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Internship Experience: Chemical / Environmental Engineering

We sat down with Cristina Benito, one of our Chemical/Environmental Engineering interns from Spain to discuss how her internship is going.

Q1. What industry are you in?

Chemical/Environmental Engineering.

Q2. What city are you interning in?  


Q3. How long was your internship?

12 weeks, and I am still in progress in 3rd week.

chemical environmental engineering intern Cristina Benito

Q4. Can you describe a typical day in your internship? (What are your duties and responsibilities?)

I am responsible to the evaluation of different applications of a new product and to undertake the required certification processes. Some of my duties involve reviewing the regulatory requirements for the certification in order to determine the required information for the application process and contacting different laboratories for testing the product.

Q5. What was the highlight of your internship?

Being part of a company and experience a real work environment.

Q6. What support/training did you receive from your supervisor and other employees in your internship?

My supervisor was always available for any question I have, and he provided me all the information required to complete different tasks.

chemical environmental engineering intern Cristina Benito

Q7. What skills were you able to develop?

During these weeks I have improved my research and organizational skills, being able to administrate a great deal of information in an efficient way. Moreover, I have developed my communication skills talking to different people over the phone.

Q8. What’s next for you?

I will continue studying my masters degree in environmental engineering in order to improving my skills and knowledge. Thank you to this internship I feel one step closer to achieve my goal of developing a professional career in Australia and I hope I can soon apply all the things I have I have learnt during these weeks in my future endeavours.