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Australia has a health industry to be proud of but this does not happen by accident. This happens because of high quality health professionals working hard to achieve what we, as a nation, need; because of people like you – the young innovators and recent graduates who represent the next generation.

Of course, a career in public health requires high levels of academic understanding. It also requires real, on the job experience. This why our public health internships are so valuable to the students and graduates of this country, and to Australia’s health service. These internships help to transform academic learning into effective skills which can be deployed at work.

We provide health internships and medical internships to graduates and students across Australia, and beyond, covering New Zealand too. Across the continent, our aim is to give young graduates the experience they need through public health internships, while also ensuring that our health institutions – both public and private – continue to receive an influx of strong candidates for available roles.

Wherever you are in Australia – and whichever area of medicine, health service provisions, or other health discipline – our work integrated learning placements provide a real advantage. You will receive specialist coaching and mentoring from a professional in your field, you will build up a range of valuable contacts who can assist you as you move forwards in the field, you will learn all about the latest legal requirements and concepts in the field of healthcare provision, and you will gain high levels of confidence in your abilities, which you can carry with you as you move forwards.

Get in touch with us today; we are waiting to connect you with the internship opportunities you need for your career in health.

The Advantage We Can Provide for You and Your Career

In terms of effectiveness, we are unmatched. Almost all of the students and graduates who use our service (98%) will successfully connect with the medical internship they need to develop their skills. These placements are designed to give young graduates what they need to truly excel in an important field. 74% of the students and graduates that receive internships through Premium Graduate Placements will be working in a paid position within three months. This level of success cannot be offered by our competitors and only continues to improve. Within six months of completing their Premium Graduate Placements internship in the health industry, that figure has risen to 84%. Almost all of our clients have described the internship that we provided to them as instrumental in finding paid employment in health, and in furthering their career. This is a direct result of our focus on quality and of our commitment to providing the next generation of health professionals with the advantages that they need. This is the start of your journey. We are waiting to put you in touch with the opportunities you need to succeed, even far beyond the completion of your placement in the health industry. Enrolling in a work integrated learning placement is the right move.
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