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Electrical Engineering Internships

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Engineering Internships

Electrical Engineering Internships


Premium Graduates’ internship placements in electrical engineering provides you with the opportunity to develop a practical appreciation for and further understanding of the structures that operate and connect individuals in the world. Working alongside experts, an electrical engineering internship will provide candidates with the opportunity to tackle hands-on tasks needed to succeed in the industry. Depending on the field of electrical engineering, you may see yourself collaborating with the sales team in delivering training sessions, working with compliance in documentation and scope, working in R&D (research and development), designing and performing simulations, managing client project deliverables, or installation and maintenance. Be industry-ready as you build confidence and solid understanding of basic electrical engineering practices and techniques to an Australian standard.

Electrical Engineering Internships

Specialisations in Electrical Engineering


An internship in the Power field will expose you to a range of disciplinary techniques depending on your interests in generation, transmission or distribution. Working with power generators, candidates will receive hands-on tasks in the design of grid components and supplementary devices needed for supply and power. A challenging yet vibrant discipline, the ever-increasing demand for power within economical bounds makes for an exciting and rewarding role in the 21st century.


Automation interns combine aspects of signal and image processing to produce feedback loops, enabling computational machines to run programs without manual interference. The challenge is designing effective and efficient algorithms and infrastructure that produce desirable or predisposed outcomes for companies. Feedback is a vital component of successful operations in factory or service industries, mobilised by advanced technological innovations. Intelligent machines allow interns to continually observe adaptive systems such as autonomous vehicles, stabilisation ships and aircrafts, heat treating ovens or predictive input systems.


Renewable energy-focused internships provide students with strong competencies in complementary disciplines involving the utilisation, production and maintenance of renewable energy resources. Undertaking a renewables-focused placement with Premium Graduates allows coverage in core electrical engineering skills. This may involve stakeholder engagement, landowner and council liaison, environmentally-friendly regulation planning and project development.


There is an increasing demand for electrical engineering interns with photonics expertise. Being a field of innovation and success, the international market of employers in photonic companies reinforces the significance of large-scale technologies in the modern world. Our photonics-based internships at Premium Graduates focuses on equipping candidates with skills in critical and analytical thinking, and resilience in development of self-learning.

Systems and Control

Systems and control engineering expertise can be attained through our range of automation, aerospace, manufacturing and power industry internships. Internship experience in this field can provide exposure to advanced mathematical and computational techniques for forecasting, designing, and prototyping systems of control models. This ability is adaptable to the general field of electrical engineering as you analyse the behaviour of dynamical systems.

Energy Systems

The increasing shift towards renewable energy as a resource has brought rise in need for energy system specialists. Energy systems engineers oversee complex energy conversion and distribution systems, managing, manufacturing, processing and analysing its effects on a global and economic scale. Working with theories of fluid dynamics and thermo dynamics, an internship in this field will expose prospective engineers to a variety of power operating systems. Specialisations in Electrical Engineering

Career Benefits

Global Appeal

Stand out! Australia is a multicultural country. Developing an understanding of the electrical engineering market at a global level is seen as formative experience. The application of engineering theorems to Australian standards can help boost your appeal in the job market space. Showcasing adaptability and ability to function in ambiguous environments are key skills to succeeding in the industry.

Multidiscipline Adaptability

Cross-discipline collaboration is prominent within the electrical engineering space, with broad expertise and knowledge in the field being highly sought-after and highly valued. Prospects in the field can expect to find themselves working amongst other engineers in the automotive, construction, FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), materials and pharmaceuticals space.

A Foot in the Door

Before plunging into full-time work, an electrical engineering internship allows you to explore the career opportunities available without the pressures of a direct employee-employer relationship. The workplace is your classroom; use it to your advantage and try to absorb as much as you can.

Explore Your Interests

Immersing yourself into the workplace will allow you to compare career areas and aspects that align with your interests. Assess and build direction based around your liking, interests and strengths towards a meaningful career in electrical engineering. Maintaining your relationships built during your internship placement may assist in future for placements in future opportunities Career Benefits Electrical Engineering

Crucial Tips

Research Research Research!

Speak to professionals and learn about their experience. Working amongst like-minded people in the electrical engineering field is a good way to find out valuable information outside of the textbook. Receive up-to-date advice, build an understanding of how the industry works, the different areas you should explore, and how this can align with your interests.

Challenge Yourself

Complete real-life tasks that matter in your role as an electrical engineering intern. Immersing yourself into the internship will deepen your understanding of the discipline as you familiarise yourself with the technical skills and critical thinking that is needed.

Manage Your Time

Dedicating time, effort and commitment to an internship in the electrical engineering industry whilst juggling other priorities may be daunting; but an experience that is ultimately rewarding. A short-term investment that can help bring you a long way in your career as an electrical engineer. Over 67% of our interns are offered ongoing work in their hosting company having completed their internship, or, have received referrals to partner organisations as a result of their outstanding commitment and performance. Crucial Tips Electrical Engineering

What Premium Graduate Placements Can Offer

Premium Graduate Placements operates Australia wide, collaborating with over 3,700 host companies in all major cities. Our electrical engineering internship placements connect students to in-demand career opportunities. These internships provide access to practical applications of basic electrical engineering knowledge, required by Australian employers. Our Premium Internship Program offers a seamless pathway that allows candidates to ease themselves into the world of work. Over 90% of our candidates successfully find relevant work in their industry within 4 months of completing an internship; taking stock of the growing industry where preliminary internship experience brings desirable outcomes for future employment.
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