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Young graduates seeking to apply their knowledge and vision to a rewarding career and looking to prove themselves in a fascinating and dynamic industry, need look no further than a position in media.

This field is rapidly expanding, but it is also highly competitive. For this reason, media employers need well-rounded, highly skillful candidates to fill positions in their organisations. Much of this skill and aptitude is provided by academic learning at school and at university. This can be demonstrated by academic and industry qualifications.

However, employers need more. They need real, practical skills which can only be achieved through active experience. This is where Premium Graduate Placements, and the media internships we provide, come into play.

On one of our work integrated learning placement programs in media, you will get the chance to put your knowledge to the test and to develop real skills across a variety of specialities.

These include, but are certainly not limited to, the following;

  • Digital content producer
  • Television and radio producer
  • Booking agent for television guests
  • Media law and legal professional
  • Media researcher
  • Writer and project developer
  • And many other aspects of this incredibly diverse and dynamic field of development

It is understandable that not all media graduates and students will have selected their field of speciality at this time. This is not a problem. Our placements and internships for media majors are designed to give you an understanding – not only of the field in which you will be operating – but also of yourself; of your own interests, strengths, capabilities, and potential.

You will grow your confidence and finish your internship with a clearer picture of the route you want to take in media.

What Can I Expect from a Premium Graduate Placements Media Internship?

We work to provide something a little bit different, a little bit more challenging, and a little bit more effective than our competitors. This is why the work integrated learning placements we connect you with are designed to achieve real goals and to move you forward on your path to success. You can expect to;
  • Receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring from an individual with real experience in your field.
  • Gain an understanding of the latest concepts and philosophies which are governing the media industry today
  • Develop insight into the legal aspects of the media, giving you an enhanced level of understanding which you can apply when you move into work
  • Build your confidence in the industry, and put that into practice in the future. You have the knowledge already; with a media internship you can transfer that knowledge into a platform upon which to construct your career.
  • Acquire the contact who can help you grow, develop, and move forwards in the industry. Building contacts is vital in media – you will have already begun to do this in university but our internships offer the next step
Make real movements towards a career which you can love, enjoy, and be truly proud of. Your journey begins today, with one call to our skilled, expert and friendly team. We are waiting to connect you with the results you need. Get in touch and find out more about what you could achieve.

Why Premium Graduate Placements Represent the Best Choice for Your Media Internship

We have an unrivalled efficacy in terms of finding the ideal internship for our clients. Almost all of the students and graduates that we provide internships for (98%) are successful in finding a suitable work placement. We’ve worked hard to make the placement offerings we provide as diverse and as dynamic as possible, which translates to real, actionable results for our clients. For the majority of our clients, it will take only three months from the completion of your internship to the beginning of a paid position in your industry of choice. Around three quarters (74%) of the clients we work with achieve this goal in this time period, demonstrating the advantage that we give to you as you look for work. Within six months of the completion of an internship placement, 84% of our media majors have achieved a paid position in an area of the industry which fuels their passion. 98% of our clients report that the media internships we provide dramatically boosted their confidence, their employability, and their skill level, giving them what they needed to make the step up from academia into the world of work. We aim to provide real results to the graduates and students that work with us, and this is a testament to that. Speak with the Premium Graduate Placements team and get started on your journey towards a dream media career.
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