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Why Civil Engineering is a Great Career to Pursue Through an Internship

For big-picture thinkers, having an idea about your professional future might be more along the lines of an exact science if a career in civil engineering is on your radar. Civil engineers are professionals who work to plan and manufacture the built environment. As urban and town development is at its most cutting edge, these professionals are responsible for making our cities more and more liveable and up to standard.

Looking for more information about the ways in which you can be sure that civil engineering is a great career to pursue? Here’s our reasons why you should consider entering this booming and in-demand field:

1. You Can be Imaginative and Serve Your Community

The old and boring stereotype that the STEM field lacks imagination couldn’t be further from the truth in an era where soft skills are just as important as technical skills in professional settings. The reality is that many state of the art feats of infrastructure came from highly imaginative civil engineers. Civil engineers are also responsible for making the community more accessible for a variety of purposes. If you are someone who lives and breathes for serving the community’s needs, then civil engineering is a great career to pursue as you can live your values of working toward a vision that encompasses the greater good.

2. It Requires Skilled Workers

If you’re looking for your pathway to civil engineering, then you’re probably wondering how established professionals in this field started out in their careers. Civil engineering is a great career for you to pursue because of how in-demand it is, with an attractive compensation rate to match. The qualifications needed for people to enter into the civil engineering sector include Associate’s Degrees from TAFE all the way up to undergraduate or postgraduate degrees from universities. As well as getting professional qualifications, there are many ways that you can get practical experience in the field to compliment your degree. Civil engineering internships are excellent and advantageous for early career professionals, recent graduates, and current students. Internships are programs that are tailored to your needs so that you can get a feel for what the real life experience is as a civil engineer. In an internship in civil engineering, one day you might be out on a job site, assisting the supervisor, and the next day you might be in an office shadowing the project management team.

3. The Opportunities are Endless

Think about the many different types of buildings you’ve seen – the level of collaboration and development that goes into these projects ensures that each person involved brings professional fulfilment. Civil engineering is an incredibly diverse sector, with different roles and responsibilities available. Everyday might bring upon a new challenge for you and your peers, all of which can advance your career. In civil engineering, professional development opportunities are advantageous as the sector engages with more and more development. Conferences, collaborations, and networking are just some of the ways in which you can pitch in your ideas and contribute. You might even travel for the job to work on engineering projects around the country or in far reaching areas that you might have never dreamed of going to. Being part of a sector that is so vital for the growth of any community is so rewarding as you get to see the fruits of your labour and hard work being constructed in real time.


4. It’s Great for People Interested in Working with Numbers

Were you always looking forward to maths class back at school, and enjoy working with numbers? Civil engineering is a great career to pursue for the mathematically-minded. A specialised field like civil engineering requires a keen understanding of concepts and knowledge from areas such as calculus, algebra, and trigonometry, just to name a few. It’s great fun to do this in your calculus for engineering classes at uni, but the chance to utilise the power of equations in a real life workplace setting or in a civil engineering internship program is unmatched.

Civil engineering is a great career to pursue for many reasons. It’s a profession for the big-picture thinkers, those who balance their imaginative sense of wonder with the logic of mathematics applied in engineering. In this field, soft skills pertaining to communication and team work are just as important as the nuts and bolts of technical knowledge and a resume of professional experience.

Civil engineering is a great career choice for people who want to possess a robust skill set that can equip them to work across different situations with a range of clientele. The opportunities in this highly sought after field are endless, with varied projects to complete in diverse contexts as well as avenues for professional development. It’s time to build your career in meaningful ways through what you can bring to the civil engineering industry.If you are interested in learning more about civil engineering internship opportunities available near you, then head on over to see what current vacancies await you with Premium Graduate Placements.