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Marketing Internships on the Gold Coast

Marketing Internships on the Gold Coast


Graduates who undertake digital marketing internships recognise the sense of artistry that comes with helping businesses put their products and services in front of potential customers. Unpacking it further, we realise there is so much more beneath the surface; market research, data analysis, interpreting trends, understanding customer behaviour – and that’s all before you even start planning any ironclad campaigns.

Overall, it’s a qualification and range of skills that can take you anywhere in the world, because after all, businesses need to express themselves and marketing internships on the Gold Coast nurtures the skillsets required to do so. Businesses rely on creative and pragmatic expertise for attracting new customers, reaching a wider audience and formulating comprehensive awareness and promotion strategies. If you’re already studying this field, you’ll know how diverse it is.

Premium Graduate Placements offer exclusive advertising internships that cover all relevant areas of expertise. These include all-rounder digital marketing internships and more niche and burgeoning social media marketing internships. If you’ve got a passion for crafting messages, outside-the-box thinking, and divergent executions – we’ll guide you toward the valuable experience you’ll need to succeed.


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The Career Benefits of Marketing Internships

Marketing internships on the Gold Coast are all about gaining exposure and experience in a hands-on, practical setting. Not only does this help you gain a better context of your studies, but it can also open up a lot of doors for your future career either through the experience or subsequent contacts you gain. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll get from participating in one of our placements:

Practical Experience: While studying, you probably haven’t had a chance to gain a lot of hands-on experience. Our digital marketing internships give you that opportunity. You’ll contribute to projects in a meaningful way and gain insight into how application of theory can lead to wildly different results.

Meet Experienced Professionals: While completing your placement, you’ll meet a lot of interesting and knowledgable people. It could be your supervising manager, a creative colleague, or even a fellow graduate. These people can inspire you and give you guidance about starting your exciting new career.

Graduate Positions: If your host employer runs a graduate program, you might even find yourself being offered a position that you can take up when you finish university. Not every employer does this, but it’s a good incentive to perform well. It’s not unheard of for excellent participants in advertising internships to have a position created for them.

Boosting Your CV: Applying for jobs can be cumbersome and difficult for the best of us. That’s not even taking into account a lot of competition that’s out there already. That’s why it can be hugely beneficial to have a completed placement on your resume. It shows employers you’re keen, and also gives you an advantage over other applicants.

Discovering Specialty: As we’ve established, this industry is an extremely diverse one, so if you haven’t chosen an area of speciality yet, a marketing internship on the Gold Coast is a great opportunity to explore different disciplines. See how they work in the real world, and decide whether you enjoy one role more than others.

Popular Facets of Marketing Internships in The Gold Coast

Specialisation and nuance are major components in any industry – oftentimes people develop certain skillsets more than others which inevitably leads them to specialise in one corner of an industry. This is why we offer more specialised content marketing internships along with overarching advertising internships – it ultimately comes down to what you find engaging and inspiring. Some particular avenues you can pursue include:

Market Research

Market research is about asking the right questions to gain valuable insights for a client. Businesses rely on market research to better understand their target audience, or even identify a target audience for their products and services. You will also gain skills in analysing and interpreting data, with a view to helping businesses formulate an effective strategy.

Direct Promotion

Direct promotion is all about putting products and services in front of potential customers. It can take many forms, from print media, digitised promotional material, trade shows or any other method you can imagine. Direct promotion usually forms part of any good messaging strategy, so skills in this area are always sought after and fostered by the appealing companies.

Viral & SM Marketing

The business landscape has changed a lot in the last decade, our social media marketing internships have only grown in recent years as this avenue of messaging has quickly taken precedent over more traditional means. From targeting audiences to managing feeds and posts, these platform-based campaigns are an exciting field that promises plenty of opportunity.

Why Choose Premium Graduate Placements?

If you want to get your career started the right way and give your studies a boost at the same time, we’d love to discuss marketing internships on the Gold Coast with you. We listen to your needs, and that’s how we tailor digital marketing internship programs to suit your career goals and areas of interest. Our host employers love having assets with them, and we work hard to provide you with a meaningful, valuable experience that kicks your career off in the best way possible.

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