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Tips And Tricks For Pre-Interview Anxiety

Getting to the interview stage of an internship or job is always an achievement. It means that a potential employer or supervisor has seen your CV, and decided that you could be a potential fit within their workplace. The important thing to remember is that in situations where we want to impress or put ourselves in a position to secure our future, it’s normal to feel a bit stressed out and nervous. Interviews for internships and jobs may seem like high-stakes events, especially if you’re new to your chosen industry, but having too much stress and anxiety can actually be counterproductive.

As a result, it’s helpful to have a few tips and tricks on hand so that you can reassure yourself that you are worthy of professional success, no matter what level of your career you’re at.

Here are our best tips and tricks to help you tackle pre-interview anxiety and come out of the interview feeling proud of yourself.

1. Research about the role

If you’re new to your industry of choice or interviewing in general, then it’s best to find out about the role in more detail before you start to prepare your interview answers. Having a list of the day to day responsibilities and expectations can give you more perspective and insight. Imagine going to an interview and not knowing about the role – it sounds absurd, right? The reality is many people don’t prepare effectively or are bothered to find this out themselves. While researching, you might come across something related to the role or industry that piques your interest that you’d like to know more about, and coming into an interview with a question that shows your enthusiasm puts you in a really good position in their eyes.

2. Find out more about the company

After doing some research about the role that you’ve applied for, it’s best to have a look at the company itself on their website. Their website should give you a clear overview about their values and their purpose. It’s important that they align with your personal goals. Essentially, you’re browsing to see if you can see yourself working there and fitting in with the company culture!

3. Prepare your answers

Practise makes perfect, and it’s no different in the lead up to an interview. There are many questions that are asked during an interview that are almost universal to any role and are more about yourself as a professional. Questions like “tell me about yourself” require an answer that is well thought out, and while it may be tempting to answer with the details of your life, that’s not what they’re looking for. An interviewer will be looking for a succinct answer that demonstrates a clear indication of who you are as a person in relation to your career goals and trajectory. Talking about some of your shared values that are relevant to the role can also be advantageous. You don’t want to come across as too robotic though – customise your answers to particular experiences you’ve had or things you’ve learned in your degree. If you’ve had an internship opportunity, then this is the perfect time to flex.


4. Practise self-soothing techniques to ease anxiety in the moment

It’s important to remember that interview situations can be stressful, but having some strategies in place to help you along the way can alleviate some feelings of anxiety. If your anxiety often gets the best of you, even if you’re someone who has a way with words, then calming self-affirmations can help. Another great method of de-stressing is doing power stances, where you briefly make yourself appear more powerful by doing poses. This can not only improve posture and increase confidence; it can also promote better circulation. There are so many benefits to doing power stances that even the most confident and self-assured person can take something positive from them! The best strategies are ones you can use at any moment, and ones that are personally beneficial to you.

You can ace your interview even if you’re feeling anxious. It can be helpful to remember that the people who are interviewing you are regular people as well – they all started in the same position as you, and had to go through interviews to get to where they are on their career journey. Most interviewers know that they are stressful situations and they try their best to make the process go smoothly for everyone involved. They might even get pre-interviewer anxiety too, but the ability to remain calm will put everyone at ease.If you’re interested in a tailored approach with more tips and tricks for interview preparation, then consider Premium Graduate Placements’ interview coaching to help you present your best self in a professional environment. Best of luck for the interview, and remember that putting yourself out there in the working world deserves to be rewarded!