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Engineering Internships In Perth

Engineering Internships In Perth


Perth is on the rise, with a population of over 2 million people in the city alone. This metropolis is known for its scenic natural and urban landscapes, ranking as one of the most livable cities to reside in. As a result, the job market is booming with an expected employment growth over the next few years. With this in mind, there are thousands of opportunities for budding professionals looking to thrive in their chosen industry.

At Premium Graduate Placements, we offer an extensive range of engineering internships in Perth to help you get your foot in the door. Spanning from Chemical, Electrical to Mechanical engineering internships in Perth, you’ll find a role most suitable to you and your professional journey. Here, you can start a career full of endless possibilities.

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Range Of Opportunities With Our Engineering Internships In Perth


Our chemical engineering internships in Perth are paving the way to take the industry forward and into the future. Here, you will have the opportunity to work in a range of different fields, including mineral processing, oil & gas, renewable and sustainable energy, as well as waste management to help you prepare you for your career. With the number of opportunities on the rise, work experience in this field is a great start for students and graduates to venture.


For those who excel at a ‘hands-on’ approach, our mechanical engineering internships in Perth is the ideal discipline for you. This area focuses on assisting with machinery and moving objects from a car to an airplane. Jobs in this avenue are high in demand, offering roles in a variety of disciplines, including aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, and more. If you’re a problem solver, you may find this job thrilling as each day will have a new issue needing to be resolved.


Civil engineering internships in Perth are one of the most sought-after disciplines as these roles are in high demand. There are many avenues you can take by having experience in this area. This includes working in airports, bridges, construction sites, dams, flood mitigation, and much more. This role requires practical training in order to undergo the planning and maintenance of a project seamlessly. With Premium Graduate Placements, you will learn the skills necessary to work in the industry, making you stand out among your peers. For an exciting professional path, this discipline is a perfect choice.


Telecommunications is rapidly growing with the rise of electronics and information technology across the globe. As a result, communications have become even more essential in today’s working environment. Telecommunication engineering internships in Perth offer an array of different pathways to choose from, spanning from radio communications, IP, optical, and other fields in the digital communication field. As this is a highly competitive industry, having valuable experience from our engineering internships in Perth can place you with the top candidates.


There are many options for electrical engineering internships in Perth with the increase of artificial intelligence and robotics in our current working landscape. There is an unlimited number of directions to go into this field, spanning from heating, lighting, renewable energy, and transportation. For a thrilling start to your career, our electrical engineering internships in Perth are ideal.


There is an extensive list of avenues you can take when partaking in environmental engineering internships in Perth. These span from pollution, waste, and water supply management, allowing you to go in any direction you choose. You can even work in construction, consultancy, manufacturing, and research, to help improve future working environments. This is a work experience opportunity where you can make all the difference.

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Premium Graduate Placements helps you get a good start in your career path. In addition to our engineering internships in Perth, we also offer work experience opportunities in finance, IT, marketing, and so much more. Having practical training in your chosen field will help you develop skills and provide you with other tips you can’t find in the classroom. This will further enhance your CV with the increases prospect of leaving you with a full-time job soon after. With our traineeship programs, you’ll get to work in a variety of different areas in the industry to give you further clarity for your future career path. With our help, you can open the door to a more extensive network and more opportunities you cannot find anywhere else. If you’re looking to get ahead of your peers, Premium Graduate Placements can help you thrive in your chosen industry. No matter if you’re still studying or have just graduated, we can provide you with dozens of opportunities and advice to support you on your journey. Feel free to get in touch with us to kickstart your career!

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