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How to Answer Marketing Internship Interview Questions

Marketing interns are involved in the development and publishing of brand campaigns and marketing services. Companies hosting internship programs strive to aid students in nurturing their skills and experience to create young marketing professionals with the chops to perform administrative duties in market research and brand development.

To ensure they choose the best candidate to add to their team, however, is a rigorous and structured process where interviewees for the internship position are challenged with field-specific interview questions.Recruiters are looking for the ideal candidate who has the talents to assist in various stages of creating marketing material. Your responses must demonstrate your knowledge of marketing techniques and specific industry skills. You may receive questions on social media managing, advertisement designs or distribution channels.

Your answers must be tailored to specifically hone in your understanding of each area by using buzzwords to signal your marketing aptitude to the interviewer, as well as discuss your exceptional interpersonal and technical skills. This article will outline some commonly asked marketing internship interview questions with the helpful tips and sample responses you can gain inspiration from to ace your meetings with prospective employers.

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Common Marketing Intern Interview Questions:

Regarding the Company:

1. What is your knowledge of our company’s demographic and target audience?
2. What kind of relationship do you think we as a business, have with our audience?
3. Are you familiar with our brand?4. What do you know about the role?
5. Do you have a favourite marketing campaign that was launched by our company?

These questions are the perfect opportunity to flaunt your understanding and familiarity of the brand, to show recruiters that you are compatible with the environment and culture of their brand. To prepare for these questions, don’t hold back from stalking the business’s social media accounts, websites, and previous advertisement launches. To really stand out from other candidates, challenge yourself to familiarise information about the company’s competitors too to give the interviewer your own take on how you would upstage competitors and help the company attract new loyal customers.

Your response should open a two-way dialogue with the recruiters to enquire more about the company whilst sharing your knowledge of it. It’s a great idea to ask questions after each of your talking points to engage your employer and involve them in a discussion, as opposed to sticking by a mundane interview atmosphere.

Sample response:

I have always admired the way in which your business used social media to promote your products and services. Your social media strategy and Facebook ad campaigns have shown great success as your online audience growth has directly correlated to your exponential sales. I can appreciate how your company has kept a consistent theme and tone to attract your target audience of younger women through a thematic aesthetic and ethical message to promote your feminine products. Particularly, I felt very empowered by your ‘Sunrise Run’ campaign which motivated your audience to take care of their health and wellbeing whilst boosting your social media interaction by asking them to use the hashtag #sunriserun to attract new customers. I wish to be a part of this sort of uplifting marketing development in future.

common marketing intern interview

Operational Questions:

1. What inspired you to pursue this marketing internship?
2. Do you have a plan for the future in a marketing career?
3. What about marketing motivates you?
4. List three skills you think are most essential to this role.
5. What was the most recent marketing book you’ve read? How do you consume information?
6. What do you hope to gain from this marketing internship?
7. What are your favourite classes at school?

For these questions, you should link your career aspirations with the needs of the company in which you are interviewing for. It’s a prompt to share your strengths and interests which align with the key competencies required in the job description for the internship. These responses should include an elaboration on your core skills such as how you work under pressure, what creative and innovative tactics you know, your data analysis and problem-solving capability, your interpersonal and teamwork skills, and your drive to work towards targets.

You want your passions and motivations to be clear and obvious to employers because your emotional connection to the job role will be very attractive to the employer.To answer these open-ended questions, you can tell a story or an anecdote about how you came to be passionate about your career choices in marketing. It can attain to what you’ve been taught in school, you volunteer experience, or what you learnt at a previous job.

Sample response:

‘I’ve always had an affiliation to the creative aspect of business, and a strong artistic inclination which inspires me to take on design projects. I started a business while juggling a part-time job and studying in university which has taught me the necessary real-world experience I needed to reach my target audience through effective content creation and advertisement campaigns on the internet. These experiences both in school and extracurriculars have reinforced time and time again why I have such an appreciation for marketing in its’ storytelling and socialising capability. I’m very excited to work with your teams at this company to produce top quality marketing assignments and further my career in the social media management field.’

Role-specific questions

1. What components of a digital campaign are most important?
2. What trends in digital marketing are gaining traction?
3. Tell us what experience you have in mobile marketing.
4. What experience do you have in content marketing and SEO?
5. Describe what innovative social media strategies you might suggest to develop our company’s brand.

Role-specific questions enable you to mention more special marketing skills on your resume. It’ll help your recruiter visualise how you act in a professional setting and lets them know how much additional training you will need. Interns often come across steep learning curves so role-specific internship questions will allow employers to gauge your level of understanding and proficiency in specific areas of marketing such as brand awareness, managing software systems or industry platforms.

Sample Response:

While at university, and at my previous internship program, I became very proficient in using WordPress, Twitter, Google analytics and Salesforce amongst other social media platforms and digital media programs. In my previous SEO work portfolio, I took charge of written content creation as well as managing social media channels to expand the audience of my website links. I learnt to maximise website traffic, build links, increase online quote completions and create meta descriptions. The content marketing strategies and skills I mastered in the past year have really taught me the significance of user-generated content by boosting engagement, reach and leads, which I hope to apply to my work at your company if you give me the chance. My advanced ability to streamline industry practices makes me a great candidate for your program.

Final Notes

The first step to being accepted for a marketing internship program is to ace your internship interview. Constantly pay attention to the news and form unique opinions in regard to marketing and advertising campaigns to enrich your conversation with your employers. Having the correct, informed insights will be your key into the industry. Keep your responses clear, succinct, honest and well-stated. With these tools and tips, you’re ready for your interview! Put on a collared shirt and your best shoes- we at Premium Graduate wish you all the best of luck!