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Information Technology / IT Internships

IT Internships


Information Technology has become one of the world’s fastest growing industries and, with the rate at which innovation occurs, it’s easy to see why. This has meant that there’s always been a steady demand for roles and IT internships for software programmers, quality assurance (QA) testers and, more recently, cyber-security experts.

However, as any recent graduate will tell you, entry-level positions can be hard to come by, especially when both local and international students compete for the same jobs. In order to make your CV standout acquiring practical experience through an IT internship (that can’t be found in school) is a prudent course of action.

An IT internship is an excellent way for you to get the hands-on experience you need to kickstart your career and get ahead of the pack. Premium Graduate IT internships are highly structured learning experiences that are engineered to give students and graduates with no experience the edge they need to enter a professional field.

All of our placements are provided along a nationally accredited training course which works to give participants a chance to reflect on their progress and ultimately have a more in-depth, and therefore more worthwhile, experience.

Popular IT Internship Specialisations


Networking and Infrastructure Development IT Internships

The development of digital infrastructure to support the complex networks that both the public and private sector rely on. This covers the relationship between hardware and software resources in a network and requires IT internship applicants who also enjoy problem solving.

Programming and Software Development IT Internships

Implementation of programming languages and software design principles in order to create and maintain computer applications. This type of placement will focus primarily on writing and testing lines of code in order to achieve defined project goals.

Mobile Application Architecture IT Internships

Mobile applications have their own architectural framework that differs from traditional desktop software development. You will learn about industry and vendor-specific standards for mobile app development.

Website Design IT Internships

Websites are the primary means by which people and businesses interact online and are always being innovated on. With this kind of placement, you will learn about the principles of web design and user experience (UX).

Database Development IT Internships

Relational database systems are what enables the vast majority of managed data storage in today’s computers. Applicants can expect to become familiar with the ‘waterfall’ and ‘agile’ models of database development, their differences, and become familiar with the standard development lifecycle, as well as understand how it differs from software development.

Business Information and Intelligence Systems IT Internships

Involving the development of Business Intelligence Systems/ Decision Support Systems (DSS) that leverage data to assist with business decision making.

Multi-media Development IT Internships

The authoring of content that consists of one or multiple forms of media. This covers areas like graphic design, digital video editing, digital audio production, 3D animation and video game development.

Career Benefits of IT Internships

  • High Demand.</strongBecause computer technology is always improving, it means there’s always growth and always new demand for talent. No matter what field you decide to explore, you can always reliably find organisations that need skilled employees.
  • Good Career Prospects.At the end of IT internships, a large majority of participants are offered long term career opportunities with their host company. It is generally understood that people in this industry have great career prospects
  • Respected Work.Because of how ubiquitous computer technology is in our society, everyone knows the value of a software developer or 3D animator and understands that these professions require sincere dedication to become skilled at.
  • Excellent Growth Opportunities.Since new technologies are always emerging, and because computer systems have so many working parts, there’s always another career path for you to lean into when you want to climb the ladder or just switch things up.
  • Job Variety.If you get bored during your IT internship, you can always find another one in the same industry that is more stimulating. The variety of roles available is expansive, so if you don’t like one thing there’s always something new to try.

IT Internship Benefits

  • Chance to Network – Pursuing a vocational placement means you will get the chance to meet and network with experienced professionals in the field. This will allow you to learn tips and tricks that you won’t hear about in the classroom and get an edge in your early career.
  • Develop Your Skills – Of course, you will get to observe real projects and tasks during the placement and get to implement and improve on the skills you have learnt. Now you can actually practice the theory that you have been taught.
  • Chance for Employment – A popular benefit of participating IT internships is that there is a chance of gaining employment with the host firm after your placement is over. While this is never guaranteed, a large percentage of Premium Graduate candidates are given long term career opportunities, and this is in no small-part due to the support we provide them with throughout.
  • Boost Your Resume – Because of the large number of people applying for jobs in this industry, a vocational placement will make your resume stand out amongst a sea of other applicants with no practical experience looking for their first professional role. Employers appreciate that you made the effort to pursue an information technology internship in order to make yourself more employable.
  • Discover Your Career Path – During the course of your IT internship you will get the chance to learn about the different options this career path has for you and lean towards the ones are you most interested in. Many applicants will go into a placement with one idea of what they want to do and come back with a completely different one.
  • Develop Professional Communication Skills – Regardless of the type of placement, participants learn how to navigate a professional environment, and this helps them avoid awkward moments or misunderstandings later in their career.

Crucial Tips for Your IT Internship

  • Demonstrating Enthusiasm – You need to show sincere interest in the work throughout the course of the IT internship. Nobody will want to teach someone who seems like they don’t want to learn.
  • Volunteer for Group Work – Learning to work in teams is one of the most important aspects of IT internships since so many projects will require multiple skillsets. Showing that you are eager to work with others leaves a good impression.
  • Finding a Mentor – While it isn’t always guaranteed, many participants will meet and form a relationship with a mentor during their placement. Mentors can be invaluable in your early career and help you get over the hurdles that cause others to become disillusioned and give up.
  • Show Interest in Meetings and Planning – While you don’t want to appear insubordinate during your placement, it doesn’t hurt to respectfully give your opinion and show that you aren’t just following directions but are actively thinking about the work the company is doing.
  • Look for Feedback – During your IT internship, you should always seek feedback and demonstrate that you care about developing your skills in the eyes of experienced professionals. Never be afraid to ask questions, since most employers would find it strange if an intern didn’t ask many questions.

Why Should You Do an IT Internship with Premium Graduate?

  • High-Quality Placements – Our connections with leading organisations and strict placement guidelines mean that your IT internship will be engaging and give you valuable experience even if it does not result in a job offer.
  • Advanced Placement Support – We don’t just set you up with a company and forget about you – we connect you with trainers and assessors who prepare you for the placement as well as help you evaluate your progress and provide support throughout.
  • Nationally Recognised Program – At Premium Graduate, we are recognised as leaders in offering vocational placements to students and graduates who need an extra boost in their early career.

Is an Information Technology Internship Right For Me?

Participating in an IT internship is one of the smartest things you can do to kickstart your career and develop vital skills that are essential to be successful in the IT industry. These days, going to University isn’t enough to set you apart from thousands of other candidates with the same degree as you – you need an extra edge. While you can complete a postgraduate course or do some other kind of additional skill training (and these are no-doubt helpful), gaining practical experience via an information technology internship is one of the most effective ways to increase employability and build confidence. Host companies want to know that you can apply your theoretical knowledge in a practical business environment working across industry relevant projects There are plenty of people who are great in the classroom but end up struggling in an industry setting due to lack of commercial and practical awareness. You should never discount the value of gaining practical, on-the-job experience since you will learn your biggest lessons through the mistakes you make and the mentorship you are given. If think you could benefit from participating in an information technology internship, get in touch with us today on 1300 766 810 or contact us online.
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