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How IT Internships For Students Will Benefit Your CV

Are you enrolled in a program in IT, but your CV is looking a bit emptier than you’d like it to be? With most high-end companies looking for potential employees with demonstrated experience listed on their resume, this is often the case for current students whose professional skills are limited to what they’ve learnt in the classroom.

A way to get around this expected lack of real-world application of your knowledge as a current student is to consider applying for internships in IT. Internships in the field of IT can help you achieve the demonstrated experience you need to make your mark in the industry before you graduate, enter the workforce and get the most sought-after roles. Follow along for the run down on how IT internships for students like you will benefit your CV and get you ahead of the rest.

How IT Internships For Students Will Benefit Your CV

1. IT Internships are credible learning experiences and show an educated candidate

For most employers, people who’ve been part of an internship program are seen as diligent and conscientious workers. If you’re a current student looking for some work experience to get ahead in your career, then internships are great opportunities for you to maximise your sense of employability. Imagine having already worked in an IT role before graduating from your degree? It’s what everyone in IT who started out where you are wished for! Internships take learning by doing to a whole new level. Internships may also be part of your university program or a requirement you need to get your certification in IT, as well as options for extra credit, which are all things that you can put on a CV.

Potential employers want to hire people who have that base knowledge and skills in IT, and showing educational experience demonstrates that in a candidate.

2. You can widen your network with CV references

In any professional setting, you should make the time to build your network so that you can stay in the know about exciting opportunities in IT. Connecting with others in the industry is a great way for you to learn from your peers and mentors who are more advanced in their IT career. Networking is a crucial opportunity for people who want advice on how to advance in their IT career to make the most of. On a CV, it’s typical to include one or two references, or to have references ready when shortlisted for an interview. Another aspect of networking is the peer to peer comradery that happens. Making friends and creating memories during an IT internship will make the overall experience something that you will remember to be more than just an opportunity to get work experience!

Learn how to make excellent Resume here:

3. You can list your IT internship responsibilities on your CV

In a CV, putting the most relevant and important information on the page is going to attract the attention of potential employers looking to find the right fit in their team. If your CV has a lot of blank space, then internships for fellow students like you can fill up that space. Generally, in most CV’s, it’s common for potential employees to not only list their job role, but also a few examples of your main responsibilities and skills. For example, if your role is a UX/UI Designer in the IT industry, then client liaising is one of your responsibilities, and teamwork is one of your skills.

On the other hand, for prospective IT Technicians, more hands-on knowledge as well as customer service need to be highlighted in the CV. As internships are real work experience, you are given tasks to complete, just as any regular employee in the IT sector would have in their day-to-day working life. When applying for jobs after the completion of an internship program, your CV will be full of all of the things that your future employers are looking for, because you’ve already done them!

Learning IT


IT Internships are a wonderful and advantageous way for you to get real-life professional experience that hiring managers and businesses are looking for when they receive your CV in their email inbox. It’s often said that learning by doing is an effective way to gain skills and this is an especially crucial idea to consider when you’re on the lookout for that extra boost to get you ready and able to participate in the workforce. Remember, your CV will give employees a first impression of what you can bring to a role, so you want to make sure that it presents you in the way you deserve.

Be ready to take on the real world after a completing an IT internship. If you’re interested in boosting your CV to get your foot in the door in the IT industry, then have a browse over at the current vacancies in IT internships waiting for you with Premium Graduate Placements.