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Electrical Engineering Internships

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering projects represent one of the cornerstones of modern society. Without this engineering discipline their can be no social infrastructure, none of the communities which we call home, no education, healthcare, or anything else.

So, how can we secure the success of these projects for today, tomorrow, and way beyond? By making sure that the right candidates are connected with the right opportunities, that’s how. There are thousands of electrical engineering students and graduates in Australia and New Zealand, and we aim to help all of them find the electrical engineering internship they need to develop their skills further.

Employers need graduates who have real, hands on experience in the field; experience which can be applied directly to the challenges and quandaries that occur every day in the industry. Graduates need to find a way to acquire that experience, and to mould their academic gifts and achievements into real world aptitude.

Premium Graduates Placements exists at the interface between these two requirements. We serve as a stepping stone from academic education to work integrated education. Our internships in electrical engineering are the key you need to unlock your future.

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Where Does Premium Graduate Placements Serve?

Wherever there is a need for high quality inductees in the electrical engineering industry, we aim to provide candidates, linking graduates and students to the opportunities they need. This means, whether you need an electrical engineering internship in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or anywhere else in Australia, we have the resources and connections required to help you out. Get in touch with the team to find out about opportunities for growth and development in your area.

What Should I Expect from a Premium Graduate Placement?

At Premium Graduates we work a little differently to other providers of specialised internships. The internships we provide for electrical engineering students are work integrated learning programs designed to transform existing academic knowledge into highly effective vocational skills. We achieve this by only connecting you with placements which meet the following criteria; You will receive close mentoring and coaching from experienced industry professionals, who will help you to hone your abilities in a real working environment. You will develop the confidence needed to perform in the field; confidence which you can carry forward into future job interviews, placements, and into your unfolding engineering career. You will learn the latest concepts and best practices from the industry, and develop a keen understanding of how to put these into practice. Around 98% of our graduates describe the placements that we connect them with as instrumental in helping them take positive steps into an electrical engineering career. Secure your internship without delay; talk to a member of our team today and make real progress on your development journey.
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