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10 Quick Tips To Avoid Failure In Internship Interviews

The interview stage before an internship is always something you can look forward to, no matter how nerve-wracking it might seem in the lead up to it. It’s necessary to prepare for interviews so that you can effectively make the most of the time you have to advocate for yourself.

10 Quick Tips To Avoid Failure In Internship Interviews

Here are 10 quick tips to avoid failure in internship interviews.

1. Research the position before the Internship Interviews

This one goes without saying, that it’s expected that you know about the position before you reach the interview stage. It’s recommended to also research the company you’re looking to intern for, so that you can ensure that your values align with the vision of the company. When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, your knowledge of the company and the position can help you ask an in-depth and informed question. Interviewers are always impressed by thoughtful insight!

2. Get your portfolio in order

A professional portfolio is a collection of your work to demonstrate the variety of your skills and how you apply your knowledge. Portfolios can be creative examples, such as copy you’ve written for social media if you’re looking to start your marketing career or a portfolio of blueprint designs you’ve come up with when studying architecture or civil engineering. If you have no prior work experience in your chosen field, then never fear – you can always use examples of projects you’ve worked on in a course or work you’ve done in your own time.


3. Practise potential responses to internship interviews questions

Preparing for interviews is easier than it ever has been with the internet right at our fingertips. You can get an idea about expected interview questions that are common in your industry of choice and tailor your answers to them to advocate for yourself.You can also watch:

4. Talk to a friend or mentor for encouragement

It’s important to be supported in our journey to career success, no matter what stage of your professional life you’re in. Talk to a friend, a member of your family, a peer, or a mentor about your goals and how you’re planning to achieve them. As people, we all have our blind spots or we might be selling ourselves short, but the help of trusted people can really shine the light to show us how capable we are!


5. Stay up to date on industry trends

Countless innovation is taking place across industries at any given moment. To make yourself a standout candidate, research what’s happening that’s currently exciting in your sector of choice. If it’s a new marvel of civil engineering that’s in the process of being constructed, or if it’s an effective marketing campaign that just got released, then bringing it up at an internship interview shows that you are an astute and passionate person in the pursuit of your career.

Doing Accounting Internship in Australia

6. Find out your why to experience maximum professional fulfilment

If you’re looking for ways to increase your self-efficacy in the early stages of your career, you might find that a mindset oriented toward establishing purpose can be the motivation you need to make the most of your experience. This very idea is what author Simon Sinek calls “finding your why” as a way to implement this thinking in practical ways. Asking yourself “why” is a clarifier and puts everything in perspective when pursuing your purpose.

7. Smile and positivity will radiate

Have you ever felt the instant calm that comes from seeing someone smiling, even for a brief second? It might as well be contagious positivity. Smiling puts you and the people around you at ease. Interviews are stressful situations, but seeing a genuine smile has the power to make someone’s day.

8. Dress to impress

A well fitted outfit for your interview is a must to leave a good impression. Styling yourself appropriately is key. If you’re working in a creative industry, express your talent through your clothes, or keep it smart and formal. Think about it: would you hire someone who showed up to an interview dressed in too casual clothing? It’s important to respect your time and take yourself seriously as a professional by dressing the part.Find some tips on how to dress properly for your interview in the following videos:For Male

For Female

9.  Fake it ‘till you make it

With all of these nine previous tips in mind, let’s not forget one of the most important ones: confidence! Having a healthy sense of confidence can radiate positive vibes in an interview. You’re not only putting yourself at ease, but also the interviewers!

10.  Above all, be kind to yourself

Sometimes, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to succeed, and this is no different with internship interviews. If you don’t know the answer to a question in your interview, it’s not the end of the world. You’re not expected to know everything, and demonstrating your willingness to learn is crucial. There is always something to learn from any situation, and this attitude is so valuable to bring to an internship.Much like a job interview, internship interviews are a part of entering into the workforce. Internship interviews are easier to succeed than they appear, and with these 10 tips in mind, you can avoid failure and set yourself up for success.

If you’re looking for more personalised internship interview coaching or want to peruse internship vacancies near you, then have a browse on the Premium Graduate Placements home page to learn more. Best of luck for the internship interview!