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5 Life Lessons on Acing Your IT Internships in Australia

In times of need, we’ve all wished we could receive advice from people who are wiser and more experienced than us. For many, receiving professional advice on what to do before you begin your career can make your transition into the workforce much smoother. People in the booming IT industry can benefit from the perspective of people who were once beginners themselves.

One way to get advice is through undertaking an internship program before starting full-time work. The best kind of wisdom is the kind of meaningful knowledge that you can adapt to any aspect of your life. Here are 5 life lessons on acing your IT internships, based on what previous interns wished they knew before.

IT Internship Australia

1. Learning curves require patience

For people new to the IT industry, the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired so far might have only come from studying in your degree. Not only is that ok – it’s expected! People often forget that there is nothing wrong with being a beginner and still having a lot to learn. In an IT internship, your learning experience will be tailored by your supervisor to suit your needs and goals. If there’s something you would like to improve on and want to highlight your strengths, internships can give you the kind of supportive environment that gets the best out of you.

2. Confidence is key

It’s normal to feel nervous before starting an IT internship, but it shouldn’t be the kind of nerves that actively get in the way of your ability to learn efficiently. Experiencing success at such an early time in your professional life is part of what makes an internship placement so beneficial to early-career people. With IT, transitioning from working independently in a degree to working within a team seem daunting. If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or lacking confidence throughout your internship, there’s no harm in talking to your supervisor about it and getting a much needed pep talk.

3. Networking is a skill

Have you ever wondered how people get their foot in the door to the IT industry so easily? It’s all about creating a vast and reliable network of professionals who you can envision yourself working amongst. Internship programs are great opportunities to practise these skills. Collaboration and communication are all exciting components of networking.

4. Always make the effort to update your skills and portfolio and CV

Even if you’re not actively working in the IT field right now, keeping your portfolio and CV fresh is important to match the trends in the field. The IT industry is cutting edge and full of new and exciting opportunities that might be just for you. The good news is that internships are the best time to collate examples of work you’ve done or projects you’ve been part of. Haven’t got any work experience to show and looking to ace your internship interview? Use some work from your degree to show what you’ve learned so far. There is never a better time to update your portfolio and CV than now, so that you’re in line for the best opportunities to come.

5. Take each day as it comes, but have goals too

Perspective is something that can only be gained from experience. Internships are not only all about learning how to learn, but they are also a time to learn how to set measurable and achievable goals. At the beginning and end of your internship program, write down your new goals for the short and long term, and compare them with the goals you set at the beginning of your internship. How have they changed? What did you learn about yourself over the course of your internship? This perspective helps you gain self-awareness, an important skill to take with you into your working life.

IT Internship Australia

The beginning of our career is a precious time, and this is no different for people who are at all stages of their working life in IT. The information technology sector is one that is constantly evolving to suit the growing needs of people, businesses, and development. It’s no surprise that this is the kind of industry that attracts a diverse range of aspiring professionals who are passionate about the impact that technology has.

IT Internship programs are advantageous ways to scaffold your career from zero to hero. You’ll develop patience and confidence within yourself to accept the learning curves that you’ll encounter. Over the course IT internships, you’ll learn how to network and increase your soft skills alongside your technical skills. Showcase yourself as a professional by updating your portfolio and CV with projects you’ve worked on over the course of your internship. But most importantly, during your placement, you’ll develop a goal-oriented approach to your future by planting the seeds of success today.If you’re looking to take the wisdom from these life lessons into an IT internship, Premium Graduate Placements has a wide range of opportunities available for you.