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Web Design Internships Brisbane

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    Over 72% of our placements turn into permanent positions upon completion.

  • Network of over 6,200 host companies

    Extraordinary network of host companies across Australia.

  • Access hidden and off-market opportunities

    Gain access to unique and less competitive opportunities that are not advertised in the public domain.

  • Customised pre-placement preparation

    Tailored resume editing to bring your resume up to Australian industry standards and one-on-one mock interview training.

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Extraordinary network of host companies

Career Benefits of a Website Internship in Brisbane

Enhance your resume

Undertaking a web design internship in Brisbane, QLD can significantly enhance your resume by providing you with practical experience in the field. Not only does it equip you with industry-specific skills, but it also illustrates your dedication to professional growth and learning. This experience helps you learn industry standards and best practices, showcases your ability to handle real-world projects and develop your professional network - all of which are valuable assets in the competitive world of web design.

Permanent position

This opportunity allows interns to demonstrate their skills, creativity, and commitment to the team, often considered as a trial period for a potential full-time job. By proving their technical competency, adaptability, and alignment with the company culture, interns can effectively transition from a temporary position into a lasting career in web design within the same company.

Hone your speciality

Brisbane, being a vibrant city with a thriving tech industry, offers the chance to work on diverse projects, enabling you to gain hands-on experience with various design principles and tools. This real-world exposure can augment your theoretical knowledge, facilitating the development of a speciality in web design. This internship program could potentially provide a platform for you to innovate, experiment, and, importantly, learn from industry professionals, thus enhancing your career prospects in web design.

Gain practical skills

Over the course of an internship, students and graduates are exposed to real-world challenges, enabling them to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms. They gain hands-on experience with web development tools, UI/UX design principles, and responsive design techniques. These experiences not only enhance their technical skills but also improve their problem-solving abilities, preparing them for a successful career in web design.

Types of Web Design Internships

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UI/UX Design

Craft intuitive and visually compelling user interfaces that provide seamless user experiences. Learn the art of balancing aesthetics with usability, preparing you to craft designs that speak directly to users' needs.

Responsive Web Design

Embrace the challenge of creating websites that offer an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. Master the principles of flexible layouts, images, and CSS media queries.

Graphic Design for Web

Merge creativity with technology by learning how to produce captivating graphics that enhance web presence. Dive into the tools and techniques e.g. Adobe Photoshop that bring visual content to life online.

Front-End Development

Bridge the gap between web designer and web developer. Gain hands-on experience as a web development intern with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the core technologies behind web content production, turning design concepts into functional websites.

SEO and Web Performance Optimisation

Discover the critical role of SEO and performance optimisation in web design. Learn how to enhance website visibility and user experience, ensuring fast, responsive, and search engine-friendly designs.

Digital Marketing and Web Analytics

Understand the intersection of web design and digital marketing. Learn how to use analytics tools to track user behaviour, measure website performance, and inform design decisions that align with marketing goals.

Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Specialise in creating websites that are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Learn the principles of accessible web design, ensuring your creations meet global accessibility standards and guidelines.

Content Management System (CMS) Design

Focus on designing for CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Learn how to create customisable, dynamic websites that clients can easily manage and update.

Computer Science

Dive deep into the backbone of web design with a focus on computer science principles that fuel internet technologies. As a web design intern, you'll explore the algorithms, data structures, and coding standards that are crucial for developing robust and scalable websites.

E-commerce Web Design

Delve into the specific challenges and opportunities of designing for online stores. Learn how to create engaging, user-friendly e-commerce platforms that drive sales and customer satisfaction.

Interactive Web Elements and Animation

Explore the creative potential of interactive design and animation within web environments. Learn to incorporate motion and interactivity into web pages, enhancing user engagement and storytelling.

PGP provides web design internships in all major cities of Australia

What to expect from an IT internship in Melbourne

Hands-On Experience

This immersive experience paves the way for mastering industry-specific tools and techniques, developing problem-solving skills, and understanding user experience principles, all of which are critical in the dynamic field of web design.

Professional Networking

This interaction can lead to valuable connections, mentorship, and potential opportunities for new jobs in the future. The nurturing of these professional relationships is crucial for career growth and often opens the doors to collaborations that can greatly enhance a web designer's portfolio.

Why Choose Brisbane

Brisbane is a hub of innovation with an expanding economy, offering diverse internship opportunities in sectors such as technology, finance, healthcare, and tourism. The city's vibrant culture, pleasant climate, and friendly locals make it a welcoming place for newcomers.

The Premium Graduate Placements Way

Premium Graduate Placements provides a unique approach to internships, prioritising not just the acquisition of skills but the holistic development of an individual. We aim to match our candidates with businesses that value their web design capabilities, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.
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Success stories & testimonials from our students
We are proud of the impact our training has had on the lives of over 10,000 students. From career advancement to personal growth, our students have achieved a wide range of successes thanks to the knowledge and skills they have gained through our programs.
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Priyanka Adhikari, a marketing Internship
Youjun Zhao
Electronics Engineer
"All the staff are very friendly and welcoming me. I am learning different standards and trying to make a good relationship with everyone. My supervisor helped me a lot, I really love this place. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn from this company and work with these lovely people."
Anup Bhomi, a marketing intern
Anup Bhomi
Civil Engineer
"Finding a job as a graduate engineer is really tough in Australia, especially if you are graduate from overseas university. I proceeded internship with the help of PGP in the matter of a week and started working as a structural engineer."
Kirandeep, a marketing intern
Kirandeep Kaur
Business Admin
"I am grateful to say that, I took the right decision by enrolling in PGP. PGP has helped me so much by choosing the right companies and growing as an individual in the workplace."
Kirandeep, a marketing intern
Kirandeep Kaur
Business Admin
"I am grateful to say that, I took the right decision by enrolling in PGP. PGP has helped me so much by choosing the right companies and growing as an individual in the workplace."