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Our Difference

Why Choose PGP Australia

At Premium Graduate Placements, we understand the diverse requirements of employers in Australia. We understand that modern employers want to see a winning formula of academic prowess and achievement, as well as demonstrable industry experience. We also understand that students and recent graduates sometimes find it difficult to attain the experience required to step up from education into employment.

This is why we aim to bridge that gap. We aim to connect students with the opportunities they need to develop and to make real progress. We will match you with one of our carefully selected Australian internships, giving you a real opportunity to build practical experience in your chosen field.

This is why Premium Graduate is your next logical step on your path to career fulfilment and success.

We provide something a little different to the other internship agencies which exist in the market. We provide work integrated learning programs; programs which focus on real development and the nurturing of industry understanding. The Australian internship services we provide are specialised, ensuring that you not only gain the relevant experience in your industry, but also develop the key sets of skills and capabilities that set you apart from other candidates. The graduate job market can be a competitive one; we aim to provide you with what you need to navigate it with ease.

For internships in fields as wide-ranging as marketing, engineering, accounting, information technology and human resources, Premium Graduate is the right choice.

Practical Development, Real Achievement

The internships that Premium Graduate provide to our clients are of the utmost quality, and are specifically chosen to enable students and graduates just like you to acquire skills and experience which you can apply directly to your first role in the workplace. You will receive on the job training - not simply learning industry concepts and best practices from a textbook, but witnessing their application first hand, and truly getting to grips with the latest industry philosophy.

You will receive mentoring and coaching from industry experts and from mentors with real life experience in your chosen field.

Through this coaching, you will be able to take your first steps into a new and exciting industry.

You will gain confidence in your abilities, and be able to back this up with a proven track record of professional understanding and aptitude. This will becomes a major resource that you can draw upon as you move towards job interviews and your first industry position. You will gain a network of useful contacts which can help you expand and develop your standing in your chosen field. These may be your mentors, your managers, your workmates, your bosses, but all will help you to move forward in your professional life.

These are the sort of Australian internships we provide. We don't believe in letting skills go to waste; we help our clients build the platform they need to push on and succeed on their chosen path. Get in touch today and make Premium Graduate your next step.