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3 Reasons Why Marketing Internships are Your Best Introduction to The Industry

Have you always wanted to work in a field where you can flex your creative skills?

Do you take pride in assisting people to communicate more effectively?

Are you passionate about digital or print media?

Then it looks like you’re on your way to a career in the marketing industry.

With the prevalence of marketing in our everyday lives across print and digital mediums and social platforms, it is an exciting field to pursue for up and coming professionals.

Current students studying a marketing degree might not realise how much the industry itself places emphasis on the practical skills involved in delivering a high standard for clients, but one way you can work on your craft is by pursuing a marketing internship during your degree. Internships in marketing make you job-ready and in the know about cutting edge ideas in the field. To add to this, marketing interns learn how to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve learned during your degree in the real world, with the guidance of a supervisor to give you insider tips that will benefit your marketing career in the long run.

Want to know more about how to get into the field of marketing and be the type of candidate who can make a difference? Let’s go over three reasons why marketing internships are your best introduction to an industry that’s cutting edge and creative.

Marketing Internship

1. You can build a portfolio of sample pieces you’ve worked on

Marketing can come in many different forms, to suit a variety of purposes. Copywriters focus on creating written material that can effectively position the consumer to feel included, whereas visual marketing often takes shape in the graphic design and media space. When your internship is finished and you’re ready to apply for jobs, you will already have a portfolio of your creative work ready to present yourself as a star candidate. A portfolio is a highly advantageous addition to your professional skillset and should be updated on a continual basis, even after your internship.

2. You can work with a variety of exciting clientele

Think of all of the high quality advertising campaigns you’ve seen across digital and social media platforms. So many content creators and businesses can benefit from having an effective marketing campaign behind their products. Your day to day responsibilities and tasks during your marketing internship can be as diverse and exciting as the clients you’ll come across. What could be better than finishing your marketing internship with a portfolio of example projects and all the industry contacts from your role.

Marketing Internship in Australia

3. You can build up your skills in business strategy and communication

In marketing, it’s important to balance a detail-oriented outlook with big picture thinking in order to make the most impact. It’s a highly collaborative field, with the services that marketers like you can provide to clients is essentially, doing business with them to ensure their growth through certain platforms and media. A marketing internship will not only get you flexing your creative juices, it will increase your business brain. Analytics is a major part of the marketing field, and the ability to not only interpret but build upon the data will make the difference between a successful and memorable marketing strategy and one that doesn’t cover all aspects of a campaign.Watch this if you want to know more about How to Prepare for a Marketing

Marketing is a rewarding career for all the creatives and big picture thinkers, who want to explore their curiosity and be in a role that suits their collaborative outlook.

The world of advertising and effective messaging requires people who can communicate with brands to create exciting and targeted content. This in demand industry is evolving every single day, and your professional life as a marketing professional will always keep you in the know regarding the most current products, businesses, events, and other exciting ventures. You can help businesses communicate their message to the best of your ability to do so, and empower people to reach their intended audience. If your passion is in communication and creativity, then this is the field for you, and internships in marketing can help you build your skills along the way.

A career in marketing can offer you many benefits, including work/life balance, the ability to be both creative and strategic across digital and print mediums, and a working culture that is collaborative and exciting.Marketing can open so many doors for you, but every superstar marketing professional needs to start somewhere. If you are interested in perusing the current availabilities for marketing internships so that you can get your best introduction to the industry, check out the vacancies page to see what Premium Graduate Placements has for you.