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Engineering Internships In Melbourne


Australia’s rapidly expanding infrastructure networks and private investment projects means engineering graduates are in demand across the country. However with a high influx of domestic and international graduates entering into the market, opportunities are generally competitive. The importance of Australian experience is more important than ever. Across our team of internship consultants we cover a wide range of engineering sectors including but not limited to:


Mechanical engineering Internships

Mechanical engineering internships covers a wide variety of sectors and industries with diverse learning and training offered. As part of a mechanical engineering internship you may see yourself involved across industries such as automotive, chemical, construction, electronics, consumer goods, marine, materials and metals, pharmaceuticals, rail and utilities. Apart from engineering related industries, these degrees are highly thought after in the areas of research, technical sales, technical consulting and technical publishing and science sectors. With the sector rapidly transforming in the age of digital and AI revolution, students and graduates need to be flexible and open minded with career options and their internships. With a broadened perspective and mindset you will find more meaningful and relevant internship opportunities

Electrical Engineering Internships

Electrical engineering internships offer a wide variety of opportunities across several major sectors and with new industries currently being formed, the type of opportunities have expanded accordingly. Internships are common across industries such as transportation networks, lighting, heating, ventilation, lift system, power generation and distribution, renewable energy, manufacturing and construction. The internship learning opportunities vary depending on the state you are based in and time of the year and also resourcing levels of organisations to provide training and development. Over the past 10 years there are significant advancements in the industry with robotics and AI based industries attracting talent with electrical engineering backgrounds and it is changing the landscape of the industry in Australia and abroad.

Civil and Structural Engineering Internships

Civil and structural engineering internships is one of the most popular and common areas within the profession. The industry is closely related to major construction activities and common vocational placement areas include building and structures, construction management, project and program management, geotechnical engineering, ecology, environmental planning, transportation (roads, rail, and aviation), fire protection, hydraulics, natural resources, traffic planning and water resources. With a large influx of civil and structural engineering graduates entering the Australian market, internship opportunities have been competitive throughout all major capital cities. Acquiring relevant exposure in the Australian civil engineering sector is essential to gain a competitive edge.

Chemical Engineering Internships

As a chemical engineering professional, you will see yourself through technology and designing processes for production facilities and material sectors. Chemical engineering is a relatively flexible sector with multiple industries requiring its expertise. With regards to placement options interns can be placed across plastics, pulp and paper, dyes, medicines, polymers, fertilizers, petrochemicals, food production facilities, mining, energy, environmental, sewage treatment plant and water resources management. A wide variety of organisations both public and private offer opportunities across chemical sectors with most opportunities centred in major capital cities.

Environmental Engineering Internships

Environmental engineering is an exciting and rewarding career with opportunities available throughout Australia. The industry is dynamic with opportunities spread across various industries and sectors. Environmental professionals are exposed to a wide variety of interesting and challenging projects and creates positive impacts for community and long term project outcomes. Some common internship areas include air pollution, industrial hygiene, radiation protection, hazardous waste management, toxic materials control, water supply, wastewater management, storm water management, site remediation, solid waste disposal, public health land and general management. Throughout Australia, companies across construction, consultancy, manufacturing, research facilities, water facilities are often on the lookout for young talent who are eager to learn and develop their skills through practical applications and projects

Telecommunication Engineering Internships

Telecommunications engineering internships cover a variety of industry areas, including telecommunications, IP networks, optical and radio networks, mesh networks, cloud networks, information technology, digital media, sustainable networks. Industry professionals are often seen across electrical and electronics sectors with some skillsets that are directly transferable. Across Australia internships in the field are competitive, and graduates and students are often put through a series of technical assessments for consideration. The majority of opportunities are centred within major capital cities. Although the industry is rapidly growing, evolving opportunities at the graduate level are often limited as companies demand practical skills and experience.

Mechatronics, automation and process control internships

With the evolution of engineering and automation industries throughout the world, the emergence of mechatronics engineering is apparent throughout various industries and sectors. Its coverage is wide reaching with its applications adopted throughout industry. Innovation in this space is also increasing with companies and governments investing resources to make economies more efficient and self-sufficient. During a mechatronics/automation and process control internship you may see yourself learning across robotics, automation, control systems design, troubleshooting, electronics design, mechanical design, data science, artificial intelligence, big data, instrumentation, software engineering and technical advisory. Popular industries across internship sectors include medical assistive technology, human-machine interaction research centres and labs, manufacturing companies, food and science, electronics manufacturing organisations and ground vehicle research and development.

Career benefits

  • Variety of Projects – one of the fundamental benefits of pursuing a career in engineering is the diversity of projects that are available. Engineering projects are often large in scale with multidisciplinary teams collaborating to achieve a common outcome. Working in large scale projects means a deeper level of learning with potential to develop skills and knowledge across various areas which translates to immense amount of opportunities. It is common to see graduates and students at all levels participating in projects that are transformational in nature and often creates long lasting social impact
  • Global Travel opportunities – engineers are demanded across all continents of the world with major projects constantly being developed Travel opportunities are abundant throughout the industry. As an engineer you will be given the opportunity to travel the world and create social impact on some of the world’s most transformational assignments. This exciting career combined with global travel opportunities are some of the key attractions for younger generations to study engineering and participate in quality internships.
  • Career Advancement – with a thriving engineering sector across Australia and abroad, career advancement opportunities are plentiful when you have the right level of training and practical internship experience. Many engineers are given a variety of responsibilities throughout their career with some reaching the peak of its industry at a relatively young age. Internship is the first step towards a rewarding long-term career.
  • Innovation – whether you are on an internship or a senior professional with years of engineering experience you will need to have an innovation mindset. Engineers face technical challenges daily and smart and creative problem-solving skills are the key to continuous success. Without continuous innovation our societies would be stagnant with no sustainable increase in standard of living for communities.
  • Diverse work environments – over the years the engineering profession has transformed significantly with diverse teams working across different geographies. Embracing work place diversity has been widely adopted and accepted across the industry with gender equality reaching all time heights. This is an amazing time to join the sector for young ambitious students and graduates who are looking to broaden their skills and mindsets. Internships is a great place to start your career
  • Cross industry opportunities – throughout an engineering career many trained engineers many who have completed internships at some stage move on to other sectors by utilizing skills acquired through engineering projects. Engineers are present at banks, investment funds, non-for profit sectors, finance, trading, entrepreneurship, general management, management consulting, strategy advisory, private equity, public administration and defence industries.
  • Sustainability – with industries constantly evolving, some traditional industries are being retired new industries are formed. Engineers are trained to be flexible and highly analytical. An analytical mindset would see engineers thrive in the new economy. Adaptability will be the key to sustainable success over the next 50 years. Australia’s booming technology sectors would mean there would be continuous demand for quality engineers who can think outside the box and contributing positively towards new ideas.
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