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How to Make the Most of Your Electrical Engineering Internship

They say that when life gives you lemons, you should seize the moment and make delicious lemonade. It’s no secret that taking this approach to life can be advantageous for your future career. For prospective electrical engineers, the spark that brings success can be ignited while you’re still completing your qualifications. An internship in electrical engineering under the supervision of mentors can give you the type of insight you can only get from seasoned professionals in the field. This insider look into electrical engineering will give you tips and tricks to get you work ready. Many people at the height of their careers would have dreamed of having this info handy when they were starting out.

After all, who wouldn’t want to get above the rest of their peers and put themselves in the best stead for success as an electrical engineer? Read on for our top tips on how to make the most of your electrical engineering internship. 


1. Think About Contextualising Your Experience and Highlighting Your Skills

While interns generally learn to consolidate their knowledge and skills, further to that, electrical engineering internships can take place across different contexts. Electrical engineering is a broad field that contains many different roles that are in demand in a variety of industries. You could be interning at a company and working within the sphere of a -scale operation, or you could spend your time at an internship placement at a larger firm. In the future, you could be working in a very specific context, and while you will need to utilise all the skills and knowledge related to electrical engineering, there are many things that only having experience can help you with. A large part of electrical engineering is about designing electrical infrastructure. You could collaborate with people within the construction and civil or mechanical engineering spheres. If the more technical aspect of electrical engineering is more your jam, then operating and maintaining all things related to electricity is something to focus on during your internship.Learn about how engineering internships help kickstart your career.

2. Keep a Journal to Track the Ups and Downs of Your Internship

Throughout the course of your internship, the value of what you will learn will go with you into your career. Much like taking notes in a uni classroom or a workshop while studying engineering, you might want to think about the ways you can review what you’ve learned during your internship to keep track of how you are going. A journal or a notebook doesn’t have to contain the most profound thoughts about electrical engineering, but it can be a place where you can jot down questions that might arise in your mind or points that you might want to save for later research. You might have devised an idea that could make your work more efficient, or you could record some sage advice that your peers and supervisors have shared with you. Maybe you are a visual learner and making mind maps have always been the way to get the cogs turning in your head. It’s important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses to gain insight into the type of worker you are. Whatever you decide to take your notes about, it should be about something that matters to you about electrical engineering.

3. Build Your Network

Electrical engineers are highly sought after for their expertise in what is a niche field. It’s a relief to know that not just anyone can do your job and that it is a specialised role. This is good news for you, but you would be remiss not to take the opportunity during an internship to create robust links with other professionals while you’re still studying or thinking about your pathway toward your dream job. Internships put you amongst people who are at various stages in their career trajectory – just the inspiration you need to make the most of your learning.

Electrical Engineering Internship

See how an electrical engineering internship can land you your next role.

An internship experience is always one that proves to be fruitful for your future career. Completing a work placement with a supervisor will ensure that you are fully prepared to enter the changing workforce of the future. For an electrical engineer, the future is exciting and dynamic, and every day will present new and unchartered territory for you. With an opportunity like this, It’s up to you to make the most of your internship and seize the moment. Understanding just how context-heavy the engineering profession is can give you a practical understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities of an electrical engineer. Keeping track of your strengths and weaknesses by taking notes throughout your internship will provide insight into what sort of professional goals to go for, and networking is a way to make you more connected than ever.Want to know more about how you can seize the moment and make the most of your internships, ranging from electrical engineering to IT, perhaps even marketing? Whatever piques your interest, you’ll be sure to find a pathway that fits your goals. Read through the blogs or browse through the Premium Graduate Placements vacancies.