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Internship Experience: Interview With an Accounting Intern

Interview With an Accounting Intern

We sat down with Resty, to have a chat about life as an accounting intern through Premium Graduate Placements. For Resty, an internship placement gives her the chance to practice her skills in accounting and provides insight into the professional workplace culture in Australia.

Women doing accounting internship in Australia

Q.1: So Resty, tell us a bit about yourself: where you are from, where did you study, and why did you want to pursue a career in accounting?


I am a Financial Accounting graduate from Western Sydney University with taxation experience in Uganda. I have joined Premium Graduate Placements to gain local experience and to understand the systems of the Australian environment.

Q. 2: Before you started your internship, what were you most worried about being able to work in a professional environment in Australia?

I was most worried about finding meaningful employment that matches my skills and experience in an Australian work environment.

Q.3: How did Premium Graduate Placements prepare you for your accounting internship before you were placed with a company?

I was offered a number of companies to make a choice of where I wanted to do my internship. This gave me an opportunity to do my own research about the different companies, which enabled me to make a final decision. The PGP team take the time to personalize your experience.

Q.4: What is the most rewarding thing about being an intern?

I was offered an opportunity to practice taxation, and introduced to bookkeeping systems in the Australian business environment that are not used while at university.

Q.5: What skills are necessary for an accounting intern?

Communication skills, both online and face-to-face, are necessary. Knowledge of programs like XERO, MYOB, email, as well as data entry are practical sills you can improve on during your accounting internship.

Q.6: What was the most important lesson you learned about having to adapt to working in a professional company in Australia?

I learnt that companies appreciate the value one brings on board.

Q.7: Do you feel better equipped to take on a professional accounting role in Australia?


Q.8: What specific skills and qualities have you acquired that will enable you to secure long-term employment?

During my internship, I have developed my communication skills further in accordance with Australian workplace etiquette standards. In addition, gaining proficiency with XERO, MYOB, email, data entry, and data analysis with MS Excel is important for day-to-day work as an accountant. I also now have the knowledge of cashflow analysis, financial statement review, and balancing.

Q. 9: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting an accounting internship through Premium Graduate Placements?

They should feel free to discuss the type of internship they require with the PGP team, as well as giving timely feedback on their internship progress in order to receive support and guidance.

Q.10: What is your overall impression of the accounting internship program with Premium Graduate Placements?

I feel confident to make job applications. I have not secured a job yet, but I am confident I will very soon.For graduates entering the accounting industry like Resty, getting experience in a real-life professional environment while developing skills can increase their sense of self-confidence. Internships for international students are available through the internship program at Premium Graduate Placements.

Internship testimonials the most rewarding during internship

So what’s included in the program?

Under the guidance of trained career mentors and consultants, the four-stage program aims to assist you prepare professionally for a career that fulfills your strengths, as well as giving you the space to improve upon your weaknesses.

During Stage 1:

In stage one f the Premium Internship Program, your consultants will facilitate holistic career profiling that is compatible with your needs, interests, skills, and personality.

Stage 2:

Will puts the goals you set into the practice with mentoring. You will undergo resume and job interview coaching until you’re comfortable to move on to the next step.

In Stage 3:

Now you’ll be connected via your consultant with your Host Company. During this time, you will get to know the culture of your Host Company even better and they’ll make you feel welcome.

Stage 4:

Now is your 12-week internship. You will get to work within a company environment anywhere within Australia, and the timing is flexible for your needs, whether that be a summer internship after graduating or during the rest of the year.

On completion of your internship, you will receive a Statement of Attainment for BSBOPS201 – Work Effectively in Business Environments. Internship experience on a resume tells future employers that you are hard-working and see personal and professional development as a crucial part of your career trajectory.

On behalf of Premium Graduate Placements, we wish Resty the best of luck in her future endeavors. We are proud of our interns who are working hard to build upon their self-confidence and professional skills in the accounting industry. If you are interested in finding out more about accounting internships and are a recent university graduate, click here to read more about our program.