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Connecting products and services to a wider audience, harnessing the latest technological wizardry and power to outflank your competitors, using wit and guile to leverage the potential of advertising and networking; these are just a few of the myriad duties of a modern marketing professional.

Many of these duties are highly technical, and are deeply rooted into the theory and philosophy of the discipline. This is why employers need graduates who are qualified at the necessary level, and who have the right educational background and insight.

However, this is not enough. Along with academic prowess, the right candidate needs real industry experience; they need to be able to prove to prospective employers that they have the real world knowledge required to succeed and excel in marketing.

This is why marketing internships are so important to modern job seekers and to employers. For students and graduates, these programs represent a way to take a significant step forward into employment. For employers, they represent a guarantee that the candidates they work with have the necessary background and capability.

So, are you ready to take your career in marketing to the next level? Premium Graduate Placements are the ideal choice. Get in touch with the team today to begin the process.

Which Areas Do Premium Graduate Placements Serve?

Across Australia, marketing is one of the fastest growing industries. As such, there are a wide variety of positions available, but also high levels of competition for each position. In an effort to put all of our graduates and students in touch with career-boosting marketing internships, we offer placements in all major cities across the two countries. This means, if you need a marketing internship in Sydney, specialising in audience profiling and business intelligence, we can connect you with what you need. Alternatively, if you need a digital marketing internship placement in Melbourne, we have the contacts and industry knowledge to make this possible. These wide-ranging offerings are part of the Premium Graduate Placement ethos. Wherever you are, whatever you need, the next step on your career ladder is right here with us.

What Makes Premium Graduate Placements Different

We consider ourselves to be a little left of centre, and feel that we offer something a little different to the competition. We are not a graduate farm, clumsily posting students and graduates off to any old placement; instead, we provide a carefully considered, specialist service. This is why we seek to get to know you; we need to understand you and your business motivations. It is only by applying this kind of understanding that we can match you with the kinds of companies and the kinds of mentors who can help you fulfill your potential. We take the satisfaction of our graduates and our corporate clients very seriously. We will only put you in touch with the organisation and the mentor who we feel can truly benefit you on your journey towards your career objectives. Likewise, we only provide Australian businesses with the interns that we know have the skill, the knowledge, and the raw enthusiasm, to excel in a role. It is by adopting this responsible attitude to all of our students and graduate clients, as well as our esteemed and prestigious internship providers, that we can do what we do; helping to secure personal development rewards as well as safeguarding the future of Australian marketing.

Why Premium Graduate Placements are Your Perfect Choice for a Marketing Internship

You've heard about our ethos, and about our commitment to the right placement for the right candidate, but what about the numbers? How effective is the service that we provide here at Premium Graduate Placements, and why should you count on one of our work integrated learning programs? Here's why... We achieve an almost 100% success rate when it comes to matching up the right candidate with the right marketing internship. No one else in the field can come to close to this. Almost three quarters (74%) of our graduates gain some sort of paid marketing employment within three months of program completion from their host company, demonstrating just how effective our programs truly are. 85% of our graduates go on to make the leap into employment within six months of finishing up their Premium Graduate Placement. 98% of our graduates praised the placement they received, describing how it made a real difference in their job search. These are our success stories; yours could be next. Get in touch with our team to start the ball rolling on your marketing career.

What to Expect from a Premium Graduate Marketing Placement

You will receive up to the minute, on the job training with some of the best in the business, giving you the practical knowledge and skills required to make the next step on your marketing journey. You will discover how to apply your academic knowledge in real life marketing scenarios, learning how to truly leverage what you have learned and to make a real difference. You will benefit from close mentoring, coaching and tuition with people who really know what it takes to get ahead in the industry, as well as building the sorts of contacts and networking opportunies that you need at this early stage in your career. You will gain confidence and a justified sense of accomplishment; positive feelings which you can carry forward into future job interviews and placements. This is the sort of advantage you can expect.
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Our Marketing Sector Coverage

Below are a few of the fields which we can cover as part of our marketing internships in Australia and New Zealand. Whether you select one area of specialisation, or if you prefer a combined approach is up to you; bespoke internship solutions is what we provide.

  • Digital and Online Marketing
  • Social Media
  • International Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Market Research
  • Direct Marketing

Speak to the team to find out more about what we can do for you and your career. Don’t delay; enrol into one of our professional internships today