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Marketing Internships in Hobart

Marketing Internships in Hobart


The art of persuasion and messaging can be utilised by almost every business around the world which is why marketing internships in Hobart are among our most popular. Whether it’s a full-blown multi-layered campaign or simply managing and posting through a social account, creative messaging and promotional campaigning is the way that all businesses attempt to attract a wider audience. A career in this field opens up endless opportunities, and a great place to start your new chapter is with a marketing internship in Hobart.

A digital marketing internship is designed to give you exposure and practical experience while you complete your studies. You’ll be given the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals in your chosen field and get a feel for how the industry operates in the real world. It’s more than just work experience though. You’ll make a valuable contribution through hands-on participation, working on exciting projects, and learning what makes a solid campaign work.

As it is such a diverse world, you have diverse opportunities to explore it – for instance, you could consider a social media marketing internship, digital marketing internship, or even a content marketing internship. Premium Graduate Placements offers a wide variety of programs to suit all speciality areas.


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The Career Benefits of A Marketing Internship In Hobart

Many people think placements are just a longer form of work experience, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. During lesser forms of work experience, you get to see how things work but you don’t always get to contribute much. An advertising internship is much different, because you become a member of the team and work on a range of different projects. Plus, it can really help to boost your career before it even starts.

Real-World Experience: If you haven’t had a lot of practical experience because you’ve been studying, a relevant placement can give you some real-world exposure to techniques, projects, and campaigns you may not otherwise be privy to.

Networking Opportunities: Throughout your marketing internship in Hobart, you’ll meet experienced professionals and have a chance to impress them. This can make the world of difference during your career when you’re looking for opportunities.

Graduate Positions: Some employers run graduate programs with their digital marketing internships, and to fill positions in the program they offer jobs to successful participants. Perform well, and you could have a job lined up straight out of uni.

Enhance Your Resume: When it’s time to apply for jobs, you’ll be glad you’ve added valuable experience that your cohort won’t have the pleasure of having. Even with very little practical experience on your resume, employers will appreciate the fact that you’ve done some hands-on work and shown commitment to learning your craft.

Find your specialty: You might not know exactly what sector of the industry you want to work in. That’s ok! A marketing internship in Hobart can give you exposure to several facets of the industry that you may not have considered previously.

Popular Types of Marketing Internships in Hobart

Market Research

Many companies enlist the skills of a market research professional to help them connect better with an audience. Market research isn’t just about calling people anymore. It’s about understanding market trends, customer demographics, buyer behaviours and much more. Analysing and interpreting data is just as important as collecting it, which is why market researchers are so valuable.

Direct Promotions

When you work in direct promotions and traditional agencies, the sky is the limit! Companies need to reach a wider audience to generate more income, and that’s why they hire professionals that still hold the tried-and-true methods of yesteryear – they still work after all. It’s all about finding the best ways to reach customers and putting their products and services in front of them.

SM & Viral Market Strategies

With people spending more time than ever on their phones and connected platforms, it makes sense that marketers are targeting this space, and why social media marketing internships are so popular. During a social media marketing internship, you’ll have the chance to learn more about different channels, their advertising opportunities and how to create campaigns that really connect with a target audience.

Why Choose Premium Graduate Placements?

Premium Graduate Placements is committed to giving students real opportunities to make a difference and set up their careers. We work closely with you to understand what you want to get out of a placement. We also want to know your areas of interest and career goals. That’s how we develop intuitive programs that align with your individual aspirations.

Best of all, we work with some of the most dynamic agencies in the city and offer quality marketing internships in Hobart, ensuring that you’ll always have something interesting to work on and be able to develop real experience along the way. Our host employers love having interns on board, and they also ensure you feel welcome, valued and get the maximum benefit from your time with them.

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