management such as evaluating industry-specific metrics to meet enterprise goals.

Purchasing and Sourcing

Supply chain management interns situated in the purchasing department handle raw material required as input for manufacturing customer orders. Skills developed in this area of the industry include communication, negotiation and creativity. Assessments of the supplier which are selected and contracted, are needed to monitor key processes in the phases of ordering, inventory management, financial planning and the overall maintenance of relationships.

Manufacturing and Operations

In the operations function of the company, interns can recognise how raw materials are transformed into refined products. Continuous monitoring and quality control are assessed to measure product output and worker productivity, allowing the business to make appropriate adjustments to improve efficiency and profitability. Logistics: Raw materials, resources, machine capital and finished product are moved to warehouses and storage while checked for quantity accuracy and quality maintenance. Logistics and supply chain management interns in this area may be exposed to first-hand experience and activities in liaison. This may include communication with various service providers to outsource logistical needs, ease delivery processes, acquire specialist handling and expand overall business-reach.

Customer Service

The feedback loop is crucial to the continuous improvement of the business. Customer service is provided hand-in-hand with the sale of products to enhance quality assurance. This dictates the materials and products needed to be fulfilled by the production facility, within the considerations of ethical and regulatory concerns. Logistics and supply chain management interns in this field will observe how metrics monitor the company’s efficiency in creating product appeal to consumers within societal obligations and offering measures of responsive grievances.

Inbound Logistics

This field is managed by logistical managers who oversee and manage supplier relationships, raw materials, resource cost negotiations and product distribution channels. Material management is needed to control incoming tools, raw materials and goods made for operational processes and manufacturing facilities. In the field of logistics and supply chain management, interns may find themselves observing tactics employed for client-management, effective communication and strategic thinking.

Outbound Logistics

Outbound logistics managers focus on the storage and transportation of end products to vendors at the end of the supply chain. Interns in this area may find themselves observing the warehousing techniques essential for stock and storage upkeep, and the logistical concerns surrounding a streamlined flow of materials. Candidates will do so by referring to their theories and knowledge attained in their studies, taking into consideration quantities and transport chains needed for competitive and advantageous upkeep. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Specialisations

Career Benefits

Network within the Industry

Develop best business practice in the logistics and supply chain industries as you work alongside some of the best. Our internship will enable you to work closely and develop professional working relationships – be it with a specific manager or a team of an organization. By completing an internship, you will also have the opportunity to meet a range of people in other departments, and other professionals outside the hosting company.

Gain Practical Experience

Try your hand at real-time projects to enhance your critical understanding of engineering models, urban planning processes and transportation channels that demand theoretical applications of business concepts. By collaborating on real projects with a real company, you will not only develop the relevant skills needed to work in your industry, but allow you to simultaneously develop the interpersonal skills needed to effectively work with others – allowing you to build confidence in your abilities.

Boost Your Resume

Build a career profile with accredited industry experience in an Australian company. The Australian graduate market is highly competitive. Having experience will indicate to employers that you have the right skills, attitude and commitment to working in the logistics and supply chain management industry. A short-term commitment as evidence of actual industry experience is sure to be highly-valued, with the potential in helping you stand out from the competition.

Updated Industry News

Be a graduate pioneer in the industry. Acquire up-to-date knowledge of the industry outside the textbook by immersing yourself into a logistics and supply chain internship. In working directly with professionals, you may find yourself picking up techniques, strategies and key news not usually discussed in a traditional academic setting. These skills may assist you in impressing on employers, completing future projects, and allow you to stand out amongst fellow colleagues. Career Benefits Logistics Chain Management Specialisations

Why pursue an Internship in Logistics & Supply Chain Management with Premium Graduate Placements?

Working with a database of over 3,700 Australian companies, at Premium Graduate Placements, we endeavour to provide our candidates with updated industry knowledge, industry skill and industry connections to help get a foot in the door in their respective fields of interest. Our nationally recognised Vocational Placement Program has helped our candidates kick-start a rewarding career in the logistics and supply chain management industry; many of whom have gone onto careers in couriering, procurement, manufacturing, aviation, and warehousing amongst others. As one of the world’s fastest-growing areas of business, Premium Graduates’ logistics and supply chain management internships provides candidates with genuine insight into a profession of their interest; binding their studies with the real world. Be industry-ready, with over 67% of our candidates being offered ongoing work within their hosting companies. The curriculums we design enable holistic exposure to the global management of logistics and supply chains, fostering skills in production planning, sourcing, business analytics, information systems, but most importantly, the flexibility to balance and focus on specialised projects while doing the internship. Post-placement, candidates can expect to have a solid understanding of logistics and supply chain management theory, strategic know-how in tackling operative movement, and a grounding of technical skills and goal-orientated motivation applied in the contexts of a professional work-setting. Pursue an Internship in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
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