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Science, as you well know, is far from simply an academic pursuit. While the right candidate for a scientific position will have a high level of academic experience behind them, and the right qualifications already secured, this needs to be transformed and moulded into actionable industry capability.

This is why a science internship is so important. The programs that we offer, here at Premium Graduate Placements, are vital in building the work experience and industry expertise that a client needs to gain a position in their chosen field and to thrive in that position.

Perhaps you aim to specialise in chemistry, biology or physics, perhaps you want to pursue a research position or be a key part of a team which applies scientific concepts to business or engineering projects; whatever your dream, or however far your vision extends, specialised internships in science can help you achieve your goal.

We provide science internships to skilled graduates from across Australia, meaning that, whether you need a placement in Sydney, Melbourne, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, or anywhere else, we have got you covered.

Why an Internship in Science from Premium Graduate Placements Represents the Right Choice for You

We are unparalleled in terms of matching our clients with the internship opportunities they need. Of the students and graduates we work with, 98% will gain a work placement which enables them to take what they have learned to the next level. The science internships we provide are diverse and dynamic, giving you the real skills you require to succeed. 74% of our clients will gain a paid position with their host company within three months of completing their science internship. None of our competitors can match this rate of success. We are committed to pushing this figure every higher. 84% of the science majors we find positions for will achieve this paid position of employment within six months of the completion of their internship. The skills our internships provide and hone are designed to be directly applicable in industry. This is why 98% of our clients tell us that their science internship was instrumental in landing them the position of their dreams, and enabling them to grow and develop in real terms. Now it is time for your own career journey to begin. Get in touch with the expert team here at Premium Graduate Placements, and take serious steps towards career fulfilment and success in your chosen area of speciality.
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