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Mechanical Engineering Internships

Mechanical Engineering Internships


Mechanical Engineering internships teach a versatile skillset applicable across a wide range of industries; including those but not limited to: HVAC, manufacturing, automotive, building services, mechatronics, nanotechnology, food processing and pharmaceuticals industries. This can be achieved through the gained experience of internships across a wide-range of areas. In the fast-past moving environment of the 21st century, employers these days seek individuals with overarching understanding and appreciation for the broader mechanical engineering industry. This is to keep up with the ever-evolving technological advancements of our world, with high regards being held in fields such as project management and consulting. As you develop your technical and practical skills, your commitment to the mechanical engineering industry will make you an attractive hiring candidate as you’ve demonstrated an informed decision on which industry you want to work in. Premium Graduates offer hands-on internship experience within the broader mechanical engineering industry to shadow qualified engineers and gain desirable pre-entry work experience to help graduates gain specialised skills and commercial awareness.

Mechanical Engineering Internships

Popular Mechanical Engineering Specialisations

Biomedical and Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics have a major influence in the field of biomedical and engineering studies in the assessment of scientific processes experimentally and computationally. Research in this field is primarily observed in the role of blood circulation in regulating physiological bodily function and reaction to illness; the contribution of groundwater and atmospheric flows to distributing pollutants; and the environmental implications of combustion engines.

Combustion and the Environment

Combustion is integral for electricity, heating, propulsion, explosives and waste disposal. Mechanical engineering internships can provide informative exposure to the design applications of combustion to create more efficient industrial appliances while reducing emissions.

System Dynamics and Control

System dynamics and control specialists are trained to optimise the performance of individual components within an integrated dynamics system by evaluating the implications of the entire system. Our mechanical engineering internships can equip dynamics engineers with automatic control techniques to effectively model systems.

Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics and Energy Systems

Internships in this field of study focalises the foundation of heat transfer and thermodynamics in the configuration of advanced engineering systems, to optimise cost-efficient, successful designs and reduce environmental damage. Internships in this degree open pathways to professions in thermal design, energy generation, combustion engines, heat exchanges, manufacturing and chemical reactions.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical engineering internships procure innovative designs to products and systems of a mechanical nature. This process begins at the product development stage, through to process selections and quality control management. Mechanical design specialists apply their innovations to improved technologies to grapple with major societal and economic problems such as power shortages, emissions from mass transportation and industrial zones. Mechanical Engineering Specialisations

Career Benefits

Positive Job OutlookMechanical engineering is the second-largest engineering discipline in Australia. With the rising prominence of technology in the workplace, there is an observed rise of opportunity in nanotechnology, robotics, energy generation and automotive production. Evolving software tools offered through mechanical engineering internships are also good news for job prospects. The rise and integration of 3D printing and simulation training within mechanical engineering will further how engineers are trained.

Diverse Work Environments

Engineering internships are globally recognised programs and require collaboration with diverse teams across various communities. This workplace diversity will introduce engineers to unfamiliar processes and material and further their study of the field.


Mechanical engineering involves the conceptualisation, design and refining of technologies as we enter the new economic age. With more industrialisation and technological advancements, this profession will continue to have high demand across many industries.

Collaborative Skills

Internships will develop your industry knowledge of the Australian business culture and soft skills needed will ease you into practical work. You will develop skill and know-how with working according to deadlines, working collaboratively in a team, working under pressure and critical problem solving.

Crucial Tips

Plan Early

Planning your steps on breaking into the industry is essential from your first year of study. This can allow you to make informed decisions on your intended career path – with the practical nature of internships allowing you to figure out what you like and don’t like.

Try to Stand Out

A combination of academic standing and strong practical skills, you will make an attractive hiring candidate. A variety of experience, diverse references and genuine enthusiasm for mechanical engineering will put you one step ahead of the crowd.

Utilise Your Contacts

Showing initiative will take you very far by approaching professionals in your network for industry-based experience and opportunities. Invite people to coffee or lunch and attend work events to build connections and expand your network.

Think Cross-Sectionally

Applying to a variety of engineering sectors is very beneficial and relevant to acquiring your dream graduate job. Mechanical engineering is a very adaptive and dynamic career path which is accommodating for a breadth of other life sciences. Employers appreciate and praise all kinds of experience, as the skills are transferable.

Develop Soft Skills

Work flexibly in teams as a leader or follower. Great people skills are required to successfully collaborate with colleagues on tiresome projects. Uplifting work culture will make tasks such as brainstorming and physical labour more enjoyable and comfortable. Mechanical Engineering Crucial Tips

Why Should You Do a Mechanical Engineering Internship with Premium Graduates?

Premium Graduates will connect you to one of our 3,700 host companies to gain real-time industry-relevant mechanical engineering knowledge. Our vocational placement program allows interns to interact with various departments of the business, collaborate with internal and external stakeholders and toolmakers, and procure innovative designs in mechanical devices using computer-aided analysis. As the nature of engineering is adaptive, our Premium Internship program allows clients to explore a breadth of career opportunities, trialling various workplaces and domains of study relevant to their chosen career path. Theoretical classroom knowledge can only take you so far until innovative problem solving is needed for non-technical and social issues. The real-time industry experience and exposure offered by Premium Graduates will bridge the knowledge and skills gap between the recruiter’s requirements and academic learning. You will also find the mentors to demonstrate how engineers respond effectively and efficiently to rectify existing societal problems. As companies invest more time and effort in the training of Premium Graduates interns, they will become favourable hiring candidates for full-time employment within the business. Creative and innovative problem-solving skills in these situations will gradually teach you to overcome technical challenges with ease. With this, there are a plethora of opportunities to shadow specialist engineers: hands-on projects to develop both your technical, practical and computational skills.
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