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5 Things to Know About Civil Engineering Internships

Have you always wanted to pursue civil engineering, but never been sure how to get your start in the industry? Civil engineering is a rewarding field for people who are passionate about cities and thinking about designing how they can change over time. When it comes to gaining your introduction to the field, what better way to get the kind of experience and perspective that makes you stand out from other candidates? Internships in civil engineering are for prospective engineers who wish to increase their skills in the industry and get real world experience.So if you’re thinking about what you can do for your future career, here’s the top 5 things to know about civil engineering internships before you apply for opportunities in your area.

1. Civil Engineering Internships Can Help You Network

Being amongst a group of peers in a professional setting is important to feel like you are capable of success at work. Civil engineers often work in very collaborative situations, from managing a team of other engineers to directly working with others to design infrastructure for the built environment. You may find yourself working with architects, labourers, or liaising with the government to create the future for the general public to benefit from. All in all, civil engineering is about creating harmony for the people, so you can be sure that an internship placement could put you in this situation.

2. You Can Get Experience In A Variety Of Professional Contexts

Civil engineering is an extremely practical field, but getting the kind of real world experience you’ll need in the future can be limited in the classroom. Why not take the chance to increase your skills and knowledge on the job during an internship period, where you will be supported and scaffolded throughout the way? One day you could be overseeing your internship supervisor assisting an architect to draw up structurally sound designs, and the next you could be taking notes in a project management meeting.

3. Internship Experience Could Lead You To Opening Many Professional Doors Toward Different Roles In Civil Engineering

We live in a world where professional experience is just as important as receiving qualifications in a particular field. The emphasis on the practical element of work may not be something you could accurately capture during a period of study – it can only be acquired through real world experience. This is why pursuing an internship can be so advantageous for you as you enter forward into your life as a civil engineer. There are many roles in civil engineering that you might not even know about yet, including construction, project management, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers. It really depends on what your passions and interests are within the field of civil engineering. Do you want to help inspire change to the built environment? Or do you want to be working within the practical sphere such as construction? Are you a people person who wants to manage a team of engineers? All of these roles and more await you.


4. Your Technical Knowledge Will Develop

What separates newcomers from professionals in any industry is their breadth of technical knowledge. For civil engineers, technical skills include knowledge in the fields of algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Working with specific programming software is also a specialised skill within civil engineering.

5. Your Confidence Will Grow

Wouldn’t you love to graduate from your civil engineering degree with the confidence that you are already capable of working by yourself in a real world situation? Unfortunately, some recent graduates don’t feel “work ready” despite having received qualifications in the field and acquired knowledge from the classroom. You could give yourself an advantage above the rest of your peers and envision yourself as a civil engineer while completing your degree, or level up your skills if you’re looking to transition in your career. It’s been proven that successful people believe that they are capable of success, and that people learn by doing. Confidence is really the key for everyone, and giving yourself the room to grow professionally does wonders for your sense of self-esteem.If you’ve always wanted to pursue civil engineering, then the sky is your limit for the rest of your career.

An internship in the field can put you above the rest of your peers and give you the opportunity to try out what you enjoy and consolidate what could be improved. There are many advantages to being an intern, not limited to but including giving you opportunities to network with other professionals in formal and informal ways. Internships are your gateway to getting experience in a variety of professional contexts, and onwards toward trying out new roles within the field. An internship experience will assist you in developing your technical and soft skills.Civil engineering can open so many doors for you. Why not take the first step and browse through the internship opportunities with Premium Graduate available near you?