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What Companies Are Looking for in their Ideal Mechanical Engineering Internship Candidate

Do you love machines, and are fascinated by the whirr and buzz of cogs turning? This fascination with the ins and outs of how things work is the hallmark of a future mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineering is a specialised field within the engineering sector, focused on building and maintaining machinery for a wide range of purposes. You’re in a lucky position as an internship candidate in securing future job opportunities, as many companies are in need of a mechanical engineer to join their team.Get the cogs turning fast on your career in mechanical engineering with our tips for what companies are looking for in their ideal internship candidate.

1. Someone who stays up to date on trends in the industry

Real passion for mechanical innovation is not something that can be faked, and companies in the field will recognise that enthusiasm in the process of hiring their internship candidates. If you’re someone who has a vivid imagination and see the limitless potential that you can bring to the world, then you might think of mechanical engineering as being the perfect profession for coming up with creative solutions to problems. Mechanical engineers are very involved in the real world, so you can be sure that what you’re heading towards will make a difference.

2. Spatial awareness and an understanding of the laws of motion

Mechanical engineers must show an aptitude toward spatial awareness and the laws of physics in order to work with machinery. Spatial awareness is the ability to situate things (such as objects and shapes) within space – that is, our surroundings. An example of spatial awareness in action is determining the distance between an object to another object in relation to each other. We use our spatial awareness skills in everyday tasks, such as driving safely on the road, and in activities such as playing a sport by throwing a ball to a player in your team. When working with mechanics, you’ll need to develop these skills further so that you can be efficient and confident in your career.

3. Handiness

If you’ve got previous experience working within the field of mechanics, then you would have an in-depth understanding about how machines operate. But even if you haven’t had work experience in the sector, then perhaps you have worked in a workshop setting before, or you really like making things with your hands. No matter your skill level or stage of your mechanical engineering career, there are always ways to increase your competency and understanding of how things work. Being handy means having the skills to create or fix things manually, be it craft projects, or if you’ve always been someone who loves machines and mechanics, then this is your career opportunity.


4. Patience

The saying “good things come to those who wait” is applicable across the board for all employees, but it’s relevancy to engineering in particular cannot be ignored. Mechanical engineers often have to work with precision on projects that require a keen eye and a specialised hand. Being a patient mechanical engineer shows that you are willing to give yourself the space you need to grow as a professional and cultivate your skills to adapt to different contexts. If you see yourself as having a steady hand that can take the time to get something properly done, and your motto is “work smarter, not harder”, then you are in a good position to be an ideal internship candidate for companies.

Mechanical engineers are always in demand as innovation sky rockets to unseen levels of productivity each year. This means that the type of machinery in current development may be life changing and indispensable for the people in the future. Many companies around the globe are looking for a valuable mechanical engineer to join their team, and you could be one of them. Knowing what a company looks for in ideal internship candidates can be of great assistance to you in ensuring that you can present yourself in the best stead as possible. While there are many positive traits that prospective interns have, some qualities stand out more than others.

These include having insight into current mechanical engineering industry trends, which demonstrates a genuine interest and passion for the field. Having a keen sense of spatial awareness and an understanding of the laws of motion will make understanding the theoretical aspect of mechanics much quicker to adapt to.Lastly, being handy and patient will assure that you can take pride in your work. It’s important to remember, however, that internships are a period of learning.

So if you’re absolutely passionate about mechanical engineering and want to see for yourself what the day-to-day life is like for a professional, then consider taking the next step toward an internship.If you are interested in learning more about mechanical engineering internships, or want to read on for our tips to get the job of your dreams then take a browse through our blogs and internship vacancies.