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Hospitality, Sports & Tourism Internships

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Hospitality, Sports and Tourism

The leisure industry is big business in Australia. During your university course, you learned much of the key knowledge required to unlock the door to this industry, but there is a missing ingredient – genuine work experience.

Our leisure industry placements include sports internships and other work integrated learning programs designed to take you several steps closer to where you need to be. Read on to discover more about the sorts of advantages we provide across the different aspects of the leisure industry, or give us a call to begin your journey straight away.

Specialising in Sports Internships

Sport is a passion for many of us. While only a few of us are fortunate and talented enough to play sport professionally as a career, this is certainly not the only avenue to pursue for those looking to make a living in sport. At Premium Graduate Placements, we provide high quality work integrated learning internships in areas as diverse as sports management, sports science and sports psychology. These are designed to help you build up knowledge and momentum as you enter into a career in your chosen discipline, and to enhance your confidence as you bridge the gap between graduation from university and the world of employment. To find out about sports management internships, sports science internships, or any other placements in the sports and leisure industry, speak with a member of our team today.

Specialising in Hospitality

Australia’s hospitality industry takes many forms. As a graduate in hospitality, you may decide to specialise in corporate hospitality, or public hospitality, hospitality management, overseeing of logistics, consultancy, recruitment, or another area of what is a truly diverse industry. The industry is on the up. It is growing quickly, and therefore, so is the number of opportunities available to young graduates such as yourself. However, competition for positions is also increasing, which is what makes the skills you will receive from your hospitality internship so vital as you seek to outflank your competitors and land a dream role. From Darwin to Adelaide, Melbourne to Sydney, and everywhere in between, we have the internship in hospitality that you need. Get in touch with the team for more information on opportunities in your area.

Specialising in Tourism

Australia is one of the most visited countries on the planet. Internal and international tourism combined contributes vast amounts of money to the economy each and every year. Bright, talented, knowledgeable and experienced young graduates are needed to fill various positions in the industry. By enrolling in a tourism internship, you will be embarking on an exciting career and taking your first steps towards something very special. Through on the job training and close mentoring, you will develop your confidence and capability in the industry, and genuine skills which you can utilise as you progress into employment and beyond. Get in touch to learn more.

The Advantage that Premium Graduate Placements Can Provide to Your Career

We cannot be beaten on the success of our matching endeavours. Our graduates enjoy a 98% success rate, with almost all of our candidates connecting with a leisure placement or sports internship which can really help them to develop and hone their skills. Almost three quarters of the graduates that we work with here at Premium Graduate Placements will successfully make the leap into paid employment within only three months of completing their sports internship. This is proof of how effective our work integrated placements really are in helping you to quickly and efficiently achieve your aims. Within six months of the completion of the internship, 84% of our clients have begun working at a paid position within the hospitality and leisure industry. 98% of the students and graduates that we work with say that the placement we found for them was a vital component of their learning and development in the fields of hospitality, leisure and tourism. We are committed to pushing this figure up to 100%. Your career journey starts here. Together, we can make sure that you receive the skills you need to excel, thrive, and to never ever look back. Get in touch today and see how far a placement in your chosen field can take you.
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