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Marketing Internships in Adelaide

Marketing Internships in Adelaide


The art of persuasion and selling is a diverse and opportune field to find yourself in – this is why we offer such an eclectic range of digital marketing internships. The one thing that remains the same though is the requirement to help companies reach a wider audience and in turn, make more profits. Almost every business in the world needs a little expertise, and the ones who succeed are often the ones who do it best. A marketing internship in Adelaide is your window into the wide world of marketing.

Whether you enjoy market research, analysing data, creating direct promotional campaigns or plying your skills across the various mobile platforms – in short, there are many opportunities out there for tenacious and motivated graduates. The industry landscape is changing every day, which is why creative professionals are always in high demand.

Premium Graduate Placements offers a range of marketing internships in Adelaide. All designed to give you some valuable exposure to the industry before you finish your studies. Here’s all you need to know about kickstarting your career.

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The Career Benefits of Digital Marketing Internships

A marketing internship in Adelaide is full of exciting opportunities, and there are also considerable benefits you can gain for your career. It’s a career that could take you anywhere in the world, so any opportunity you’ll find here gives you valuable exposure, new skills, and new connections to start your career off the right way. Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive from a marketing internship in Adelaide.

Hands-On Experience: If you want to put your knowledge and theory to the test, an advertising internship gives you that opportunity. Work alongside specialist teams on real-world projects and gain valuable insight into how successful campaigns are planned and delivered.

Be Inspired: During your time, you’ll get a chance to meet people who have succeeded in the industry already. It’s a great way to gain inspiration and motivation, and these people may even help guide you through your early career in unexpected ways.

Graduate Positions: If you perform well during your digital marketing internship, you may even be offered a graduate position. If you’re placed with a firm that has a graduate program, you’ll have an advantage when those positions come up.

Boost Your Resume: Don’t despair if you don’t get offered a graduate position straight away. Simply completing the program looks great on your resume and shows potential employers that you’re serious about your career.

Find Your Specialty: If you haven’t chosen an area of specialty yet, marketing internships in Adelaide give you a great opportunity to explore and find out what job might suit you best.

Popular Types of Marketing Internships in Adelaide

There are many different facets to explore, from social media marketing internships to advertising internships. All roles require different skill sets, but that’s not to say you can’t learn all of them. If you’d like to focus on one particular area, here are some of the popular opportunities offered at Premium Graduate Placements.

Market Research

Market research is all about collecting data, analysing it, and interpreting it in a way that your clients can understand. Essentially, companies hire market research professionals to help find out more about their target audience. How they consume information, their buying preferences, location demographics and so on. The use of data to inform tailored strategies is becoming more prevalent, which is why market research professionals are always in demand.

Direct Promotions

The art of direct technique and traditional approaches have been around for decades, but in the modern world it looks a lot different. There are so many ways for companies to reach their audience now, and that’s why professionals are so sought-after. A direct digital marketing internship gives you the skills to identify opportunities and formulate stringent plans that connect audiences with businesses.

SM & New Media

Social media marketing internships are incredibly exciting, because it seems like the landscape changes every day. You’ll learn about platform channels, audience personas, targeting, and find inventive ways to reach an audience like never before.

Why Choose Premium Graduate Placements?

We work with respected companies to provide unique and exciting marketing internships in Adelaide. Most importantly, though, our opportunities are tailored to suit your needs. We learn your career aspirations and areas of interest to deliver a highly personalised working opportunity that delivers maximum benefit.

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