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The career of engineer, by its very nature, is a practical one. Engineers deliver us the infrastructure which supports us each and every day, they use empirical knowledge and investigation to decide on the best course of action, and then they put that into practice; in fact, they sustain the very heart and soul of our communities.

This is not to say that theory and academic skill is not important. Engineering firms need the best and brightest young graduates to drive them forward, opening up their practices and expanding their horizons. However, this raw talent and academic prowess cannot be applied alone.

It is a raw material, and, like any raw material, it must be shaped and sharpened. This can only come from real, hands on experience in the field of engineering. For this, you need an engineering internship.

Why Premium Graduate Placements is the Right Choice for You

Our internships in engineering and other industries are not what you might expect. Instead, they are carefully, methodically designed work integrated learning programs, providing real life transferable skills in abundance. This means receiving expert on the job tuition and coaching from people who have worked in the engineering industry for many years. This means receiving close mentoring on a personal basis; something which will help you to build the confidence and self-belief needed to carry you forward into work. This means building up a network of contacts who can help and advise you as you take your first steps of a burgeoning career. This means advancing into a specialised engineering internship, in which you will put everything you have learned into practice, and pick up even more skills on the way. This is the difference that Premium Graduate Placements Provide. Prepare to begin the next phase of your engineering journey.

Areas Served by Premium Graduate Placements

Quite simply, Australia need engineers. Engineering projects are what keep our countries stable, progressive and ready to meet the challenges which come our way. Wherever this need is felt; this is where Premium Graduate Placements can be found. So, if you need mechanical engineering internships in the Sydney area, or if you feel you would be better served by a civil engineering internship in Melbourne or Victoria, we can connect you with this. Wherever, in Australia, there is a need for young, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and innovative graduates and students - and wherever those graduates and students are actively seeking the sort of developmental programs and placements that will take their careers to the next step - this is where we operate. Hands on experience in a myriad of different engineering disciplines is within reach as you put your academic expertise to work in your first professional role. For undergraduates, the internships we provide represent a major stepping stone, and a point of connection between high academic performance and a burgeoning career. To discover more about the opportunities available to you as part of our graduate and undergraduate engineering internship programs, get in touch with the team today. Your career begins right here.
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