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About the Information Technology Internship


Information Technology is a rapidly growing sector. As we push forward into the age of information and insight, we encounter new challenges which need new solutions; solutions which can only be provided by IT firms which are driven by expertise, vision and an innovative understanding of this exciting new digital landscape.

This is where you fit in. Your technical skills and knowledge, gained through academic study, are just what the industry needs. Without this, there can be no progress or forward motion; the input of fresh graduates and students like yourself is the driving force in this field.

But this enthusiasm and innovative spirit must be moulded; it must be honed and made sharp and keen through direct experience. This is what Premium Graduate Placements offer; work integrated learning programs that not only teach you what you need to know about the industry, but enable you to actively develop the skills you need and teach you how to apply them in a professional setting.

Our IT internships give you what you need to make the vital step from your academic career to your professional one. Read on to discover more about what makes us the right choice.

Premium Graduate Placements: Connecting the industry's next stars with the work programs they need

Graduates and students come to us for many reasons, but one of the key factors is the success of the IT internships we provide. From Darwin to Adelaide, Perth to Sydney, Canberra to Melbourne, from Christchurch to Auckland, and everywhere in between, we offer specialised internship services for students and graduates in IT. We are unmatched across Australia for connecting students and graduates with the placements they really need. Our placement success rate is almost 100%; no other internship provider comes close to this across any of our areas of operation. Almost three quarters (74%) of our graduates and students go on to receive paid employment from their host company after completing their 3 months internship placement. 85% of our graduates go on to paid employment in their chosen sector within six months of completing their Premium Graduate placement. 98% of the graduates we work with said that our work integrated learning program was instrumental in helping them find a job. These are our success stories. Now it's time to write yours.
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Our Information Technology Sector Coverage

  • Networking and infrastructure development
  • Programming and software development
  • Database development
  • Website design
  • Mobile application architecture
  • Business information and intelligence systems
  • Multi-media development

The applications of such industry knowledge and skillsets are similarly wide-ranging. Modern advances in Big Data have pushed data science to the front of the queue for businesses. Organisations need the right data structures, the right tools to manage and implement this data, and the staff members with the necessary expertise to interpret it and develop understanding.

Artificial intelligence is another area of enormous growth in the IT sector. With AI systems now at the forefront of the cyber-security industry, this branch of IT is developing rapidly, and fresh, new innovative talent is required to sustain this pace.

Augmented and virtual reality, business analytics, data modelling and visualisation; these are just a few of the exciting career paths open to young graduates. Premium Graduate Placements have the industry connections and knowledge to match you with the perfect position, setting you on your way without delay.

Contact our team today to learn more about opportunities for placements in the field of IT, across any of the disciplines mentioned above. Enrol in one of our work integrated learning placements and never look back.