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IT Internships Brisbane

Enter a world of endless career possibilities.

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We are not your ordinary industry placement provider

  • High employability outcomes

    Over 72% of our placements turn into permanent positions upon completion.

  • Network of over 6,200 host companies

    Extraordinary network of host companies across Australia.

  • Access hidden and off-market opportunities

    Gain access to unique and less competitive opportunities that are not advertised in the public domain.

  • Customised pre-placement preparation

    Tailored resume editing to bring your resume up to Australian industry standards and one-on-one mock interview training.

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Extraordinary network of host companies

Career Benefits of an IT Internship in Brisbane

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Enhance your resume

IT internships in Brisbane can help you enhance your resume in several ways. First, IT internships can give you the chance to learn new skills and gain experience working with various technologies. IT internships can also help you build a network of contacts within the IT industry, which can be useful when searching for full-time jobs. Finally, IT internships can help you improve your communication and problem-solving skills, both of which are highly valued by employers. By taking advantage of an IT internship in Brisbane, you can give yourself a competitive edge when applying for jobs in the IT field.

Permanent position

How do you beat the competition? The best way to get into these coveted roles is through an information technology internship. With entry-level graduate roles being difficult to secure, students can benefit from real-life IT application, mentoring and training that goes beyond the classroom. Kick-start your dream career by completing one of many IT Internships Brisbane has to offer.

Hone your speciality

An IT internship can help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes in the Information Technology industry. Identifying these areas can allow you to find your specialisations and niche within IT, and help you map a career plan towards becoming an IT professional.

Gain practical skills

Completing an IT internship is a highly valuable experience that can supplement your theoretical University knowledge. Australian employers value practical work experience and often view entry-level work as an extension of skills attained during an internship. This preference and thinking is increasingly becoming the norm in the IT world.

Types of IT internships

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Business Analyst

Help organisations identify problems, develop solutions, and improve operations through data analysis and strategic planning.

Business Information & Intelligence Systems

Develop Business Intelligence Systems/Decision Support Systems (DSS) to leverage data for business decision-making.

Cyber Security

Learn more about how to protect digital systems and data against unauthorised access, theft, or damage

Database Development

Gain familiarity with the 'waterfall' and 'agile' models of database development, standard development lifecycle, and its distinction from software development.

Data Science and Analytics

Use data to gain insights and make informed decisions through statistical analysis and machine learning techniques.

Helpdesk IT Technician

Provide technical support to computer users, diagnose and resolve a wide range of issues, and communicate effectively with non-technical users.

Networking & Infrastructure Development

Develop digital infrastructure, focusing on the relationship between hardware and software resources in a network.

Program & Software Development

Implement programming languages and software design principles to create and maintain computer applications.

Website Design

Master the principles of web design and user experience (UX) in the context of website creation and innovation.

PGP provides IT internships in all major cities of Australia

What To Expect from an IT Internship in Brisbane

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Hands-On Experience

Internships are an excellent way to explore the various areas of work in the information technology sector, be it through a data analyst internship, programming internship, software internship or web development internship. Either way, an IT internship is a great way to start off your career, build connections in the industry, and develop your skills and abilities.

Professional Networking

IT professionals were once students and graduates too! Networking and connecting with these individuals can allow you to grow in knowledge of the IT industry, lead you to future employment opportunities and of course, give you career advice. It’s important to consider that such information is not always available or advertised, so it’s important to start these relationships as early as possible.

Why Choose Brisbane

Information Technology is an increasingly growing and innovative industry that is here to stay. With the current job market promoting ongoing remote-work, more and more companies are looking to supply IT internships and growth opportunities for students to meet demands.

The Premium Graduate Placements Way

We understand that for many students and graduates, an internship is your first corporate experience – and we want to ensure that your start into your IT career is a good one.  Premium Graduate Placement provides valuable work experiences to get you ready and out the door and into the real working world. Grow in confidence of skills, self, Australian business and communication.

Gain hands-on experience with the most in-demand softwares across the industry
Success stories & testimonials from our students
We are proud of the impact our training has had on the lives of over 10,000 students. From career advancement to personal growth, our students have achieved a wide range of successes thanks to the knowledge and skills they have gained through our programs.
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Priyanka Adhikari, a marketing Internship
Priyanka Adhikari
Civil Engineer
"PGP was very helpful in informing me throughout the time how the process is going on.  I completed my online-interview during those times and finally, I was accepted by a building and construction company."
Anup Bhomi, a marketing intern
Anup Bhomi
Civil Engineer
"Finding a job as a graduate engineer is really tough in Australia, especially if you are graduate from overseas university. I proceeded internship with the help of PGP in the matter of a week and started working as a structural engineer."
Guo Chen, a marketing intern
Guo Chen
"It is really fortunate that I am able to have the chance to apply my knowledge in the engineering industry. PGP helped me writing my resume as well as finding the placement. They were always patient and professional trying to do the best for me throughout all the process"
Kirandeep, a marketing intern
Kirandeep Kaur
Business Admin
"I am grateful to say that, I took the right decision by enrolling in PGP. PGP has helped me so much by choosing the right companies and growing as an individual in the workplace."