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A position in law has long been among the gold standards for career success. For millions of young Australians, this represents their aim; a goal which marks the culmination of years of academic and professional development.

But this combination – bringing together textbook learning at school and university with the practical learning only achievable in the industry – is a stumbling block for many. Employers in law need to see academic prowess and a solid base of strong qualifications, but they will favour candidates who they know can deliver the goods in the workplace. Law is an incredibly technical field and also a competitive one. This advantage is key for young students and graduates looking to move into this professional discipline.

So what is the answer? How can you connect with those industry-specific skills? Via a law firm internship from Premium Graduate Placements.

Which Locations Do Premium Graduate Placements Cover?

Law and legal concerns are intrinsic components of the very fabric of Australian society. This is why we are committed to providing internships for law majors across Australia. If you need a law internship in Sydney or Melbourne – two of the financial and corporate powerhouses of Australia’s business and economic landscape – or if you require a work integrated developmental placement in any other region of Australia, we can offer this to you. Speak to our team today to find out more about the specific opportunities available near you.

Specialised Law Firm Internships from Premium Graduate Placements

The practice of law in Australia is almost as diverse as the skillsets of the graduates hoping to break into this field. As such, our law firm internships in Australia provide a range of different specialities, each aimed at honing your skills and giving you a platform on which to build your career. You will have the opportunity to work in one, or several, of the following areas;
  • Developing criminal cases to be brought to court
  • Working with legal teams for corporations, in such areas as contract law and intellectual property law
  • Advising clients on legal concerns in their industry
  • Working with state prosecution or defence teams
  • Developing corporate strategies within the bounds of Australian law
  • Working with solicitor teams, assisting private clients with legal activities pertaining to property purchase, taxation, or divorce
  • Or one of many other areas of speciality for lawyers in Australia
Many graduates and students will not have selected an area of speciality yet. This is no obstacle to a fruitful and rewarding career in law. Instead, these students and graduates will have the opportunity to learn a variety of important, industry-specific skills which they will be able to draw upon as they select the next step on their career path. Speak with our knowledgeable and friendly team today to find out more about your options and to begin taking major steps into your chosen career.

Why a Premium Graduate Placements Law Internship Is the Perfect Choice

  • Almost all of the students and graduates who use our services (98%) are successful in securing the perfect internship program for their needs. None of our competitors come close to matching this; proof of the efficacy and efficiency of our internship sourcing processes
  • Around three quarters (74%) of the graduates and students who complete our placements will have achieved paid employment in their chosen field within only three months of the end their internship period. Our work integrated learning programs give you a serious advantage in the jobs market; it is up to you to use it
  • 84% of our internship alumni will achieve a paid position in their chosen industry within six months of completing their placement
  • The overwhelming majority of our graduates (98%) report that the placement they received via our services was key to their development as a professional, and was instrumental in securing the career they can be proud of.
At Premium Graduate Placements we look forward to helping you achieve the same successes in your chosen field. Get in touch today, take that all important first step, and never look back.
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