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Do Marketing Internships Increase Employability?

In today’s competitive job market, standing out can be a challenge, especially for graduates seeking to make a mark in the marketing sector.

This is where Premium Graduate Placements steps in, striving to bridge the gap between education and employment.

But the question arises - do marketing internships truly increase employability?

Let’s find out.

Learn more about marketing internships with Premium Graduate Placements.

Practical Development, Real Achievement

The world of marketing is ever changing, and to keep pace, practical experience is critical on top of having an educational background. Premium Graduate Placements is committed to providing students and graduates with the practical development necessary for real achievement in the marketing industry.

By engaging in real-world learning and receiving mentoring from industry experts, interns can acquire skills and witness their application first hand, setting them apart in the job market.

Unlocking Potential Through Personalised Approach

We specialise in a personalised approach, tailoring their accredited internship program to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of each candidate. This ensures that interns not only gain relevant industry experience but also develop key skills and capabilities that enhance their employability.

Increased Access to Opportunities

With access to over 6,200 host companies, joining Premium Graduate Placements offers exclusive entry into hidden market opportunities. This vast network broadens the horizon for interns, providing them with the platform to showcase their skills and increasing their chances of securing paid employment post-internship.

Improving Career Prospects in a Competitive Market

The Australian graduate job market is notably competitive. Our placement program focuses on real development and nurturing of industry understanding, aiming to navigate graduates through this market with ease and improve their career prospects. Their dedication reflects in the staggering 72% of interns who are offered paid employment post their 12-week internship.

Resume Building and Interview Preparation

Beyond the internship, we assist in resume amendments, tailored interview preparations, and provides mock interview training sessions. This comprehensive approach ensures that candidates are well-equipped to face the challenges of job interviews and secure their desired positions in the marketing industry.

Flexible and Timely Program

Recognising the diverse needs of students, the internship program is flexible and allows joining at any time of the year. The efficient team of consultants and career advisors work diligently to secure the best placements, ensuring a smooth transition from education to employment.

Engagement with a Diverse Audience

In a field like marketing, engaging with a diverse audience is vital. Learning how to build a professional social media account, understanding the audience, and making the most of the algorithm are essential skills developed during the internship. These skills are invaluable in the digital age and significantly contribute to increasing employability.

Elevating Career Paths with Marketing Internships

Marketing internships undeniably play a pivotal role in enhancing employability. The blend of practical development, personalised approach, access to a wide network, and additional support in resume building and interview preparation all contribute to shaping well-rounded marketing professionals ready to make their mark in the industry.

For those aspiring to step into the competitive world of marketing, securing an internship with Premium Graduate Placements could be the next logical step towards career fulfilment and success.

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